A/N - The last installment in this collection, it completes Rain's story in the Hive. Since everyone keeps wondering when Anise and Rain will be reunited in TFHOP, I thought that I would continue to leave ya'll hanging, and give you this instead :) Have fun!

Damn Poacher

trying to take what was barely her's

Once they were down the hall and had a few locked doors between them, their little group paused for a break. They were at the top of the stairs, looking down to the train platform.

"Anise, you want the ax? I could help Rain." Alice asked the tall woman in the grossly stained lab uniform.

Anise looked down at Rain and smiled, showing all her pearly teeth and flashing those dimples of her's. "Nah, I'd rather wrap my hands around a pretty girl than something's shaft, any day." Kaplan burst out in surprised laughter. His throaty guffaws echoed in the hallway. Annoyed, Rain flipped him off without bothering to look over her shoulder at him.

Crazy woman still had a healthy sense of humor after having spent the last few hours in Hell. Rain wondered what she'd be like under normal circumstances, at a bar with friends and with a few drinks in her. Torn between anger and amusement, Rain settled on a half-hearted glower. "Call me pretty again, and I'll deck you."

That had her squadmate laughing even louder, if that was possible. Dammit, the others had started laughing too. Rain growled to herself. If the Amazon wasn't so incredibly cute, and Rain wasn't so insanely weak, she would have jerked away from Anise's grip. Instead, she sagged tiredly, letting the woman clutch her tightly about the waist. With ease, Anise supported most of her weight as they stumbled down the stairs.

Once they were back in the train, the Amazon gently lowered her to the cold floor. Kaplan ducked into the control room while Matt stood nearby, watching the women. Rain was caught once again by the emerald and gold of Anise's eyes. They showed concern, and behind that, her awesome strength of will. For once, her libido and heart were not arguing. They both wanted the brave, gorgeous, mysterious, and slightly insane woman.

Whatever the hell Anise was trying to feed her smelled like dog food. There was no way that she would ever put that shit in her mouth. Her nose wrinkled and her stomach twisted unhappily.

The woman was kneeling in front of her with some sort of Umbrella-produced Powerbar knockoff in her hands. "Your body is trying to heal itself. It needs the calories."

That didn't mean she would put that crap in her mouth. "Fuck off. I'm not eating that shit."

"Don't make me use my 'drill sergeant voice' again." Anise glared at her with those jewels she called eyes, causing Rain to bite her lip.

The goody two shoes giggled at her. She made a mental note to shove him in a locker when she felt better. "Is that what you did back in the tunnels? How did you know that would work?" Matt asked the taller woman.

"She looked like a soldier. Umbrella's commandos are usually former military." Anise's eyes switched up to look at him, and her shoulders lifted in a shrug. "I had a few friends in college that were ex-military. They told me stories about boot camp." She refocused her gaze on Rain, put the bar against her lips, and resettled her voice into that sexy, compelling, command tone of her's. "Eat, you stubborn bitch."

Rain felt her body react immediately, muscles flexing from the Army's conditioning to obey that particular tone of voice. She once again wondered how the hell the Amazon had developed that special skill if she'd never been in the military. Gritting her teeth, she could not fucking decide if she was more pissed off or turned on that Anise used it so easily on her. Those determined hazel eyes bored into her own, stoutly refusing to back down until Rain gave in and ate the nasty smelling shit. Somehow, Rain couldn't bring herself to argue anymore and did what the Amazon said.

That shit was as foul as it smelled, and she let Anise know it. The tall woman just shrugged it off, taking a bite of the bar and smiling sweetly. A couple of flutters jumbled Rain's stomach at the sight of her pretty smile, making the commando a little light-headed. Anise finally gave a few answers about Afterthought, revealing that her crazy healing ability was a combo of her metabolism having been royally cranked and her T-virus immunity.

Both combined had turned her into fucking Wolverine. She admitted that her research team had mined her for liters of blood every week. The commando guessed it was probably for several years, judging by how well Anise had hauled Rain's sorry ass up to the pipes even as she gushed blood. Somehow, Rain managed to hide her shiver of terror at the idea of being subjected to needles every week for years.

Rain was fed another disgusting bite, and a flash of red caught her attention at the same time the Amazon's head turned toward the open door. Alice had returned to the train, just in time to see Rain being a good obedient bitch. The head of security met her eyes and grinned knowingly. Chomping into the shit in her mouth, Rain irritably flipped her off. Damn her luck, she cursed to herself while Anise's giggles joined with the annoying blonde's.

She swallowed, ready to give Alice a piece of her mind, but the moment she opened her mouth, the protein bar was already there. A full-on death glare leveled at Anise didn't even cause the tall bitch to blink. Anise's lips remained curled up into her joking smile, and her stunning eyes sparkled with mischief. Those twin orbs distracted Rain enough that she barely registered the train lurching into motion, and the discussion about administering the antivirus.

Alice picking up an injector and inspecting the sharp, evil little bastard pulled Rain from her hazel-induced daze. Fuck no. The sharp needle glinted devilishly in the unnatural light of the underground train. Rain found herself muttering about wanting to severely mutilate some Umbrella scientists and what a shame it was that they were already dead. Or undead. Whatever. She'd happily plug some bullets into...

Another piece of bar was placed to her lips and slipped past her teeth by Anise's fingers. Rain began chewing automatically, the burning feel of those pale digits against her lips completely eradicating the raunchy taste of dog food from her mouth. A needle appeared in Alice's hand, bringing the world back into sharp focus for Rain. The former head of security fiddled with the device, inserting a cartridge with brightly colored fluid into it. Adrenaline kick started Rain's breathing, and her heart picked up speed. Alice stood and moved away. Rain's breathing began to calm.

Once again, Anise placed another chunk of food to her lips. Rain found herself opening her mouth without question, relishing in the feel of soft skin grazing her lips for the second time. God, she was turning into such a submissive little twat. This time, a needle made its way into Anise's delicate hands, and she began prepping it. Rain choked down the last of the protein bar and licked her dry lips. Anise's deceptively strong hands prodded at her arm and brought the needle closer.

With a jerk, the commando averted her eyes and focused on the swaying pipes chained to the ceiling. She felt a pinch and then the freakish feeling of cold entering her veins. The feeling traveled up her arm, yet quickly dissipated. Finally, a little good luck.

"Good girl. All done."

The crazy bitch did not just say that!

Anise set aside the needle, still smiling her irritating little grin, and scrounged another freaking juice from her messenger bag. Rain glared at her, clenching her jaw and wishing she could hit something. Or fuck someone. "Can you hold this yourself? Or do I need to help you with this too?"

Baring her teeth, Rain swiped the bottle from the woman that both annoyed the hell out of her and turned her on at the same time. After a few healthy swallows, she sighed happily and closed her eyes. She hadn't realized what a nasty taste she had in the back of her mouth until she took a gulp of orange juice. The OJ washed away the foul grittiness of the protein bar and overpowered the rotten flavor of infection too. Its acidic burn in her mouth had Rain thinking about her family. She wondered what they would think if Rain brought Anise home. "Orange juice makes everything better."

"The great and mighty Rain has admitted to liking something?"

Snorting, Rain felt a true smile bloom on her face. The Amazon didn't have a freakin clue. She ran her sight over the woman, taking in her overly pale features and the freakishly fast healing wounds. "Here. You should drink the rest."

Anise's eyes went wide, and she started to shake her head.

Rain rolled her eyes and pushed the bottle into her hands, curling long fingers around the tasty beverage. "Drink. You've lost a lot of blood too." Eyeing the pretty brunette as she drank the OJ, Rain wondered what Anise would think of her given name.

Christ! The commando mentally slapped herself. She'd never thought about bringing a chick home before, let alone allowing one to use her birth name. Rain couldn't believe the thoughts running through her mind. She hadn't even kissed the woman yet. Damn, but she wanted to kiss her. Her eyes drifted down to the pale woman's slightly chapped lips and back up to those entrancing eyes.

Without truly thinking about what she was doing, Rain was leaning forward. Anise sat perfectly still, and her gorgeous eyes were fixed on Rain's own dull brown. Their lips met so very nicely. Rain didn't force the kiss, merely pressed their lips together. Even so, she felt sweet little tingles zoom down her spine. Heart racing and feeling stupidly nervous, she sat back to see how the Amazon reacted.

Obviously, Rain's sudden display of affection had taken her by surprise, because Anise blankly stared at her for quite some time. Her cute little dimples made their appearance when the Amazon's face finally unfroze and melted into a sexy smile. "Yum."

Rain felt like jumping up and down like an idiot. Yodeling to the world that the crazy Amazon liked the way she tasted was a good idea too. She settled for lounging back and looking like a smug badass. Watching Anise's face settled something in Rain's mind. She really liked being able to make the other woman smile.

Matt coughed overly loud to catch their attention. His soft face held a cheap little grin of its own. Being in a good mood and all, Rain allowed the guy to keep his face in its current arrangement. "Enjoy the show?" She teased him.

"Well..." He started to answer.

But, as usual, some fucked up creation of Umbrella just had to go and ruin their little bubble of sunshine and bunnies. When massive talons ripped into the metal side of the train and tore into Matt's upper arm, causing Anise to protectively jerk them away from the wall, Rain swore that some profit-driven heads would fucking roll after she escaped the Hive.

Damn it all! She had just fucking found a woman that could actually keep up with her. Anise was athletic, devious, beautiful, and had the most gorgeous eyes. The crazy bitch had been running for her life from her undead coworkers, had Rain's gun in her face, had been consistently scared out of her mind, and yet, she still had the balls to flirt with her! Anise also had a fucking hilarious sense of humor and an amazing inner strength that Rain was incredibly awed by.

Top it off with the fact that Rain had only gotten to kiss her once, couldn't wait to do it again, and Rain was more than ready to fight for her. There was no way, in this life or the next, that she was going to let some ugly ass monster take the crazy tall chick away from her now! The fucker was using Anise as a brace to keep itself from falling through the floor access hatch they had opened beneath it. That was all sorts of unacceptable in Rain's book. With Anise's pain-wracked screams pounding into her skull, Rain hauled the pipe above her head and slammed it into the mutant's tongue.

"You can't have her!" She bellowed as she hammered away at the monster.

The power that Rain was able to put into the fight amazed her. After all, she'd been at Death's scary ass door less than an hour ago. Weak as a stuffed teddy bear and almost crazy with pain only started to described how she'd felt. Whatever was in Anise's blood was way better than any energy drink. Gritting her teeth, she put those thoughts aside and kept up her swings at the ugly motherfucker. With brutal pleasure, she pummeled the grotesque tongue until it was swollen and bleeding, and the creature finally let her Amazon go. Its rear end burst into flame on contact with the electrified train tracks. The monster's huge claws dug into the steel floor, trying to pull itself back into the cargo area.

Finally, the goody two shoes really proved to be useful by pounding those clawed arms with a pipe of his own. Rain gratefully took a second to catch her breath before joining his efforts. When they had succeeded in demolishing both paws, and the chilling mutant was dangling by its tongue, Kap punched the button to close the hatch. The doors easily clipped through the fleshy appendage, and the monster disappeared in a screaming ball of flame. Good fucking riddance.

Exhausted, Rain dropped the heavy iron pipe and flopped to her knees beside her favorite hero. The woman's too quickly spreading blood soaked Rain's pants, covering her in even more of Anise's crimson essence. Rain doubted even the strong Amazon could stand to lose much more blood. She placed bloody fingers to Anise's neck, feeling for her pulse. It was weak and fluttery. Biting her lip was the only thing she could do to keep herself from crying at the sight of her hero looking like a bloody corpse.

All too aware of the others' concern and worried gazes, Rain kept her burning eyes on Anise and stroked her pale cheek, willing the other woman to hang on. She felt the train begin to slow. Rain looked up from her study of her hero's too-pale face and met Kap's regard. He nodded at her grimly. The guy could probably read her mind, he knew her so well. Nodding back, she felt minutely better, knowing that her squadmate would have her back and do anything he could to help save Rain's newest obsession.

Picking up Anise was something she did without thinking. At Matt's wide-eyed stare, she did become abruptly aware of how easily she had done it. Despite keeping herself in great shape with lots of exercise and training, carrying a woman as tall as Anise should have been harder. It should have been almost impossible, what with Rain still being weak from infection and injuries. The man tried to say he would carry Anise. No fucking way. "We don't have time to argue. I got her."

Matt opened his mouth.

Angry that he would waste the precious time that Anise probably didn't have, Rain snapped. "Move!"

As soon as the door was opened to the next platform, and the train slowed enough to, Rain hopped out with her burden. The blast doors were already starting to drop down. Clenching her jaw, Rain increased her walk to a jog, determined to see Anise to the surface and safety.

She soon fell behind her companions as they made their way up the stairs. Even the gimping Kap outpaced her. Not that three steps ahead was much. Still, Kap outpacing her was damned pathetic. Her breaths came in heavy puffs as they entered the elevator. Gratefully, Rain leaned back against the wall and looked down to her hero's bloodstained face. She cradled the woman close to her, with Anise's head resting on her chest. The Amazon's likeness to a corpse was beyond disconcerting.

Alice reached over and tested the bleeding woman's pulse. "She's still alive. Amazing."

"Woman's a raging freak." Rain muttered, relief flashing through her. The damn Amazon was a pinnacle of strength, and Rain had never wanted anyone more in her life. The elevator stopped and they charged through the hall full of shattered glass, where the squad had entered the Mansion so long ago. One, JD... Rain angrily bit her lip to be rid of those thoughts. Once she saved Anise, then she could wallow in grief, or plan sweet revenge on Umbrella. "Gotta get her to a hospital, or even her mutant powers won't keep her breathing."

Matt's face pulled into a silly grin. "Mutant powers? You a closet sci-fi nerd?"

Rain growled and resettled Anise's weight. "When we get outta here, I'm going to rearrange your face."

The guy started to reply, but pain twisted his features and he clutched at his wounded arm.

"Matt?" Alice's eyes lit up in concern, and she reached toward him. Her fingers stalled a few inches from him when little things squirmed underneath his skin.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. What the hell is that?" Kap squawked.

Fear plainly written across his face, Matt fell to his knees, groaning and staring at his arm.

Without any further words, Alice opened the case with the antivirus and prepped a needle. Rain looked away, and into Kap's equally frightened face. Her squadmate nodded at her and spoke to Alice. "We can't wait for you two. The woman needs surgery."

The blonde nodded absently, so Rain started moving to the door again. Kap hobbled ahead of her, and just as he reached out to grab the door handle, the giant wooden door flew inward. Bright white light and assholes in white hazard suits streamed in. Why couldn't anything be fucking simple anymore? Rain fought like hell to keep Anise from being taken. It was pointless and painful for all involved, especially that guy whose knee she shattered with a well-placed kick. And that other idiot that earned several broken ribs. And that guy that she... Rain lost count of how many broken bones and ripped ligaments she dolled out.

More and more white suited bastards poured into the Mansion. For every one that Rain or Alice or even gimpy Kap took out, three more took their place. The last thing Rain really knew was that she was screaming the Amazon's name as the tall woman was strapped to a gurney. Something pricked the commando in the neck, and she flopped to the floor like a dead fish.