Dukes of Hazzard: The Next Duke Generation

Welcome the Newest Duke:

With a sad wave, the boys drove out of sight, heading off to a place the others in town had only dreamed of. Thats right, the good old boys of Hazzard County, Bo, Luke, Vance and Coy Duke, were leaving Hazzard and joining the United States Marine Corp to better defend the land they called home.

Daisy turned to her new husband with a sad smile, "I'm gonna miss those boys." she whispers softly. Enos nods as he wraps his arms around her pulling her into a hug, "We all will, Hazzard wont ever be the same without the Duke Boys causing a ruckus."

Uncle Jesse nods in agreement, "well I best be off to the farm, got chores to tend to now that my help has left." He chuckles as he walks to his truck and climbs behind the wheel, giving a wave as he drives off to the Duke Farm.

Even Boss Hogg and Rosco were sad to see the boys go off, after all with out the Duke boys around, who were they going to chase after to get the blame off their own heads?

The Duke Boys look back as they cross the county line, heading to the base where they were to be stationed for awhile before being deployed over seas, each one remembering the fun times they had had on the farm with Uncle Jesse and Daisy.

~~~~~~~5 Months Later~~~~

Daisy and Enos had just gotten back from a Doctors appointment, and were in the process of calling over their friends and family members for the good news when a knock is heard at the door. Enos opens the door "Can I..." his voice trails off as he looks around, a small cry makes him look down at the door step, "Daisy, get Rosco here quick like." He hollers into the house as he bends down and picks up the small baby that was left at their door.

Craddleing the baby against him he turns and walks inside the house, holding the letter that was under the child in one hand, "Daisy i think our little visitor here falls more into your expertise then mine." he says softly as he enters the kitchen were his wife stands.

"What do you mean Enos? What visitor?" Daisy asks as she turns from hanging up the phone. "Enos, where did that child come from?" she asks as she steps over and takes the baby from him, walking over to the table to lay the baby down long enough to check and see if it was a baby boy or baby girl.

"I don't know where the baby came from Daisy, when I opened the door the child was laying on the door step" Enos answers as he comes to stand behind Daisy, "You get everyone called?" he asks softly

"Yes i did, they are all on their way over now, and I'm sure this little lady could use a rest, poor thing looks tired." Daisy answers as she picks the baby back up, swaddling her tightly as she rocks the girl to sleep.

Enos nods as he opens the letter left under the child, reading over the letter in amazement as the door to the kitchen opens and lets in four important people in their lives. Glancing up at the group he hands the letter to Uncle Jesse to read before turning to the other three men, "Well looks like today is full of all sorts of surprises." he comments softly.

"Whatcha mean Enos? Why did Daisy and you call us over here?" Rosco asks laying his hat on the counter nearby.

Daisy laughs softly, "Well originally, was inviting you over to inform you all that in a few months time, Enos and I will be having a baby, Doc Appleby confirmed it today."

Enos nods, "And now apparently we have also gained custody of a baby girl according to the letter I read."

Daisy raises an eyebrow "What do you mean Enos?"

Uncle Jesse looks from the letter to the Baby in Daisy's arms, before holding his arms out, "let me hold the little one Daisy, I'd like to welcome the newest Duke."

Daisy hands the baby over confused, "What do you mean Uncle Jesse?"

Enos holds the letter out to Daisy who takes it to read, "Apparently one of the boys, is a daddy." Enos looks to Boss Hogg as he continues, "And Miss Charity is the mother..."

Boss Hogg sits down in a nearby chair hard, "My little Charity? Shes been away visiting her mothers family the past..." his voice trails off into a whisper "9 months..." Boss Hogg does the math quickly and shakes his head some, "My word... which boy? Does the letter say?" he asks

Uncle Jesse shakes his head some, "no it don't say, but shes a Duke sure enough. Daisy, I want you and Enos to discuss this, having two little ones wont be easy."

Daisy narrows her eyes some, "If that little one is a Duke then she is mine to raise Uncle Jesse, your in no shape to be chasing after a young child."

Jesse nods, "Very well, Daisy, I'd like to introduce you to Dixie Rose Duke, according to the letter"

The Letter:

To Daisy and Enos:

Met your niece, Dixie Rose Duke. Since one of your Duke boys screwed my life up, you get to raise her.

I, Charity LeAnn Hogg, Hereby release my parental custody of Dixie Rose to Daisy Marie Duke-Strate and her husband Enos Strate.


Charity Hogg

**Authors Note: Thanks to DixieDavenport for her review that reminded me of Luke having been a Marine, as well as of the Correct spelling for Enos's last name.