Hello friends, this story is dedicated to when my friends and I are bored and mucking around.

Written by: Forever Hopeful 157( a true Piper McLean), kkawesome101 (a true Annabeth Chase) & Immortal Teenager (a true Thalia Grace).

Introductions done – lets move on to the actual story now.

What to do when you're bored on the Argo...

Chapter 1


Laying on deck chairs, the girls were having a secret meeting (this includes: Piper, Annabeth, Hazel & Thalia). They were being total girly girls...like there was GIGGLAGE! If you these girls, you would know that they don't giggle. In fact let's just ignore that fact and move on. Then, Jason decided to walk past at that exact moment. Followed by Percy. Followed by Frank. Followed by Leo.

"What are you girls talking about?" asked Jason.

"Oh...nothing..." replied Piper.

"Boys, let's huddle!" The boys gathered in a group. "Let's think."

"Don't hurt yourself there!" snorted Annabeth.

"Ha ha Annabeth!" replied Percy.

"I'm serious! When do YOU EVER think?"

The boys ignored her and moved into their thinking pose. They looked like sumo wrestlers. No, scratch that, CONSTIPATED sumo wrestlers.

The girls thought this was hilarious, and could barely control their laughter.

The boys were now chanting "I'm thinking...I'm thinking..." over and over again. Until...

Jason jumped up and shouted "I got it!" and started randomly dancing like he was at a seventies disco party.

Percy and Frank soon joined him, hands in the air and butt bumping. Yes. Actual butt bumpage. (Yes, we're stealing this off Ally Carter).

A couple of seconds later, Leo joined his group in dancing, legs apart, moving his arms up and down, looking like a five year old child imitating a crocodile. Except that would be offensive to five year old children.

Annabeth and Hazel stopped laughing long enough to realise that Thalia and Piper had taken out their mobiles and were filming the entire performance. They watched in shock horror as they fist bumped in sync.

"I can't I'm actually going out with him. I temporarily do NOT know him" remarked Hazel.

"I CAN believe I'm dating Percy. I've gotten used to it. But even I didn't expect him to stoop THIS low" replied Annabeth.

"Oh my gods. That really IS Jason, isn't it?" asked Piper.

"Ewww. I'm related to some of those...BOYS!" Thalia said that last bit like it was the biggest insult of all. It probably was considering she was a Hunter.

After another minute of dancing, (And shocked expressions), The boys turned and faced the girls.

"Nothing means Something!" they said, as though they'd discovered the cure for cancer.

Thalia and Piper just looked at each other and said that one deadly word.