Ria was beyond bored in Math, her last subject of the day. She had spent the first few minutes staring blankly at the board and teacher (Honda Kiku/Japan), then fell asleep for the bulk of the class, waking up about ten minutes before the final bell. It may have been the first day for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, but that didn't mean math was any less dull. Suddenly, a paper football hit the side of Ria's head. Looking curiously over in the direction the paper football came from, she saw one of her closest friends, Leroy Jones, personification of Illinois. Leroy was undoubtably handsome, looking like a mix of France and America, having France's golden wavy hair, only slightly shorter, and America's energetic blue eyes plus a muscular-but-not-too-muscular build. He was grinning at her in his usual arrogant, mischievous, city boy manner. Leroy waggled one eyebrow at her, as if to ask, "Watcha gonna do 'bout it?"

Ria grinned back at her friend, accepting his silent challenge. Positioning the paper football on the edge of her desk, she flicked it, hard and precise, at Leroy, smacking him square in the forehead. The two proceeded to have a paper football battle until the end of class, when the bell rang. As soon as it sounded, Ria shot out of her seat, rounded up her things, and raced out of the door before the teacher could get another word in. Leroy soon followed, along with the rest of the class.

"I hate math," Ria grumbled as Leroy caught up and walked beside her.

"Aww, c'mon Ria," Leroy grinned, mussing up Ria's braided hair, earning him a smack on the arm and an angry stream of curses in several filipino dialects. "It's only the first day! We haven't even learned anything yet! We just went over classroom rules today!" Leroy laughed, angering the filipina further. She growled and punched the boy in the gut, just hard enough to knock the wind out of him. Leroy doubled over with a loud "OOF!" but his mischievous grin didn't falter. Ria scowled back at him until she bumped into a somewhat lanky male. She cringed hearing the familiar clatter of supplies scattering on the ground the boy she ran into must've dropped. After sending one final venomous glare to Leroy, who was now doubled over in laughter, Ria whirled around and crouched down to pick up the boy's things.

"I am so, so sorry-Damir?" Ria stared at the boy, a little surprised to see him. Soon thereafter, she engulfed the boy, Damir Macek, into a tight hug.

"Ohhh! It's so good to see you Damir!" Ria squealed. Damir was the sophomore personification of Croatia, a year under Ria and Leroy as he was held back a year for failing grades. He wasn't stupid or anything, just forgetful. In appearance, Damir was average in height, skin tone, and looks, with short, messy, light brown hair and hazel eyes. He was by no means ugly or unattractive, but he also wasn't going to be hired as a male model anytime soon.

"H-hi..." Damir stuttered nervously, not sure what else to say. He had a freight train of ideas and thoughts to tell her, or at the very least converse with her, but had no idea how to say anything, so he kept his mouth shut. Releasing Damir from her hug, Ria beamed brightly at her other close friend. She had met Damir with Leroy when their Fine Arts class had a conjoined class with the Drama class. They didn't think much of the lanky, quiet kid blending in with the class until he got on stage and performed, clearly the best in his class. The three of them hit it off soon after that, and Damir introduced Ria and Leroy to their other good friend Darcy Enda. Actually, Ria and Leroy had been heading towards the student council room to meet up with Darcy when they bumped into Damir.

"What are you doing here though Damir?" Leroy asked, now finished with his laugh attack. Damir blushed and looked at his shoes. Ria and Leroy sweatdropped.

'He got lost again...' They both thought. Ria smiled and shook her head. "Well, it doesn't matter how you got here, it's just good to see you again!" Before Ria could trap Damir in another bone-crushing hug, Leroy pulled her away and started dragging her towards the student council room.

"It's great to see you Damir, but we really have to go now or else Ria will make us late to the freshman assembly like she does for pretty much everything so cya!" Leroy waved at Damir while dragging a profanity spewing Ria along with him. When Leroy finally let go of her, Ria punched his arm, hard.

"That was very rude! I wasn't done talking!" Ria fumed. Leroy rolled his eyes and rubbed his sore arm.

"Oi see tings ar quite a bit hectic out her. Could ya please wait ta beat each other until aft'r the assembly? We're short on guides as it'is." A new voice interjected. Leroy and Ria, with a final angry huff from each other, turned towards the new voice.

"Darcy!" Ria immediately perked up. She tackle hugged the personification of Dublin, who patted her head fondly in return.

"Are you two readey ter go now? Er do I need ta bayby sit ya two a li'l long'r?" Darcy asked, gesturing to the door with his free hand. Ria grinned excitedly at him before racing out the door and ahead of the boys. Leroy chuckled and rolled his eyes, walking out with Darcy close behind.

"Something tells me this year is going to be exciting," Leroy said, as he watched Ria skipping happily in front of him. Darcy cracked a small smile and nodded in agreement.

Damn kids got no clue what they're in for, poor suckers.

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