Ch 5: Duke to the Core

A locker door slams, echoing down the hallway of the High School, a young woman stands in front of it reading the news paper articles that had been slipped inside while she was in class. Glancing up Dixie looks around to find her best friends, "Oi, Cooper come here!" she hollers down the hall

Copper jogs over to her with a puzzled look on his face, "What's up Dix?" he asks as he gets closer.

Dixie hands him the articles, "Come on, we got to find Lily and head to the farm now."

Copper scans over the article titles 'Duke Boys coming home' and 'A fight in the making- Custody battle over Dixie Duke' and pales before nodding his head, "let's go, you driving?" he asks as the two of them jog out of the school.

Dixie smirks, "of course im driving, that way we dont get pulled over. There is Lily by the bleaches, go grab her and i'll get the car."

Cooper tosses a salute before taking of across the field as Dixie jogs over to the Mustang her grandpa JD had gotten her for her 18th Birthday. Placing the key in the ignition she revs the engine a few times before pealing out of the stall and over to her friends.

Copper opens the passenger door for Lily to climb into the back before sliding inside himself and slamming it closed, "All set." he simply says to a still smirking Dixie.

Dixie shifts gears and revs the engine, taking off at a higher then normal rate of speed as they leave the school lot and head to the back roads, taking each road they turn down faster then what the law allows yet, with the control that would have made her father and uncles proud.

Lily laughs softly from the backseat as they fly past a Sherriff car, "only you Dixie, can do a fly by and not have them follow you."

Dixie grins and turns over the CB channels, chuckling softly as a voice comes across.

"Deputy Enos here, Dare Devil, you got your ears on?" Her uncle Enos pops up over the channel.

Dixie reaches over to the mic and answers "Dare Devil here Uncle Enos, guessing that was you I passed?"

"10-4, slow your speed down, no need to rush anywhere." Enos answers as he follows at a more sedate speed.

"Is Bo Peep with the Good Shepard?" Dixie asks over the channels

"Yes she is, why whats up kiddo? Speed Demon and Ice Princess with you?" Enos asks inquiring after Lily and Cooper.

"10-4 Uncle and am in route to farm, will explain there. Dare Devil out." Dixie signs off as she pulls onto her path into the Duke Farm and floors it up to the back area of the farm.

As Dixie stops the car and turns off the engine, Daisy and Uncle Jesse come out of the house having heard the engine revving up the back drive.

"Dixie? Whats going on that you had it floored out here?" Uncle Jesse asks, indicating the CB at the farm was indeed on.

Dixie hands them the articles, "Found these in my locker after last period. I could care less about the one but is the other true? Are the boys coming home?" she asks.

Daisy and Uncle Jesse glance at the articles and then at each other, "Honey both the articles are true." Daisy answers, "Im more curious as to who put these in your locker."

Dixie shrugs some, "dont know Aunt Daisy, but I bet shes involved." Dixie comments referring to the woman who gave birth to her, whom she refused to call mother.

Uncle Jesse raising an eyebrow holding back any comments he may have as he thinks to himself, 'I pity Chasity if she did have anything to do with those articles, she is messing with the wrong girl. Dixie is too much of a Duke, too much like her daddy.'

Enos pulls up to the farm and gets out of his patrol car, walking up to the porch he hugs the girls and gives Daisy a kiss before asking, "whats going on Dixie?"

Before Dixie can answer the CB inside the house crackles to life "Crazy Cooter here, Dare Devil, Speed Demon, you around?"

Cooper chuckles and waves Dixie towards Enos as he walks inside to answer his dad "10-4 pops, Speed here, whats up?" he asks across the CB channels.

"Need you and Dare Devil at the shop pronto, we have to get to work on the cars." Cooter answers the question.

"10-4, we will be there soon as we can, Speed Demon out." Cooper sets the CB down and walks back outside, where Dixie and Daisy have brought Enos up to speed.

Enos nods for a moment, "alright, just go to Cooter's and get what you need to do done, i'll radio out later on so you can run an errand for me."

Dixie grins, "alright Uncle Enos, lets go Coop." the two head off the back porch and climb back in the mustang, closing the doors as Dixie revs the engine to life.