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Chapter 19

Sadie's POV:

"What now?" Percy asked after a while.

"Hm… how about we get out of here?" I yelled at him.

"Nice plan, Sadie." Carter muttered, unaware of how useless he was being. (You were too! ME? I was not being useless! Oh, shut up!)

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Percy questioned. Just I was about to raise my wand and Ha-di the place, Nico stepped over to Walt. I moved in his way, and I was surprised to bump into someone.

"Anubis!" I gasped. He smiled.

"Hello, Sadie." He turned to Nico, who was looking at him curiously.

"Anubis? As in the death god?" He questioned.

"Yes. And you must be Nico, the son of the death god." Anubis mimicked Nico's tone of voice.

"What were you planning to do, demigod?" He asked.

"I was simply going to help escort his soul." Nico explained.

"Walt has no place in your Underworld. I'll help him, though I'm sure he knows the way." Then he turned to me.

"He will not need judging. He was my host, therefore, his heart will not be devoured." He promised me.

"You egyptians sure have a way to say 'you're evil!'" Percy grumbled.

Anubis turned angrily.

"I have seen the punishments for souls in your Underworld." He said. Percy shuddered like he had seen them too.

"Touché" He granted.

"They're not so bad." Nico countered, earning some looks.

"At least not the ones you've seen." He added.

"How are we going to get out of here?" Carter interrupted.

"Well, I could ha-di the walls." I suggested cheerfully.

"No!" Everyone in the room yelled.

"Yeesh! Fine." I held up my hands in surrender.

"I can get us out. Everyone, grab hold of my arm." Nico commanded.

"Are you going to do that teleporting thing again?" Carter asked warily.

"Yep. It's called shadow traveling." Nico explained.

"Nico, are you insane? You pass out when you take just me. How can you add two magicians and a god to that?" Percy scolded.

"Oh, am I invited?" Anubis asked.

"Is it necessary? You're a god!" Nico reminded him.

"Oh, but I've heard stories of shadow-traveling. It sounds delightful." Anubis smiled.

"Fine, but if we end up in China, it is so your fault." Nico grumbled, holding out his arm. I grabbed it curiously. Carter followed my example, as did Percy. Finally, Anubis stood next to me and grabbed it as well.

"I probably won't wake up for a few days. Just a warning."

With that, we were submerged into darkness.

The feeling was similar to one of being underwater. I guessed that being at the bottom of the ocean would feel like this: lots of pressure, really dark, and freezing cold. I guess I'll have to ask Percy about that.

The next thing I knew, I was flying through the air.

"In the name of all the things in a dam!" Percy yelled. Huh?

We were toppling to the ground at full speed. Even Anubis was falling.

"Zeus is going to kill me!" Percy continued to yell.

"Anubis! Do something!" I screamed. He grimaced and moved to my side. He wrapped his arms around me, making me blush. (Yes, Carter. I blushed as we were falling to our death. Is there any problem with that?)

"Perseus! Grab your cousin and aim for that lake! I cannot hold all of you!" Anubis shouted. Percy clutched Nico's hand, and as he moved away, he managed to yell,

"It's Percy!"

Anubis shifted, and suddenly Carter was at my side as well. We were still falling.

I noticed something, Anubis had moved to that we were over him. He planned to cushion our fall.

I opened my mouth to protest.


I coughed and stood. I noticed that I was in a crater. Anubis was sprawled on the ground. Carter was standing as well.

"Anubis!" I shrieked. He opened his eyes and smiled.

"I have to go heal in the Duat. Take care. I'll see you… eventually." With those words, he disappeared.

Percy staggered into view, dragging Nico at his side.

"Bad news! We were too much more him! I think we're in China!"

I hate bloody Greeks.

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