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The Hook

baited with hazel

The woman was crouched on the ground, staring at the barrel of her trusty SMG. A filthy, stained white uniform identified her as a lab worker even though her name badge was missing. Rain looked at the pale face with smeared eyeliner and glittery purple eyeshadow. Fear and anger was plainly visible through the mop of sweaty brown hair that curled slightly on her shoulders. A shiny silver necklace graced her throat and she wore sensible, but cute dress shoes with bright blue stitching.

Too bad she fucking reeked of blood and piss. It made Rain's nose wrinkle in disgust. Then, the woman swayed just a bit, enough for the fluorescent lights to reflect off her eyes. For a moment, Rain found herself distracted by brilliant hazel irises. Emerald and gold warred with fresh coffee in those flickering depths. Kaplan spoke and reminded Rain of the rest of the god damned world.

"Rain, what are you doing? She's a survivor."

Sneering, Rain responded. "Kap, the last survivor I encountered tried to eat me." She watched with satisfaction as the crouching woman cringed. Bitch didn't have any right having eyes gorgeous enough to confuse her like that. The woman blinked, and her eyes traveled past the gun to meet Rain's dangerous glare. She raised her arms, hands palm out, in surrender.

"I promise I won't bite." The stupid bitch had some nerve, using that mocking tone of voice. It had Rain's eyebrow moving, the only outward response she allowed. Her trigger finger itched to blow the irritating woman's head apart. Those eyes were too fucking distracting. While her disobedient brain wandered off on a tangent about eyes and souls, the woman had the balls to smile at her. It was a big ass, stupidly cheesy grin. "Unless you want me to." She winked and grinned wider, showing two rows of pearly teeth. Cute dimples formed on her cheeks.

Who the hell winks anymore? Rain silently demanded, getting flustered by those eyes again. The scar that ran from her eyebrow into her hair gave Rain something to focus on. It pulled her away from the hazel traps, standing out in stark contrast to their beauty. Rain busied her mind wondering how she had acquired such a jagged mark.

"I think I'd enjoy biting you." Damn. The Amazon was flirting with her! And Rain was having trouble not liking it a little.

Rain glared at the woman, feeling her lips twitching without her consent. She found her finger sliding off the trigger and her imagination wondering what it would be like to feel those teeth on her skin. A minute grin appeared on her face, and she snorted to clear her thoughts. Giving up on getting to kill the attractive bitch, she lowered her weapon and offered a hand. The woman gripped firmly and used the leverage to pull herself up. Standing, she was at least five inches taller, maybe six. Rain growled to herself, couldn't she catch a fucking break? The white bitch just had to tower over her.

"Bite me and I'll kick your ass." Rain promised the blood spattered woman.

"I'm sure you would," was the amused reply. Hazel eyes traveled away to study the bare control room, yet their image remained firmly planted in Rain's mind. She was such a sucker for pretty eyes. Fuck. And that irritating statement had her mind wandering to the gutter again. Mental gears creaked and stuttered as Rain scrambled for a smart rejoinder.

Luckily, the security operative spoke up. Spence, or some shit. "Who the hell are you?" Bastard was finally useful for something.

"Well, I'm either extremely lucky or just plain fucked. You?" The woman snarked.

That got Spence all wound up. "Why aren't you out there with the rest of your coworkers?"

"Why aren't you?" The woman's smartass reply had Rain's lips twitching again. She could grow to like the crazy Amazon.

Frowning angrily, the muscular man's fists curled. Rain readied herself in case he decided to attack. The fuck? She grit her teeth. Stupid pretty eyes had her going all White Knight and shit.

Spence ground out his next words, "I don't know. What's your excuse?"

The Amazon licked her lips and Rain's eyes tracked its pink movement. She spoke hesitantly. "Like I told Alice, I was proving a dare. Got hammered back in the 'dining hall'." Her fingers made air quotes. "I downed a bottle of Patrón." Rain's eyebrows lifted with surprise. "When I woke up with my hangover, I couldn't get outta that creepy place. My tablet got fried by... a freak electrical discharge. Name's Anise."

Canting her head to the side, Rain wondered at the hesitation in the story. What was the Amazon hiding? The thought occurred to her that this Anise had admitted to being in that freaky place with the cages. How the hell had she avoided the squad's search of the hall? Who was she, and would she put their lives in more danger?

Dammit, she wanted One alive to ask the questions bouncing around her skull. No one else was piping up to demand answers. Rain delayed doing it herself, because well, shit, the Amazon intimidated her. She was cute and sassy, pissed off that Spence moron, and her drinking binge story had tickled Rain's humor. Wanting to be on her good side didn't make her a bad soldier.

Kap was the one that broke the silence. Other than those not dead motherfuckers clawing at the doors. "What's in the bag?"

The Amazon plunged her hands too quickly into the bag. Both soldiers reacted instantly and had their guns back up and trained on her. Dumb bitch, Rain thought. Didn't she know better than to move too quickly around people with guns?

Anise paled, hesitantly drawing out a couple aluminum cans. "Sorry. Anyone thirsty? I have plenty."

Juice. The crazy bitch had a fridge full of juice in her stupid bag. Rain happily snagged an orange juice and plopped her ass on the desk beside the Amazon's chair. She lifted a brow at the surprised expression Anise gave her. While the pathetic little group sipped their juices, the goody two shoes started talking. Matt bitched about how Umbrella was full of bastards trying to take over the world. His sister too, they were gonna bring the multi-billion-dollar corporation to its knees with some bullshit evidence. Some idiot had promised to get it for the sister.

"Why the fuck did we find your lying ass sneaking around the mansion?" Rain interrupted.

"I lost contact with her a few days ago. I was worried, so I decided to sneak into the Hive to find her." Frustrated, he frowned as he spoke. Poor, naïve bastard. Losing family like that had to be hard. Rain was sure she would be freaking out enough to warrant a trip to the funny house. "You aren't going to shoot me for trespassing and stealing company property?"

Rain took a moment to think about it. Kinda was her job to kill him for stealing from Umbrella. A glance at Kap told her that he would follow her lead. He always had. The guy backed her up in tough situations, let her more aggressive nature do the dirty work. Couple years in the Army had proven them a good team. They'd seen some fucked up shit together. Rain didn't like seeing the little guy getting shoved around by bullies. It had gotten her and Kap into some tight situations. This was about the tightest that situations came and it was all Umbrella's fault. That answered that.

"Nah, if we make it out alive you deserve to walk away. I'll even help you blow the lid on this fucked up place." Kap ran a hand through his sweaty hair and smiled grimly at her. Yea, he'd have a hard time getting them out of trouble if she did that.

The Amazon spoke up angrily, asking how they were supposed to get out alive. She helpfully reminded them about the zombies still hungry for their flesh and that there wasn't another exit. Her outburst broke Kap's tender hold on his nerves. He started pacing restlessly, complaining about dying down in this shit hole. Asshole Spence caught on to the time limit, forcing Rain had to admit their remaining time and shockingly, Anise knew about it too. The Amazon was stupidly well informed. Racking her brain, Rain tried to match the name Anise to the employee roster she had poured over before the mission. It didn't fucking match anyone in management, none of the department heads. She wasn't anyone with a lick of importance, so how the fuck did she know so much?

Alice broke into her thoughts, announcing how the Red Queen would know a way out. She had snagged the bag with the AI's shit and was swaying her pert little butt on her way into the AI core room. Plan was to turn the homicidal bitch back on, then threaten her. Great plan. They turned the thing on and a flickery red holographic little girl appeared and scared the crap out of the Amazon. Rain chuckled as the Red Queen greeted Ms. Barrows and got a frosty 'fuck you' back. The computer continued on, making a derisive comment about things not going to plan.

Rain demanded the switch so she could fry the fucking thing herself, yet the bastards around her held her back. She tried swallowing her anger and succeeded mostly. Her finger caressed her trigger guard, eager for something to shoot.

Then they learned about the scary as shit T-virus that had turned all the employees, except one Anise Barrows, into dumb as dirt, cannibalistic zombies. Only way to put the bitches down for good was a bullet in the brain, or remove the whole fucking head. Great. Just fucking fantastic. But, wait.. there's more! The voice of Billy Mays screeched in her head. She made a mental note to beat the shit out of her brothers for making her watch those late-night infomercials on her last visit home.

The best part finally came. Get bitten and you get the grand prize of immortality. The only downside: you're a fucking zombie. Her day just kept getting better. She fiddled with the gauze on her hand, feeling the bite burn and sting, and damn she felt tired. As the motley crew's attention began to focus on her and the Amazon, Rain decided to share the misery. She held up her blood soaked bandage, gesturing to the bloody mess of Anise's hand. "Joined the Royally-Fucked-Club, huh?"

The woman gave her a strange look before flipping her off and returning her gaze to her injury. Her expression was thoughtful, haunted, yet it lacked a certain fear of death by zombiefication. What the hell was with this chica? Anise glanced back up after Umbrella's Red Super Bitch gave them a map and told them how to access the sewers through the floor panels. The determination etched across her features lit up her eyes and made the gold in them glow.

Feeling heat rush to her center, Rain bit her lip. It had been far too long since her last date. She really needed to get laid. Her eyes traveled down the Amazon's curvy body and thought about what she'd look like without the ugly labcoat and shapeless, white lab clothes. She was hooked.