Title: Dreamer Girl

Character: Hermione Granger

Notes: All I ever seem to see for HG fanfics is SexySlutty!Hermione, and it really bugs me, so I've been avoiding them like the plague. But, I thought I would be safe with a nice, half angsty, half fluffy R/Hr freeverse. Enjoy?

Books? Cleverness?

Babe, that's all you've ever been.

You're just another dreamer -

dreamer girl -

but they don't believe you, 'cause hey,

dreamer girls aren't supposed to be


are they?


You're just a smarter, lost kind of

dreamer girl -

a dreamer girl who's dreams never came true.

You're just another fantasist,

looking for magic.

Hey, look, dreamer girl! You found it!

But it's Dark.


There's no prince coming to save you,

dreamer girl,

so you'd best hang up your

ball gown,

set aside your princess crown.

There's no white rabbit

to take you down that rabbit hole;

you're no Alice,


and your wardrobe's just a wardrobe,

but I suppose,

that doesn't keep you from checking,

does it?


You can pretend you're Cinderella,

but you're not invited to any balls;

even Cinders

got her golden carriage.

You live with your parents,

not seven dwarfs,

and you're not a beauty to his beast.

Faith, trust and pixie dust;

no, hun.

Friendship, terror and pearly gates

are all you know now.



sometimes dreams are supposed to stay

between the pages.

They aren't supposed to come alive.

Hey, hey,

dreamer girl,

don't cry;

dreamer girls don't cry, didn't you hear?

Nuh-uh, they're counting on you;

the reliable you, that is.

They've got no need for that dreamer girl.


They need a realist,

who likes libraries and textbooks,

not secluded corners

and fantasy novels.

They need Hermione Granger,

the know-it-all muggleborn

who likes to win,

with both feet set on the ground.

Not Princess Hermione,

the dreamer girl

who fantasises about rabbit holes and Never Never Land,

with her head in the clouds.


Harry and Ron;

they aren't your Lost Boys,

and you sure as hell aren't Wendy.

They're not going to save you,

and that yellow brick road?

It's made of grey tarmac,


and it leads you back to that room in Malfoy Manor,

not Emerald City.


Oh, but dreamer girl -

close your eyes,

let down your defences,

and it's so easy to get lost

in that wardrobe.

There're glass slippers on your feet,

and that chocolate factory's in sight.

You can be someone here,

dreamer girl,

but don't ask them to pinch you.

You won't want to wake up.


You went looking for magic,

and hey,

you found it, didn't you?

But it wasn't all


or beasts-into-beauties.

It became so much more than that,


and it scared you.


You're made for mermaids,

not Horcruxes;

you live for your Prince Charming,

not for some daring little boy

you love as a friend.

You're Hermione Granger,

and that's all you'll ever be.

But maybe there's a frog for you to kiss,

dreamer girl.