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Prologue: A New Appearance! Meet the Gotei 13!

"You idiot." Isshin scolded, Ichigo looking at him and Urahara in disbelief, a glowing katana thrust into his chest. "That isn't me. Take a good look. Look at who's holding the sword. You should be able to see her now."

Ichigo turned to see Rukia behind him. "Rukia..." he gaped.

The blade grew brighter as the Lieutenant poured the contained Spirit Power into the former Substitute Shinigami.

"No, that's impossible..." Kūgo was stunned to see Ichigo in his Shinigami uniform after the influx of power.

"Rukia," Ichigo turned to the Lieutenant.

"Yes, it's been awhile, Ichigo." Rukia greeted. "You've become so strong and mature. Not!" she hammered him with a kick. "Crying like a pathetic fool! You turned into a wimp the moment I stopped keeping my eyes on you! Pitiful! Urahara told me about the power of this Tsukishima guy." she returned to the matters at hand. He can write over the past, it is indeed a terrifying power. But so what? No matter how much he changes your past, he cannot change your future. Lost bonds can be forged once again. Am I wrong, Ichigo?"

"Rukia," Ichigo started. "Can I say one thing? He didn't change my past, you know."

"Don't make fun of me with that serious look!" Rukia swiped the glowing sword at him.

"That's dangerous, you idiot!" Ichigo dodged th blade. "Even if it's been a while, that's a pretty harsh reaction!"

"You fool!" Rukia barked. "This sword has no blade!"

"Come to think of it, what is that sword?" Ichigo wondered.

"This is the sword that Urahara prepared for you." Rukia replied. "Thanks to this, I can give you Shinigami powers again."

"Don't be ridiculous." Kūgo scoffed. "Just because he looks like a Shinigami doesn't mean his powers have returned. The reason why Kurosaki was able to become a Shinigami the first time around was because he already had Shinigami powers to begin with. But he no longer has any Shinigami powers. That's because I've taken them from him. He has absolutely nothing. There's no way your Spirit Power alone could bring back his powers."

"You idiot!" Renji snapped. "It's not just Rukia."

A Senkaimon appeared and opened in the sky to reveal the arrival of Tula, Ikkaku, Zaraki, Hitsugaya, Byakuya and Renji.

"Renji..." Ichigo gaped. "Byakuya, Tōshirō, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Hasu."

"We put all our Spirit Pressure into that sword." Tula smiled at her brother. "Restoring nii-san's Spirit Pressure would be a piece of cake." she turned to the two Fullbringers. "You said your name was Ginjo, right? You only stole the top layer of nii-san's power, which has fused with his Fullbring. That power that comes from within nii-san, is not something that you could ever steal."

"Ichigo!" Rukia barked. "They don't know that this isn't enough to make you give up hope. They don't know what kinds of hopeless situations you've overcome. Show them, Ichigo! Show them that despair isn't enough to stop you."

"Yeah, yeah." Kūgo waved. "That sure is amazing." he attacked. "Things won't be that easy." he declared, Ichigo blocking his blade and the two took the fight to the air.

He's fast. The Fullbringer mused. And his Spirit Pressure has increased as well. "It seems that your strength has increased. But it's nothing to be surprised about."

Ichigo merely swung his sword and unleashed a massive wave of Spirit Power towards Kūgo and hitting him directly.

"Your Getsuga Tenshō has gotten more powerful." the smoking Kūgo landed on the ground. "But is that all you've got? Guess again! This isn't enough to kill me, Kurosaki."

"You idiot." Ichigo landed behind him. "That wasn't a Getsuga Tenshō. That was the force created from swinging my sword." as dense Spirit Power continued to surround his body, forming a pillar of energy as it peaked.

"What the hell?" Kūgo was shocked. "What the hell is this Spirit Pressure?"

"Getsuga Tenshō!" Ichigo released his attack, so powerful that it cleared the cloudy sky and cut off the top part of the mansion while a shocked Kūgo stood, speechless.

"We're not paying for that." Hasu muttered.

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