Hai thar! (ha. fail grammar) Anyway, I ish bored so I decided to join the Gakuen Hetalia bandwagon! Yaaaaay! Because I'm too lazy to develop my own characters (lol, just kidding). I ask that you all send in your own OC's for the causes of Hilarity. Countries, citys, states, provinces, so on and so forth will be accepted, but I will only accept 3 boys, and 2 girls. Mai OC, Philippines(well actually Visayas, will be the example (She will also be in the story).

Name: Maria Clara Esperanza de la Cruz, goes by Ria.

Country, Province, State, City, etc.: Visayas

Age(high school plz): 16(junior)

Appearance: Short, curvy, tan skin, and chocolate brown eyes. She has blackish hair in a tousled braid that reaches her waist. She wears one red gumamela flower above said braid. When not in uniform, Ria likes wearing Sarongs.

Personality: Ria is usually a very happy, kind and hospitable person, but she can be rather… Russia-like when angered. She is also fluent in Filipino martial arts and boxing, which is basically like street fighting. Piss her off and she'll beat you. But she is rather hard to piss off to the point where she actually beats you. Most people only get to threat level before they back down. She likes partying, siestas, and is a great swimmer. She also knows guitar and likes to sing and dance, but unfortunately, any classical instrument(aside classic guitar) is destroyed at her touch. If you can't dance to it, it's not worth her time. She loves the outdoors and can be distracted easily when she is outside in a new place, often wandering around aimlessly just looking at new things. She can drink a lot before getting drunk, but hardly drinks alcohol, claiming to be a mild drinker. The only exception to this rule is when there is a fiesta going on.

School approach: Her grades are average and she maintains a healthy high B, low A range, but always gets A+'s in gym, art and music. Her weak point is math, because she finds all of the numbers to be dull and boring. She often falls asleep in this class.

Other: She always carries a yoyo with her and is constantly playing with it. It can be a deadly weapon when she is angered. She speaks Cebuano, Tagolog, and English, and is currently relearning Spanish. She will speak Cebuano with her little brother, Mindanao (Emilio) when she is mad at her other brother, Luzon (Juan), to mess with him. She trains Russia, America, her brothers, and a few other nations in her Filipino martial arts. Jejeje is her version of kolkolkol. Wake her from a siesta, or mock her height, and you are guaranteed a trip to the hospital. Likes to cook, but watch out for Balot and dinuguan. (A/N: personally, I like them both, but other people are freaked out by them. If you want to know, then look them up.)

Flaws(so we don't end up with Mary-sues, yes?): She eats a lot(though never gains weight) and has a habit of keeping her legs up while eating and using her hands to eat dry foods. She also unconsciously sings songs out loud when they are stuck in her head. Although she has a nice singing voice, listening to her sing the same song over and over for hours gets annoying after a while. She can be Russia-like at times and is good friends with him, Natalya(Belarus), and Francis(France) which scares the crap out of others. She openly despises the Netherlands(Jan) and avoids him like the plague, but he still stalks her anyway, which is why she avoids him. She can be dense in matters involving romance, so it is very hard to flirt with her. She can also be a bit naïve and gullible, but when she discovered she's been tricked, pray for the person who played the joke on her.

Likes: Siestas, Martial Arts, boxing, food, cooking, guitar, singing, dancing, her brothers, mythical creatures, fiestas, sarongs, so on and so forth.

Dislikes: Bullies, People who wake me up, people who call me short, people who mess with my brothers, math, classical music/instruments, Big, stuffy dresses.

Classes(Just pick six classes you would want them to take. I'm too lazy to make a list): Algebra 1, the Fine Arts(this is art like drawing and such, as well as music, dance, and theater, but this is an advanced class that moves very quickly. Students can be excused from certain lessons in this class that they dislike. For Ria, that would be the classical music portion of the class. There are individual art, music, and theater classes though.), Chemistry, World History, Gym, Spanish 3(languages are 1-4).

Top Love interests (optional): Too dense for crushes, but Japan and Mexico(unless one of y'all make a character for him) likes her. And the Netherlands stalks her. o.O

Your turn!


Country, Province, State, City, etc.:

Age(high school plz):



School Approach:


Flaws(so we don't end up with Mary-sues, yes?):



Classes(Just pick six classes you would want them to take. I'm too lazy to make a list):

Top Love interests (optional):

I am so sorry to everyone who has been reading this story and sent in OCs. The site deleted it and unfortunately some of the chapters were lost as well. I'll work on re-writing it as soon as possible, and if you want to continue sending in OCs, or resubmit OCs you've sent in, please SEND THEM AS A PRIVATE MESSAGE! IF NOT, THE STORY WILL BE DELETED AGAIN! Thank you for your cooperation.