It's me before you, a KHR fanfic.

Pairing: AlaudaxTsuna


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Scene 1

"Yamamoto, Gokudera, this is Hibari Alaude. M-M-My boyfriend." Tsuna blushed furiously and looked at the ground shyly.

"Oh? So you're the chihuahua we have been talking about?" Gokudera commented.

"Ah." Tsuna made a faint sound.

Alaude raised his eyebrow. Chihuahua?

"It's nothing!" Tsuna laughed awkwardly. He is not quite sure that Alaude will appreciate being compared to a chihauhua at one point in time...

"Hey look, the queue is growing, let's quickly go over!" Tsuna hastily changed the topic.

Alaude eyed Tsuna suspiciously,

Later in the evening

"Tsuna." Alaude spoke in a commanding tone.

"Yes?" Tsuna looked up innocently from his book.

"What does your friends mean about the chihuahua?" Straight to the point.

"Erm..." Tsuna looked sideways. "It's really nothing!"

Alaude glared at Tsuna.

Tsuna relented and blurted the truth.

"There was no ill feelings involved..." Tsuna defended himself but lost a little power towards the end.

Alaude grabbed Tsuna's wrist.

His eyes well showing his intentions. He really have to let his lover experience his prowess.

"Alaude, I have to go home early or-"

"Aren't you living in a dormitory? They wouldn't know." Alaude stated.

"But!" Tsuna searched his brain desperately for an excuse. "I have an unfinished assignment!"

"You told me it isn't due until 2 weeks later."

"My room-mate will be worried!"

"Kyouya?" Alaude questioned. The possibility that his little brother will worry for anyone is a little low.


Tsuna was speechless. He was really digging his own grave, wasn't he?

"I have class tomorrow, we-"

"I'll be gentle." Alaude went in for the kill and sealed his lips.

It was a rough night.

Scene 2

"Tsuna!" Giotto greeted when he saw his brother open the door.

"Hi nii-san..." Tsuna replied nervously.

Please don't notice them. Please don't notice them. Tsuna chanted in his head.

Tsuna tugged his collars as if to hide something. Unfortunately, that brought attention to his neck.

Giotto did notice them.

"T-That Alaude..." Giotto clenched his fist.

"Nii-san, please..." Tsuna tried to calm his brother down.

At least, my father isn't-

"I'm home!" The door burst open.

It was a little too early for Tsuna to conclude.

Scene 3

"Are you sure you really want that as your boyfriend?" G asked the burnet who he treated as a little brother.

Currently, Tsuna was hanging out with the gang in the Vongola Hideout while waiting for Alaude.

"Br. I never thought I would see the day that Alaude would be attached. And certainly not with someone like you..." Lampo commented. It should be criminal. Lampo thought while eyeing the big brown eyes of Tsuna.

"Maa...Maa...Everyone's happy." Asari said.

"Extreme!" Knuckle shouted out of nowhere.

"Well, not everyone." G said and shifted his glance to someone.

The others following suit.

Sitting silently in the corner, was still a very unwilling and unhappy elder brother.

It was a near miracle that Giotto even agreed to the relationship in the first place.

"Mufufu...Don't worry Giotto, Tsuna will find a better man in the future."

Will there ever be someone who would match up to Giotto's expectations?

The temperature of the room suddenly dropped.

"Alaude!" Tsuna called out awkwardly . What a good timing to show up...

"Daemon Spade..." Alaude menacingly said.

"Haha. You two are family now huh!"


Come to think of it, they will be brother-in-laws...

"Mufufu." Daemon smirked.

"Hello, brother-in-law..."

That was the last straw.

In the end, another string of numbers were added to the group's bills.

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