Alaric knows he's all kinds of messed up when he finds himself thinking that, out of everything that happened to him the night before, Klaus dropping him off at his apartment is the weirdest part of his first full moon.

They don't talk much during the drive and it's kind of creepy (though not surprising at all) how Klaus knows the way to Alaric's apartment like he does. He'd taken Alaric on a trip through the woods that finally ended at the campfire Alaric dimly remembered from the night before. Their clothes had still been there; luckily he had been able to salvage his jeans and his shoes, but his shirt had been ruined. Cue for weirdest moment number two in the form of Klaus throwing him one of his shirts like he had prepared for this.

Which he obviously had.

Not creepy at all.

When Klaus finally stops the car in front of Alaric's apartment building, Alaric remains in the car for some weird seconds, staring out of the window. Feeling like he is waiting for something.

"See you in a month," Klaus says suddenly and he sounds like he is smiling. Alaric doesn't turn to check, getting out of the car without looking back. Without saying a word. Klaus chuckles and then drives off, his car disappearing around a corner. And then he's gone.

Like he was never there. Like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Alaric lets out a weary sigh and goes inside.

There are thirteen missed calls on his phone, nine from Elena, four from Damon. Also, seven text messages. All of them variations of the same theme: Where the fuck are you?

Alaric decides he needs a shower before he can deal with them, longing to wash the traces of the last night off his body. He tries to figure out what to tell the others, if it's even safe to meet them. Who knows how he is going to react to a vampire now that he has fully changed? Now that he is no longer a human with a curse but a full-fledged werewolf? Maybe even an improved version, if what Klaus told him about the blood inside him is true. He could lose it the moment he becomes aware of Damon's presence and attack him. Bite him. Killhim.

Not an option.

The shower makes him feel a little better; at least he is properly awake now. Alaric walks into his bedroom and gets dressed, all the while thinking about what to do now. He is pulling on a shirt when a shudder runs down his back, freezing him in his movements.

He's not alone anymore.

There's only one person who could and would sneak up on him like this. Alaric turns around, holding up his hand to stop Damon before he can say anything.

"Look, I know I was supposed to—"

It's not Damon.

Standing in the middle of his apartment is a man Alaric has never seen before. He is smaller than Alaric, with short, blond hair and a scar at his neck that starts near his Adam's apple and disappears beneath the white shirt he is wearing. Blue eyes are watching Alaric, staring at him with a weirdly intense gaze, staring right into his eyes. The man doesn't move or talk, he just keeps looking at him, his face relaxed and calm… and yet—something is off about him. Something other than the fact that he is inside Alaric's apartment, and shouldn't be.

"Who are you?"

When the stranger speaks, it's with an air of authority that somehow commands you to listen and not interrupt until he is finished.

"Who I am is not of importance."

Alaric wants to object, to him it's very much of importance who or what can enter his apartment without being invited in—but the words won't come over his lips, like some sort of silence spell has been placed on him.

"I have been sent here to confirm that it is indeed youwho will assist us in recovering what was lost so long ago."

Alaric doesn't understand a word the man is saying. A small part of his mind starts wondering if he has finally lost it and is imagining things.

"We are aware of the loss you and your friends have suffered and of the trials that have been placed upon you. If any of this could have been avoided, it would have been."

Despite the fact that the man clearly has some sort of power that is keeping Alaric under his control, Alaric finds himself starting to get irritated. Whoever 'they' are, they had the power to stop it? Any of it? The loss you have suffered… They could have saved her? They could have saved Jenna?

"I will come back for you when the time is right."

Right before Alaric's eyes, the man starts to change. In one incredibly fluid motion he crouches to the floor, and shifts. Less than a heartbeat later there is a grey wolf in the man's place. His clothes have disappeared; there is only the wolf that lets out a loud howl that reverberates through the apartment. Yellow eyes flash dangerously and suddenly the beast leapsat Alaric, goes right for his chest—and disappears, inches before it would have touched him.

Alaric gives a surprised shout and stumbles back, his back hitting the open wardrobe door. He stumbles, can just barely keep his balance.

"What the hell," he shouts at the empty apartment, not expecting an answer and not getting any.

It takes him a long moment to get his racing heartbeat under control.

When the time is right?There is going to be more of this?

Alaric sinks down onto his bed, staring blindly ahead. He thinks he should feel something right now, anger or surprise or at least some sort of annoyance, but he is too stunned, too much has happened. There is only one thought on his mind.


No more.

A/N: Phew, it's done. I can't really believe it. So much has happened since I sat down to write this. This is a trilogy, the first part is called So darkness I became. The third part isn't written yet, but I'm working on it. So yes, it does end here and will be continued in the third part. I hope the cliffie isn't too mean.

Let me know what you think.