Authors note:Hey guys! Just to inform you, this fic is simply the episode 'The Doctor's Wife', but with the River in the episode aswell. I will stick to the actual episode as close as I can. However, by having River there aswell means different dialogue and scenes.

Also when I have put a * it means it's either a different setting, or a new paragraph/chapter part. (If that makes sense)

Idris walked through the room- her emotions had taken over. She chewed on her inner cheek while another woman, Auntie- a woman who had taken care of Idris all her life- escorted her through the mess they called home. Idris' grip tightened when they entered a different room. They paused for a moment, and Idris breathed in deeply. They looked at the new room they had entered. To be honest, it looked like every other room- just objects sprawled and scattered across the place, left to be unused and abandoned. Idris continued to walk; her head looked down at the floor so she saw her feet and nothing else. Finally they stopped when Idris caught sight of another pair of shoes which weren't hers. She followed the body up until she saw the familiar face of Uncle, the other parent-like influence in her life. Words had slipped from Idris' mouth before she could stop herself,

"Will it be me, Uncle?" She asked the man nervously. She didn't put her hopes up- she already knew the answer.

"Yeah, it's going to be you," Uncle confirmed flatly with a grin on his face. Idris gulped, "I only wish I could go in your place, Idris," he said with no expression apparent on his face. "Nah, I don't, 'cause it's really going to hurt." Idris felt like she had been punched in the stomach a thousand times. She was scared. So very scared. She gasped as an Ood, who they called Nephew, grabbed Idris' arm. His green eyes focused only on her.

"It's started." Idris acknowledged, trying to sound braver than what she was, but it was no use.

Nephew guided her to a certain spot in the room- the only place that was junk free. It looked much like a well, just with a gate that covered the top and a green light which illuminated from the inside of the hole. Idris walked up the steps and stood on the metal gate- the green light shined on her.

"What will happen?" She asked urgently to Auntie as Nephew stood behind her closely. Auntie turned around to look up at her,

"Oh," she cleared her throat. "Nephew will drain your mind and your soul from your body and leave your body empty." Auntie stated, nothing in her tone showed any sign of worry or sadness. Instead, it was more so filled with hope, as if she were glad that that was to happen to her.

Nephew clamped his large hands around Idris' head, which left her to panic,

"I'm scared!" Idris whimpered out, her hands out frantic and moving everywhere.

"I expect so, dear," Auntie replied. "But soon you'll have a new soul." She added on enthusiastically. The green light which had appeared from the bottom of the hole- the hole Idris was stood on- begun to glow even more. Smoke also appeared from the hole, which caused Idris to choke. Nobody did anything to help, instead Auntie kept talking, encouraging her. "There'll be a Time Lord coming!"

Idris gasped and started to fall slowly toward the ground, with Nephew's hands still clamped around her head. It sounded as if she were suffocating. She drew one last breath and closed her eyes.

"And then we discovered it wasn't the robot king after all," the Doctor said excitedly as he pointed at Rory, "it was the real one... Fortunately, I was able to re-attach the head," he finished with a smile.

Rory was sat on the TARDIS chair lazily, listening to another one of the Doctor's stories. He would always ask for a story when he was bored on the TARDIS, and the Doctor never seemed to mind. Actually, the Doctor probably liked the idea of telling the story more than Rory did. Rory loved the amount of passion the Doctor would put into the stories. Even though Rory knew that what the Doctor would class as 'fun' and 'thrilling', wasn't actually 'fun' at all- just aliens that would point their guns at your heads.

Amy walked down the stairs, wearing her usual attire- a short skirt with a top and jacket. Rory swirled around slowly to watch Amy walk down the stairs.

"Do you believe any of this stuff?" He asked her doubtful. Amy scoffed as she reached the last step,

"I was there."

An alarm had started to go off in the TARDIS. The Doctor sighed,

"Oh, it's the warning lights." He complained, his voice louder so as they could both hear him. He hopped around to the other side of the TARDIS console, pushing random buttons and levers. "They never stop!"

While the Doctor was busy fussing around with the TARDIS Rory ran over to Amy, who had walked down the TARDIS stairs.

"Hey," he called to grab her attention. She turned around to look at him, frowning as she knew what he was about to say, "you're thinking about it aren't you?" He asked as he held on to her hand.

"Shh." She shushed him, taking a step back to check the Doctor hadn't heard. She turned back to Rory, "we saw him die."

"Yeah, two hundred years in the future," Rory countered.

"Yes, but it's still going to happen." Amy replied in desperation that her husband would understand. They were both interrupted by a knocking sound. The Doctor, who had automatically stopped whinging about the alarms, turned around puzzled. Amy walked up the stairs to join the Doctor.

"What was that?" She asked as she crossed her arms and furrowed her eye brows.

"The door," he replied back, looking at the door in confusion. "It knocked." He stated obviously. Rory also climbed the stairs and hovered near to Amy.

"Right, we are in deep space," Rory proposed as a rhetorical question, yet he still hoped for someone to prove him wrong.

"Very, very deep," the Doctor corrected as he slowly made his way to the door, both nervous yet excited at the same time. It was normal for him to get the occasional knock here and there; his even had occasional visitors that have accidentally entered the TARDIS by mistake- but in space, never!

The Doctor's hand was inches away from the wooden panel; he turned back to Amy and Rory, amusement splattered across his face. He did a little giggle, "And somebody's knocking." He added on. Amy arched her eyebrow and pointed to the door with her head. The Doctor shook his head as he remembered someone out there was waiting for him to open the door. He placed both hands on the handle and opened up both of the TARDIS doors.

He was embraced with the familiar lighting of different stars and suns, but nothing else... He turned back to Rory and Amy, who were both trying to look past the Doctor's head to see who the 'anonymous knocker' was. The Doctor coughed in a fake manner and awkwardly placed his head out of the TARDIS doors, looking both left and right-expecting to find someone or something. But there was nothing but space.

"Maybe somebody mastered the skill of knock door run," Rory joked, earning him a playful nudge from Amy. The Doctor chuckled,

"Not possible, I won that title in 1989 or was it 1789?" He pondered the question. "They call me 'The Door Runner'," he gloated, smirking back at Rory. Amy rolled her eyes until something grabbed her attention.

"Doctor, what's that?" She asked, looking at the floor. Well, not floor, but what would have been the floor if they weren't in space. The Doctor blinked and looked down on the ground and understood what Amy had meant. He picked up the object that was floating.

"Oh, come here you scrumptious little beauty," he complimented the object- the object being a lit up box. Both Amy and Rory looked at each other and then the Doctor. He closed the TARDIS doors behind him with his left foot as he held the precious object in his hands.

"A box?" Rory asked, expecting something a little more thrilling. The Doctor hopped up the stairs to join them near the console. The Doctor didn't answer Rory; instead he just admired the random object.

"Doctor, what does that say, on the side?" Amy asked curiously as she turned over the cube. She squinted her eyes to see, what was thought to be writing, clearer. Then she heard Rory sigh from behind- she didn't have to turn around to know he had rolled eyes. She saw the corner of the Doctor's mouth go up- creating a joyous smile- but as soon as she fully turned to him the tiny smirk on his face was no longer seen.

On the side of the cube was writing in black permanent marker. Amy didn't understand the language, it was just random circles and lines, but she recognised it anyhow. Rory, on the other hand, looked befuddled by the language, but he could instantly tell who had written on the cube. There was red lipstick smudged on the side of the writing, the shape of the lipstick was in a puckered shape- much like a kiss.

"River," Amy acknowledged with a smirk as she nudged the Doctor with her elbow, giving suggestions with her all-knowing grin. The Doctor rolled his eyes at Amy's gesture. Rory interrupted their little moment and pointed to the writing,

"W-What does it say? Why can't I read it?" He asked, curious. The Doctor gave one last look at Amy, who was still smirking and suggesting 'things'. The Doctor did a grunt under his breath and turned his attention back on the object. He scratched his head,

"Umm.." He answered cleverly.

"That's your language, isn't it? I've seen it before," Amy recognised the writing, the memory was all a bit fuzzy, but it was probably because all that happened before the Universe was rebooted- the Doctor said that was perfectly normal, giving the incident she was in. She frowned as she tried to remember, "twice actually." The Doctor nodded. Rory looked at them both, still confused.

"Why can't I remember that?" Rory asked worried and a little bit jealous. Amy turned to smile at him,

"Cause you weren't there, stupid face." She remarked as she placed her hand in his. Rory responded with a nod and a simultaneous 'O'.

Amy laughed at her husband's gestures and turned back to the Time Lord, who seemed more than just intrigued by the message River had left. His thumb traced over each letter, as if he could almost imagine her writing the message.

Amy looked at him curiously, just watching him look at the cube intensely and… She couldn't think of another word to describe what she was seeing. Familiarity? Sometimes Amy forgot that the Doctor was all alone, and yes Amy teased him, saying that River was someone important to the Doctor- like his wife- but when took step back and truly looked at everything properly, she noticed that while River was with them, either be shooting down aliens or just hanging with them in the TARDIS, she noticed how much happier he would seem. Like he was with someone who truly understood him- for who and what he was.

Amy snapped out of her daze as soon as she realised she had been asked a question.

"What?" She asked, oblivious. Until she realised she hadn't been asked a question at all and that her name had just so happened to be mentioned by the Doctor. She frowned and rubbed her eyes, trying to concentrate.

"And so that's how River tends to… 'Communicate'- if you wish- and has been doing it for a while now…" The Doctor finally said, letting Rory stand before him, even more baffled than he was before. "I don't understand why she doesn't phone me," he figured, "after all. I am in a police telephone box."

Amy rolled her eyes at the man, seeing him confused at the simplest of things. Of course Amy knew River could waltz in the TARDIS like she owned the place, but River wasn't like that, she liked an entrance.

"But what does it say?" Amy asked again, trying to focus on what was at hand.

"Co-ordinates." The Doctor replied cheerfully, then moved fast around the TARDIS, as if there was a bomb seconds away from exploding. He ran to the typewriter and began to punch in the co-ordinates River had written for him. The TARDIS began to jerk left to right- the usual. Amy hung onto the railing for dear life, not risking letting go- Rory did the same.

They came to a halt and the Doctor finished pressing buttons and pushed down one lever,

"There, that ought to do it." Amy heard the Doctor say to himself just before he jumped down the stairs and sprinted to the door.

He opened the doors and looked out, checking for a blonde headed woman.

"Sweetie, I'd suggest you move your head!" The Doctor heard the familiar voice shout from above, he looked up and saw River fall, no- he shook his head, not fall- but drop to him gracefully. He dodged her, automatically jumping back as she stopped right next to the TARDIS in mid-air. The Doctor scrunched his nose and then noticed the wiring on her back. The Doctor panicked,

"River-you," he popped his head out of the TARDIS to look up while River was undoing all the wiring around her body. They were in an elevator chamber! He realised that she must have abseiled down there like some sort of double O agent or something. The Doctor looked into the darkness above and he could just about see… "RIVER!" he yelled as he pulled her in. An elevator crashed at extreme speeds only seconds after he pulled her in. A loud crash was heard at the bottom of the chamber, the Doctor looked at River to check she was alright. He was met with the all familiar smirk and he knew what was coming,

"Hello Sweetie," she greeted like she normally would, flirtation spilling from her tongue. The Doctor had pulled her in to save her, but she landed almost on top of him, causing all sorts of pressure and problems for him in a certain areas. He gulped and laid there, waiting for her to get up- not that he minded the position he was in- but in front of Amy and Rory, he grimaced at the thought. Instead he blushed furiously.

River knew why he had blushed yet she still remained on top of him. She even had the nerve to say hello to Amy and Rory- who were both astonished by the earlier event.

She looked back down to the Doctor and patted him on the cheek before she finally got up and straightened her clothing- which appeared to be a tight black burglar-type outfit, leaving wonders to observers.

"Right, sweetie, before we land I'm just going to get changed," she informed the Doctor as she quickly made her way to the console. "And don't go anywhere," she accused and then pressed down a lever which then made the TARDIS' lights turn a pale blue. The Doctor frowned,

"R-River! What have you done!" He shouted after her but she disappeared into the TARDIS corridors. He jumped up the stairs frantically and pressed down on buttons and levers, only for nothing to work. Amy stood beside him; she looked like she wanted to laugh so hard. The Doctor panicked, "She's broken her!" He shrieked, still pressing buttons or anything to make the TARDIS turn normal again.

"I doubt she'd break it Doctor…" Rory commented, trying to calm down the Doctor. Rory had apparently snapped out from the shock of the elevator incident as he collapsed back onto the TARDIS sofa like not long ago.

The Doctor then wildly pressed down on a big red button multiple times, Amy was surprised it didn't spring off or brake.

"This is my TARDIS. She can't just come in here like she owns the place an-" He complained, waving his arms around the place. He stopped, "and since when did she have a room?"

Amy finally laughed uncontrollably, finding the flustered up jealous Doctor amusing to no extent.

"Oh c'mon," Amy gestured. "You can't tell me you haven't even thought whether or not she has her own room. Doctor, she's probably been in here more times than I can count on fingers. She's bound to have her own room." Amy opposed as she leaned back on the console.

The Doctor didn't say anything at first; instead he straightened his bowtie and scratched at his face,

"Yes.. Well, I have thought about it-" He confessed quietly.

"Then it's more than likely you gave her a room in the future." She suggested, feeling triumphant in the fact she had won the argument. Both the Doctor and Amy stopped looking at each other challengingly as soon as they heard River walk down the steps. She had changed into a dress that was very similar to the one she had worn before- the parachute like dress. Instead this dress was a musky brown that contracted well with her already tanned skin. Her utility belt was attached around the stomach- her blaster and PDA both well protected. And her familiar vortex manipulator wrapped around the wrist. The Doctor blinked gawkily at the sight but then remember there were other people in the room.

"So," she breathed out once she reached the console. "Let's read this mail shall we?" She asked openly as she pointed to the cube still in the Doctor's hand.

"Mail?" Rory asked as he climbed up from the TARDIS chair and leant on the TARDIS railings instead. The Doctor shook his head, taking his attention away from River's new outfit.

"Time Lord emergency messaging system," he answered, moving around the TARDIS console again. Amy noticed River pushed down on a lever and the TARDIS' light shone their normal colours. The Doctor continued, "in an emergency, we wrap up our thoughts in psychic containers and send them through time and space." He stopped to take a breath and then spun back round to be met with two confused faces and one thrilled. "Which mean there's a living Time Lord still out there and it's one of the good ones!" He said excited, ducking down underneath the TARDIS.

"You said there weren't any other Time Lords left," Rory commented. River, who was behind them both, bit on her lip as she realised they must not know who she was yet. That Amy and Rory and Doctor didn't know who she was and who she was to them- her stomach ached.

The Doctor climbed back up from underneath the TARDIS,

"There are no Time Lords left anywhere in the Universe," he said frantically as he threw the cube to Amy, who just about caught it, "but the universe isn't where we're going!" Amy looked up at the cube more closely, "See that snake? The mark of The Corsair. Fantastic bloke," Rory himself went to take a glimpse of the picture of the snake on the cube. "He had that snake as a tattoo in every regeneration. Didn't feel like himself unless he had the tattoo. Or herself, a couple of times." He spun back around the other end of the TARDIS, "Ohh, she was a bad girl!" The Doctor pressed on a button and suddenly sparks flew from the TARDIS-spraying all over the place. The TARDIS jolted to the left, everyone clung onto the TARDIS.

"Whoa! What is happening?" Rory yelled over the moans and groans of the TARDIS.

"We-We're leaving the Universe!" River realised as she moved around to press a button or two- much to the Doctor's annoyance.

"How can you leave the Universe?" Amy yelled. The Doctor pushed down a button,

"With enormous difficulty!" He expressed.

Authors Note- This was requested by another Author and I thought it was a very good idea. I understand people may not like the idea of having River involved with this episode, as it will ruin a perfectly good episode. But hear me out. It may be good, or it could be worse. But I would love to know what you think of it all so far. I have all the chapters written up, so they'll be up every single day. :)