"So what are we fun stuff have you guys planned for today?" Percy asked as he joined all of us on deck.

"Nothing," said Thalia bluntly.

"Oh. Well we could plan something. How about another round of karaoke?" said Percy hopefully.

"You just don't get it do you?" said Thalia in a mean and condescending way, but then again it wasn't the happiest of days-for anyone.

"What's that suppose to mean?" exclaimed Percy in frustration.

The rest of us just stared at the scenery.

"Percy sweetheart," started Annabeth as gently as she could as if trying not to hurt his feelings, "today is the day we fight Gaia."

"Oh shit," mumbled Percy.

We all stared waiting for the fight to come.

Sorry that i am ending the story now. Thank you so much to the people how have reviewed and liked this story! If you want to know why i have discontinued this story then keep reading. If you don't want to find out TOO BAD KEEP READING! I have gotten reviews that are awful. Ok so i know that the characters are out of character but i'm not Rick Riordan. And i didn't intend for this to be a story to make sure you laugh so hard that you become my best friend. This story was made by me and my two best friends to show case our outrageous, bizarre and ridiculous ideas about characters behaving like weirdos. And i think i speak for the three of us when i say that if you don't like it or don't understand why we would even write that then don't review! I honestly thought fan fiction was a place to unleash your imagination without people cutting you down for doing it. I'm sorry for raging at the nice decent people who liked our story or had the decency to not send us burn reviews if you didn't. I an irate with those how sent me negative feedback and i will not be writing anymore stories for the Percy Jackson Series. I am finshing my other story for the Percy Jakson Series and i'm go9ing back to writing for the Skulduggery Pleasant Series where everyone is understanding and i have never gotten negative feedback. For those people who have discourage my writing with spiteful reviews if you don't feel bad about what you have said in a review then i have failed in my speech. For those who gave encouraging reviews i thank you and i hope you understand my reasons and i hope the ending was good enough because i was not thinking straight.

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