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Mo and Glitch shared the perfect love story-until MacCoy intervened. Glitch left Mo behind and vanished, with the world believing he was lost forever. But then destiny took surprising turns: with and Glitch's older brother threatening Mo's safety, Glitch knew he couldn't stand by.

But saving his beloved Princess came at a heavy price.

Once the agents reappeared, the Princess flew out of MacCoy's arms with a gasp. "What's up?" he asked breathlessly, eyes scorched by tears. He tugged on Lima's chest, eyes pleading for relief. He was very much like a heartbroken animal, yearning for the safety of his mate.

But Lima shook her head, eyes filled a mother's tenderness. "He sent us back with messages," she said softly, gripping the Alomar's hands. She peered into his wide, tearful brown eyes, then looked to the other dancers.

"Angel, Aubrey...T and Taye, Bodie and Emilia...he wants you all to know that...he loves you, very, very much. MacCoy, he...he said that...if he doesn't come out of this, he wants you to take better care of his Princess."

"As for you, Your Highness," Rasa jumped in, none too comfortable with the fresh flow of tears. "He wants you to know he's sorry. Sorry for making you cry."

Glitch was determined to secure Momo's freedom, at any cost. Even at the cost of his life.

So Sen had poisoned him. Cyanide was flowing freely through his veins, shredding his insides. Back in his Prep Room, he could do nothing but loathe his own helplessness. He hated how his brother's foul play was affecting him, not because of a botched family reunion, but because of Mo. He had to last long enough to keep Mo safe. Despite the violent, bloody coughing, his burning lungs and piercing nausea, he had to keep strong focus on the duel's second half.

He wouldn't accept doing otherwise.

The 11th Course-Awakening

The last thing he remembered was being enshrouded in pain, lungs clogged with fire.

Life was at its end. He had taken his final steps on the dance floor, rushing to save Princess Mo Brea from all that was evil. Desperately hoping to keep Mo out of Tan's hands, more than he wanted to draw oxygen into his lungs. Defeating his brother, the brother from a long-forgotten past, was a task he wanted to complete at any cost. But then-

Life flew out of his lungs, carrying him away from Mo and the others.

But then air pierced his lungs with white-hot viciousness. Frantic, tearful voices, Mo's included, sprang from clouded reality and battered his ears. His eyes fluttered open, struggling to make sense of what had happened. Was he in Heaven? Would've made sense, considering Mo was at his bedside, but there weren't hospital beds or wires in Heaven. And Mo-

The Princess wasn't dead. Glitch fought to keep him away from all things dark and destructive.

Somehow, he managed to spring back to life. Some sort of elixir, which must've been the antidote Sen had, soared through his veins. He was brought back into a rain-soaked world, surrounded by tearful friends. Surrounded by the family that loved him, and drowning in the love from fans all across the globe.

Emilia, who had just declared Glitch her child, hugged him and never wanted to let go. The others followed suit, crying, breathless, immeasurably relieved over their hero coming back to life. Fans, as proven by his room's television and Aubrey's phone, were cheering at the top of their lungs. Overjoyed not only at Glitch's apparent victory, but over his recovery.

He showered them all in tears too, falling in love with each of them all over again. Bodie, Emilia, MacCoy, Angel-all of them were enchanting, wonderful creatures he couldn't live without. The DCI agents, responsible for setting him on his destined path, were just as precious.

When they withdrew from his hospital room, and left Mo behind, there was only silence.

In just a short time, Glitch had actually become much older than numbers made him out to be. He came to terms with reality, confronted reality and raced towards what he wanted: Mo. Despite being overwhelmed by his brother's sudden appearance, and the poison threatening to kill him, Saeng never stopped moving forward. He was determined to claim the world's most beautiful, priceless treasure: the Brea's heart.

And he did just that, proven by their silent embrace.

Mo, breathless from emotion moments before, was calm. Dry eyed and peaceful, with a smile that illuminated Glitch's soul a thousand times over. He drew his sixteen year old protege into his arms, feeling as if they had been separated for years. The Brea couldn't bear another moment without his other half in his arms; it was a fact of life, a problem that would've killed him if something else tore them apart.

Glitch was also silent, thinking how his every step had led him where he was meant to be. He caressed Mo's back, telling him 'I love you' without words.

While the world erupted in celebration, they remained silent, breathing in each other's scent and presence. Falling in love with each other all over again.

Saeng knew nothing of his brother's whereabouts. He knew discovering Sen would hit him hard later, as the older dancer was the only blood family left alive. And why was he on Tan's team?

That too was unknown. But one thing was clear.

Never again would Glitch leave the one he loved.