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Further Back
Chapter 2: Sayonara Boys...
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Kagome sighed, she was stuck in this time with two irate dog demons who seemed quite content to work out their frustrations on each other, both verbally and physically. One good thing so far was that she got a decent amount of fruit and vegtables from the villagers as offerings. Knowing she couldn't eat all of it she went in search of the two youkai. She found them sitting in a tree, Inu Yasha shouting and pointing up at Sesshoumaru. "I told you to stop calling me that years ago!"

Sesshoumaru was above him sitting indian style looking down his nose at the increasingly angry hanyou. "And what are you gonna do about it pup?"

"I rip your lungs out for starters!"


"Huh?" without any other warning the fruit Kagome had thrown smacked into the back of his head. Inu Yasha's arms waved about frantically before he caught his balance.

"hmm.. I thought you were gonna catch it." She muttered.

He turned and landed in front of Kagome teeth bared. "What the hell do you want!?"

She blinked at him, seemingly unfazed by his tone. She held up another fruit, "The villagers gave me some... offerings, I wanted to share them with you guys. You know since we'll be working together."

As she settled down under the tree she looked up at the youkai still in the tree, "Sesshoumaru why don't you come do-, why don't you join us?" She was ignoring the suspicious way Inu Yasha was staring at her.

"Because, I have no intention of 'working' with you. And I would much prefer that you do not address me so casually." Despite his rude response he was quite glad she caught herself before using that word.

"Ok Sesshoumaru-SAMA then why are you still here?" Sesshoumaru huffed and turned his head away, because I refuse to return home with this.. this collar around my neck, he thought distastefully.

"He's probably waiting for you to take the rosary off him," Inu Yasha muttered through a full mouth.

"Aren't you hungry?"

"I do not require human food."

Kagome's brow crinkled in mild confusion, "Well humans aren't the only ones that eat this stuff... so it's really just food, not human food." She retorted logically. He titled his head up and proceeded to ignore the school girl. Realizing there was no way to get friendlier with Sesshoumaru through his stomach she turned to Inu Yasha, who still watched her suspiciously. "What?"

"This is good food!" he said over enthusiastically without the facial expression to match.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"What are you plotting?"

Kagome sighed, "Look since we're stuck together for now I thought it would be nice if we became a little friendlier."

"Feh!" He was about to retort when he saw a sudden blur of motion behind the girl. He looked up into the tree and her gaze followed suit. Sesshoumaru had come down, picked up a piece of food, and jumped back into the tree. Kagome grinned, she had barely noticed the odd rush of air behind her but was happy to find out what it was. Inu Yasha dropped his vegatable that looked like a big white carrot.. (I don't know what those are) and jumped into the tree, looking somewhat pouty.

"Now what? Are you mad because I look like Kikyou? I'm not Kikyou I'm Kagome."

"Just you wait girl! I'm gonna steal that jewel from you and become a full youkai!"

Sesshoumaru paused, he was about to bite into the fruit when Inu Yasha made this proclimation. That's why he wants it?.. What am I thinking? Of course that's why. He wants to be stronger.

"Sure you will," she said distantly looking at her own food as though it were very interesting. "Of course if either of you gets out of control I can just say 'sit' or 'down'-"

WHAM! WHAM! Kagome winced, on either side of her was a face down dog demon, she certainly hoped this wouldn't hurt their possible friendships. "Oh sorry sorry cancel that ok?"

Inu Yasha cursed and grasped at his necklace. Sesshoumaru pushed himself up, stood, and casually brushed himself off, for some reason the elder brother's reaction worried Kagome more. He picked her up by the collar of her shirt until she stood. Sesshoumaru pointed one clawed finger at her face. "Be more careful with your words girl, next time you slip up like that I will not hesitate to rip out your vocal cords before you can get past the first letter understand?" His calm tone had frightened her more than the words, almost as though his threat was natural. She stared at him wide eyed before swallowing the lump in her throat. He raised a brow that asked if she understood and she nodded. "Good." He turned and walked away from them and the village.

"Oy! Where ya goin'?"


Inu Yasha looked after his brother than at the girl "Che," he muttered than wandered back towards the village. Kagome sat alone under the tree feeling as though she had utterly failed in her attempt. She gathered her things a few minutes later and brought the fruit and vegtables to Kaede's hut.

"Where have you been?" she asked curiously looking at all the food.

"I went to think and the villagers started giving me stuff. So I decided to see if I could get Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru to be more sociable."

"I see.. and?"

"I don't think it worked, Inu Yasha came back to the village and Sesshoumaru went hunting."

"Hunting for what?"

Kagome paused she hadn't thought about that, she hoped he wasn't going to kill and eat anyone.


Sesshoumaru chewed on the fruit, to be honest he had been almost purely a carnivore all his life, never bothering to try berries or the like. At first he thought it was quite revolting and almost threw it away before realizing that only the inside and not the peel was meant to be eaten. It was quite good actually, though he was unuse to the taste. It was sweet but not overly so, he could not think of any other way to describe it but 'fruity'. He really wasn't going hunting either, though if he came across an animal he was hungry enough to kill it. But thinking was his intent and best done far away from the impatient, active Inu Yasha and the nosy girl.

What an interesting child. He thought. She was able to break Inu Yasha's seal and even after he tried to kill her, made an effort to become his friend... and mine. He shook his head, an odd girl indeed.


As Kagome slept that night she was watched by hungry eyes that were swiftly chased off by claws. Inu Yasha cursed as the crows scattered, he had missed the demon and now it had the shikon no tama's scent. "Chikusho."

"Really Inu Yasha I thought you were faster than that."

He didn't need to turn to know that his brother was on a branch right behind him. He had always loved those surprising dramatic entrances. "If you're so fast why didn't you kill it?" he asked accusingly.

Sesshoumaru gave the hanyou a measuring gaze, "Because I do not care. The shikon no tama is not my concern."



Kagome's day had not gone very well, she had been the jewel's guardian not even a whole forty eight hours and she had already shattered it. Shattered! It might not have happened had Sesshoumaru bothered to lend a hand though. But nooo he was above such "trivial matters". She swam through the cold waters of the lake, determined to get all the grime off her body. What a snob... maybe I should just take the rosary off and let him go if he won't help... An idea came to mind, she almost grinned, Or maybe...

Inu Yasha sat atop a small cliff examining the scene below him. Kaede was by the fire with the shikon shard not far below him and the girl was in the water, if he could get to it before she resurfaced he could be away from that wretched girl and her word.

Sesshoumaru approached his brother from behind. Looking at his brother's back he asked, "What are you doing?"

Before he could be answered he turned to the sound of the girl breaking the surface of the water. It was nothing he hadn't seen before and assumed the same of his brother since he didn't seem to react. Apparently the girl thought about the situation in a completely different way than they did. After about two seconds of staring at the two of them on the ridge she screamed, "SIT DOOOWN!" WHAM! WHAM! Sesshoumaru had to admit he was lucky that he was not right next to the edge like Inu Yasha had been. "You Perverts!" she yelled indignantly rushing behind a bush to change. Once again Sesshoumaru stood and brushed himself off. Damn I'm going to have to get my clothes cleaned more often if things keep going at this rate. He looked over the cliff and realized that dispite her efforts he could see her back quite well from this angle, however not wanting to debase himself further by being put face first in the ground... again, her turned away. But she did have nice skin for a human, aparently flawless save for the wound from where the centipede woman had ripped the shikon no tama. He walked around breifly pondering her beauty, for he appreciated it in all its forms and jumped down beside Kaede and Inu Yasha.

"I know you were looking for a chance at this," she said to the hanyou holding out the shard, she turned to Sesshoumaru, "But what were you doing?"

"He was being a pervert!"

He raised a brow as she came from behind the bush dressed in a miko's garb. Sesshoumaru then looked at his brother who appeared to be struck dumb by her appearance. He turned back to her, "I was asking what my brother was doing. It was simply a matter of timing that I saw you."

He gauged her reaction, she was actually trying to stare him down. By the way she was looking at him one would have never imagined he threatened her life just yesterday. In reality, he realized, she was trying to figure out if that was the truth of the situation, if he was lying or not. Naturally the youkai prince would not back down and so gold and blue pools looked into each other. Hers trying to decifer his intent and his just looking, conveying a message of superiority. "Do I have a reason to lie?" He asked plainly still holding her eye.

A -hmph- and a turn of the head was all she did to answer him. He wondered for a second if she was mimicking him in order to rile him. It was not a good idea, but if she was trying, she was lucky that he was slow to anger.

Kaede took this oppourtunity to try and dispel the tension that had grown from the staring match. "It is necessary that you work together to gather the shikon shards, she can sense them and your powers are necessary."

"I will do no such thing." Sesshoumaru declared.

Kagome grinned, "If you want that rosary off you will."


Kagome's hands found a resting place on her hips as she looked at him with a superior smile, "You help us get the shards and the rosary comes off."

"Fine. I'll help. Now take it off."

Her eyebrows raised, He can't honestly think I'm that stupid, "I'll take it off when we get all the pieces, or when I feel I can trust you not to rip me apart." His eyes on hers he titled his head as if to say 'You've got to be kidding me'.

Before another staring contest could ensue one of the woman from the village approached, something about her sick daughter. Kaede turned to them, "I'm going to go take care of this, all of you..." she stopped herself before asking them to not fight, that was far too much to ask, "...try not to kill each other."

They remained in silence until Kaede was out of sight, "Hey" Inu Yasha said, the first to speak, "Take it off." A smirk tugged at Sesshoumaru's lips as the girl bashed him on the head with a rock. Didn't know he had it in him to be so foward.


"I didn't say get naked! I mean put you're own stupid clothes back on."

"Ohhh... it bugs you 'cause I look like Kikyou, doesn't it?"

"Feh!" He crossed his arms and turned his back to her. Kagome made a decision and gathered her clothes from where they were drying. "Hey where're you goin'?"

"I decided I'm going home," She said plainly. Sesshoumaru huffed, at least this way he would be rid of the girl.... but then he still had the cursed collar around his neck. His eyes narrowed in frustration, Dammit.

Inu Yasha jumped up, "Hey! You can't just leave."

"Watch me, and my name's not 'hey' it's Kagome."

"Dammit, get back here you!"

"'You' is not my name either."

"HEY! YOU!" Inu Yasha growled and jumped infront of her. "At least give me shard before you leave."

She pulled the small pouch out from her robe dangling it right infront of his face. "Oh you mean this?" She paused and looked at the bag then back up at him, "Sit." WHAM! "Sayonara Inu Yasha." She walked away twirling the bag around her finger, until Sesshoumau intercepted her and grabbed her wrist. She looked blankly at his hand on her wirst then up at him.

"Woman before you go take this wretched collar off me."

"Geeze are you two incapable of hearing someone's name?"

"I am perfectly aware of your name, just removed this."

"Let me go."

"Remove it."

"Down." Kagome had assumed he would let go when she said it but instead she was dragged down to her knees and her wrist was between his palm in the ground. She pried her hand out from his and he stared up at her coldly. She smiled at him sweetly and continued her walk, "Sayonara Sesshoumaru," then as an after thought, "...sama."

Sesshoumaru stood and continued with his new ritual of dusting himself off and looked after her with a cold glare. That woman is completely insufferable. His brother came up behind him, "You just gonna let her leave like that?"

"For now? Yes." He then began to strip himself of his clothing, She can't get that far on her own, I'll track her down later.

"What the hell are you doing?"

He looked at his brother as though it were obvious, "I am going to bathe." Inu Yasha threw his arms up in the air and walked away.