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Haruka sat on the couch, Michiru was going around the world for violin concerts. Setsuna and Hotaru were out shopping for summer clothes for the soldier of Saturn.

The door bell suddenly spooking Haruka. "Coming!" she yelled getting off the couch.

She opened the door to see Usagi. "Haruka-san," she muttered sounding sad.

Haruka took Usagi's hand and brought her in the house sitting her down in a white leather chair. She didn't say anything and made tea.

"Koneko-chan, what's wrong?" Haruka asked once the tea was finished and she was sitting beside her in a black chair.

Usagi looked worried to Haruka. "I'm scared to..."

The blond had trailed off leaving Haruka confused. "To what?"

"Have sex with a woman," Usagi said as tears streamed down her face. "I'm scared I'll doing something wrong to know if we go that far which we both want to."

"So you came to tell me?" Haruka asked as Usagi peered over at her. Haruka handed her and tissue and Usagi dabbed the tears away.

"No...I came for an experince," Usagi said blushing As Haruka giggled at stroked a hand through Usagi's hair. "I want to have sex wigb you so you can teach me what to do. Is that too much to ask for?"

Haruka shook her head after she took a sip of her tea. "Not at all," Haruka said proudly. "What kind of stuff do you want to know?"

"All of it," Usagi said blushing.

"Alright," Haruka said holding Usagi's hand, it was soft like petals. "Let's go."

Haruka led Usagi to a spare room and placed the little moon bunny on the bed. "Now Koneko-chan," Haruka said looking at Usagi. "If you don't like what I'm doing just tell me to stop. Have you had sex with Mamoru-san before he and you split?"

"A couple times," Usagi admitted as Haruka kissed her cheek.

"So you have some experience," Haruka said giggling. "Do you want to start?"

"Yeah, do what you feel you need to."

Haruka smiled and grabbed Usagi's hand and kissed it, slowly going up her arm to her lips. Haruka hung above Usagi. Usagi took her hands and placed them on Haruka's shoulders.

Haruka kissed Usagi all over,giving her little butterfly kisses. She took Usagi's shirt off slowly revealing the bunny wearing a blue bra then she removed the bunnies pants; she then removed her own clothing.

Haruka slipped off Usagi's bra then lowered her head to Usagi's boob as the bunny then let out a moan. She took her other hand and rubbed Usagi's core.

"Haruka-san," the bunny managed to choke out.

Haruka went lower and put her tongue in Usagi's clit. The bunnies head tipped back and Haruka sat on her knees sticking a finger into Usagi.

"Haruka!" she screamed.

Haruka sped up the menstruations and Usagi soon found herself tongue kissing Haruka and squeezing her boobs. Usagi went lower to Haruka as Haruka sat down and shoved her clothes in the bunnies face.

Usagi dove her tongue in and Haruka moaned.

Suddenly, a giggle interrupted them. It was Michiru and Usagi blushed. "Hello you two," she said causually. Usagi said nothing as she picked up her clothing then scooted off as Michiru giggled.

"Michiru," Haruka said. "My little Koneko-chan wanted help and I-"

Michiru smirked. "I know, I'm not mad. Just treat me better soon." Michiru sat down on the bed as Haruka placed a kiss on her girlfriends mouth.