Author Note: I finally decided to fix up the first chapter. Thanks to Kagato23 and liz, they opened my eyes to how many quote were actually in the first chapter and how much chapter one just plain out sucked. I had not told anyone, when posting it, that when chapter one was origionally done, I had only read the first issue of JtHM, so I didn't know most of it and I didn't get the rest of the issues until Johnny arrived at Squee's. This chapter may make chapter three seem a little redundant, but I only had an idea for how to change the dream, that was it. I was just winging the rest. I hope this now makes chapter one seem better and that it makes the whole story over-all better. So enjoy! ____________________________________________________________________________ _____

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Chapter 1

Johnny stood, silently looking about him. He knew he was looking about in vain, it was so dark out that he could hardly see his hand when it was right in front of his face. There were no stars out, no moon, and he was quite surprised when it started raining. He walked around slowly, still trying to see where he was, trying to find out if he could see anything at all. He stopped when lightening flashed across the sky, lighting up everything around him. He couldn't believe what he saw. There, right in front of him, was a monster that was enormous. He couldn't even begin to determine how big it was. He realized what it was when he saw it. Though he had never gotten to see it, he knew it was the demon that had once inhabited his house. The tenticles and claw-like hands whipped about in every direction, destroying everything it touched.

Johnny slowly backed away, but only yelped in surprised as one of the claw-like hands wrapped itself around his slim form and brought him quickly up into the air. Before it could bring him too far up into the sky he grabbed his knife and sliced off the hand. When he fell to the ground he automatically rolled to his feet and took off running, wanting to get away from it as quickly as possible. He yelped again as a pair of tenticles rapped itself around his feet and brought him to the ground. He was about to slice the aforemeantioned tenticle in half, but suddenly another one wrapped itself around his mid-section, 'cause him to drop his knife. He started thrashing back and forth, struggling with all his might to get free, but the two tenticles only tightened themselves around him and started pulling in different directions, as if they were trying to rip him in half. He screamed in pain as he felt the bones pop out of the joints, he then screamed louder as he began to feel his flesh ripping, knowing it would only be a matter of moments before he was ripped to shreads....


Johnny sat up suddenly, falling off the couch and yelping in surprise when he hit the floor, sweat soaked and shaking. It took him several minutes to calm himself down slightly, constantly reminding himself that it was nothing more than a horrible dream. He got up from his bed, still shaking slightly from the nightmare, and looked at his electronic clock on his table: 4:00 A.M. "Damn," he grumbled to himself, rubbing his eyes slightly, "I actually slept."

He sighed "I think it'll go out, maybe take a walk. It's better than sitting here."

He walked over to his table and picked up his knife, after pocketing it he went out into the cool and starry night. While he walked he noticed that not many people seemed to be out at this hour, and those who were stayed perfectly clear of him, whispering to each other as they passed. He was so deep in thought that he hardly noticed a man and woman coming toward him until he heard the man whisper to his companion, while he did not hear all of it, he did hear a few words "Do you see that guy there..... looks like a freak...... probably going to see his fag friends.... can't believe people these days...."

Johnny stopped dead in his tracks "Excuse me, did you say something?"

The man looked at Johnny in a very confused manner "I didn't say anything man."

Johnny turned to look at them "Yes, yes you did. You took it upon yourself to comment on my appearance."

The man looked shocked that Johnny had heard anything he said, but it was now that the woman decided to speak up "Well, you do look like a fag. Why don't you go get a new wardrob if you don't want people to comment on that garbage that you wear."

Johnny just stood there with his head down slightly, the shadows that were cast over his face made him look even darker "All I wanted to do was take a walk, perhaps forget things for a little while. I can't even get a few moments of peace, it seems. I'll show you the consiquences you must have when thinking you have the right to comment on how a person decides to look."

Johnny rushed at the man first, drawing his knife. Grabbing the man, he brought the man close to him and pressed the knife hard into his chest. As Johnny looked at the man, he could see the fear, he could sense the overwhelming fear that this man was feeling. As if it had finally occurred to the man what was going on, he began to struggle. He scratched and punched at Johnny, getting in a couple good hits, but he didn't cause anything more then a couple cuts. Johnny finally got fed up with the man's persistent struggling and threw him to the ground, placing his foot firmly on top of the man's chest to keep him down. Johnny knelt down, bringing his arm up over his head and holding the knife to where it was pointed down at the man now laying on the ground.

The man looked up at Johnny pleadingly "Please, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

Johnny just smiled and brought the knife swiftly down and cut into the man's arm. The force of the blow had been so strong that the knife cut right through the bone, severing the arm from his body, spraying blood on Johnny's shirt, hand, and face. As the man's scream pierced through the cool night air, Johnny brought the knife down again, turning his upper torso slightly so that he wouldn't hit himself, and sliced through the wrist on his undamaged arm, cutting off his hand and once again spraying blood on his hand and clothing. As the man screamed again, Johnny brought the knife down and sliced it into the man's neck and let the blade slice through his neck and sever his head from his body, spraying blood in every direction. As Johnny stood up he touched one of the cuts the man made with his struggle, and as he brought his hand in front of his face he saw a few traces of his own blood.

He looked a couple feet in front of him to see that the man's companion was still standing there, staring at the man's bloodied corpse and head in shock, to frightened to run or speak. The moment she saw Johnny look at her, she began to step back slowly, after a few steps she turned on her heal and ran. Johnny just shook his head slightly and took off after her. It didn't take him long to catch up to her and as he grabbed her, she lost her balance and fell to the hard ground. She tried the same strategy as her companion, reaching up and scratching his face, creating three small cuts on his cheek. As she reached up again to attempt to scratch him again, he adjusted his grip on the knife and sliced off her hand, causing more blood to flow onto his hand and clothes. The woman began to scream and struggle more, and Johnny just shoved the knife in through the back of her skull. As her limp body fell to the ground he lifted his foot and stomped down on her skull, causing it to smash with the force of the impact. Johnny stepped away from both the bodies, slightly wiping some of the blood off of his face, and began walking back toward his home as if nothing had ever occurred.

After walking for a while, Johnny arrived at Squee's. Quietly walking up to the house, he pushed open the window and climbed through. Once he got himself fully inside the room, he headed for the bathroom and began rummaging through the medicine cabinet for the disinfectant. He stood there for quite some time, throwing back various medications to the floor, never noticing the figure standing at the doorway. "Why can I never find the fucking bactine!?!" he screamed, hitting his fist on the edge of the sink.

"I take it you must be Johnny."

Johnny whirled around to see a woman around his age standing in the doorway. She had striking blue eyes and long blond hair that reached just past her shoulder blades, the odd thing about her hair was that the roots were a light brown and yet the rest of her hair was blond, but it was obvious that she didn't dye her hair and that the look was natural. She was also a little shorter than him, was quite slim, and had a pale complexion. Slowly, she approached him "My name's Cassandra, but you may call me Cassy. My brother has told me quite a bit about you, Johnny."

Johnny just looked at her, one of his eyebrows arched slightly "You're brother...?"

"Todd." she replied, reaching past him and pulling the bactine out of the medicine cabinet.

"Hmm.... I still like "Squee" better."

"He said you did. Sit." she said, pointing to the edge of the bathtub.

He, again, just looked at her. She sighed "I'm going to put this," she said, motioning to the bactine, "on your cuts so that they don't get infected."

"I am quite capable of doing it myself." he replied, snatching the bactine from her and poring it on his face. "Why," he continued, "are you even here?"

"Well, I've been living here since my mother wrote me about how someone," she paused, looking at him suspiciously, then continued, "bludgeoned my father in the back of the head with a heavy object. She told me that she refused to take care of both my father and Todd, so I came here to help her. While my mother and father have never been the greatest of parents, and treated me as they now treat Todd, I have to be here for Todd at least."

"Hmm.... that's all well and good," Johnny said, washing off some of the blood from his two victims in the sink, "but that's not what I meant. Why are you in here bothering me?"

Cassy laughed, placing her hand over her mouth slightly "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't understand that was what you meant. The reason I'm in here is because I heard someone in the bathroom, and since it didn't sound like my mother, father, or Todd, I came in to look and found you. I was going to help you clean some of those cuts, but you seem quite persistent on doing it yourself. By the way, Todd told me that you had went on a.... holiday of sorts."

"I did," Johnny replied, leaving the wash-rag in the sink and heading for the door, "I'm back."

Cassy looked at him with her brows bent in confusion "Where are you going now?"

Johnny stopped at the window "Home, of course." then he climbed out the window. Cassy just stood there, watching as Johnny slowly walked back to his small shack next-door "I'm going to have to ask Todd more about him." she said to herself as she walked back into the bathroom to clean up the mess Johnny left behind. Not yet noticing the knife he had accidentally left on the edge of the sink.