Tseng: *just sits there at a table*-blink blink-
Hika-chan: Well?
Tseng: Well what?
Hika-chan: Say the disclaimer dammit!
Tseng: Oh I'm sorry, I thought I was on my coffee break. (It's been a while since this has been updated.)
Hika-chan: Then where's your coffee?(could you please not mention the update thing?)
Tseng: You're not the waitress?
Hika-chan: *glare* no.
Tseng: *shrugs* anyway Final Fantasy still does not belong to HC and I'm sure you know that very well.
Hika-chan: But of course they will belong to me after tonight!
Tseng: Why? What are you going to do tonight?
Hika-chan: The same thing I do every night Tsengy plot to take over the world! ...Then get to lazy to go through with it.
Tseng: -Blink Blink-
Beautiful Nightmare
An FF7 Fanfic by Hika-chan
Chapter 11: Reunions

They sat around the dining room table, Elena still hard at work with the JENOVA files, Reno sat on one side of her with Ralena next to him, Vincent and Yuffie served as the buffer on Elena's other side. Cloud, along with a few other members of AVALANCHE had never truly come to completely trust the Turks, or at the least didn't like them very much. Cloud, Tifa, Cid and Red XIII had all come, though the beast was not at the table with them and was playing with Sephiroth. Unlike a good deal of people Red was quite fond of the him dispite the boy's.. heritage.

On one side of the room there were three boxes of papers, "That's what seemed like the most relevant information," Cloud said, "There are a few more boxes on the Highwind but If you really need us to we can go back and get more we can, but you know there's a whole library of stuff down there."

"Literally," Ralena muttered. "Hopefully we won't need it, we found alot of the files backed up on CD, Elena's been going through them since this morning."

The female turk nudged Reno beneath the table and he made like he was peaking over her shoulder to the screen out of curiosity. She had opened a writing program and it were the words "Where's Rufus?" Reno shrugged, acting like it was because he didn't know what he was looking on the screen. Elena typed more, "Should we try to intercept? Keep him from running into the rest of AVALANCHE?"

Just then there was a sound as the back door opened and closed. "Sorry it took me so long to get back, I completely lost track of-" Rufus stopped as he saw a good portion of AVALANCHE sitting around the dining room table."...time."

"Holy shit."

Cloud looked up at Cid's curse, immediately standing and grabbing for his sword. Which of course resulted in Reno drawing his electro rod and Elena pulling a gun. Ralena remained seated her head in one of her hands and sipped her drink she looked over at Vincent as if to say "You wanna handle this?" Vincent sighed and stood, "Everyone put your weapons down." Elena was the first to comply, sitting back down at her laptop, Reno was next though he did not sit and remained on guard.

Seeing that Ralena was obviously not surprised by his presence AVALANCHE relaxed. "Shit Ralena," Cid muttered, taking his seat, "You take in just about anybody don't you?"

The empath smiled, "You could say that. Being an empath tends to make one more sympathetic."

Tifa smiled at the half joke, "You got any other surprises for us Ralena? Heidegger perhaps or maybe Scarlet?" Reno and Rufus visibly shuddered at the mention of the woman's name. "Did I say something wrong?"

Rufus turned to his friend, "Please tell me she's not around anymore."

Reno shrugged, "I haven't seen her and I hope I never do!"

"Excuse me," Cloud interrupted, "But we have more important things to talk about."

Reno turned to Rufus and grinned, nothing like pissing off AVALANCHE members to lighten up your day. "Like what? How much hairspray it takes to keep your hair up like that?" Seeing where this was going already, Elena picked up her laptop and disks and went into the other room incase things got violent.

Rufus smirked back. "Maybe he's talking about getting a larger sword to compensate for something?"

The red head looked at Rufus questioningly, "Ya think?" Cloud stood picking up his sword again, this time neither of the ex-ShinRa men seemed to react. Reno eyes him as though trying to read his mind, "You know, it probably has something to do with him not really having ever been in SOLDIER."

Ralena sighed into her hands.

"That's right, he never did make it did he?"

"Whether I did or not I kicked your ass."

"No..." Rufus corrected, "You and two of your other little buddies did."

Reno tsked and shook his head, "Honestly I thought he could at least count that high."

Tifa, figuring out this was all just a game to the two, followed Ralena's lead. Cloud was getting angry and she just didn't feel like dealing with it today. "Hey Ralena?"


"Got any ideas as to how we can avoid the headache that will arrive?" She asked while the verbal beating of Cloud continued in the background. Ralena smiled and left the room, an idea obviously having formed. When she returned the events had degenerated to name calling.


"Only according to some, Porcupine head," Reno mocked.


"And proud of it Can Opener."


"Say now that I think about it what was with that Rainbow Sword of yours?"


"Yeah sis?"

He turned seeing her toss some car keys to Vincent, "Vincent could you be a dear and take the guys out for a drink?" she glanced at her brother as his eyes lit up, before muttering, "...or ten."

Vincent raised a brow, "You want me to take all of them to a bar... together?"

She grinned, "Yeah that way if they get into a fight I don't have to put up with it. And they'll get to enjoy the accomidations in jail so I can sleep peacefully."

"SHOTGUN!" Reno yelled and ran out towards Elena's car.

The others seemed to shrug in agreement and headed out the door. "Is it necessary I go with them?" Vincent asked.

"You're they only one Elena trusts with her car... that and I know you won't crash it." She gave him a peck on the cheek as if to show her trust. Vincent nodded and headed out the door.

Fortunately none of the guys caused a barfight that night. When things began to get a bit heated between Cloud and Rufus, Reno suggested a drinking match between the two and immediately ordered a bottle of Tequela for it. Even though Cloud won it seemed as though he was only two shots away from a meeting between him and the floor himself. It wasn't till around two a.m. that Vincent returned, dragging Rufus into his room, and reminding Reno where his was as it looked like he was about to sleep in the bathtub. Fortunately Cid remained sober enough (though not by much) to remember where he was staying and help Cloud.


He had finally made it. The interior of the crater made his travel dangerous in itself, if he had not had an Enemy Away materia then he knew he would never have made it this far. He searched the ground beneath him looking for anything, he pulled the vial out of his pocket and looked at it. Then he felt it, a light pulling in his hand. The vial or the blood within was trying to get somewhere. He followed it until he came upon a small peice of blue-gray flesh.

He opened the vial and the blood all but jumped out of it's container onto the mere handful of what remained of JENOVA. A slow conciousness began to form, the cells began to digest and process all the information they had as they came back to life, becoming more active once again. Where am I? Ahh yes, the crater. Damn those human vermin! The flesh twitched in agitation.

"Yes...it's alive," the scientist breathed, "It's really responding!"

-hmph- and whose this? Another fool who doesn't realize what he's doing. At least he has been of some use to me.

The man knelt down and went to pick up the writhing piece of flesh. It twitched slightly, then burst up landing on his forehead. "What the-" his curiosity was cut off by pain as the small being on his face began to bore into his forehead. His screams echoed throughout the crater as spidery viens dug through his skull, entraping and controlling his brain.

"Ahh much better," he said, flexing his arms and turning his head. "I'll have to manage with this body until I regenerate." JENOVA stood, a bit shakey at first before quickly regaining her balance. She sighed and looked up, she would actually have to climb out? How quaint.

Sunlight spread over the glacier as JENOVA finally got out of the pit. Crossing over the lip of the crater she skidded down the side.

About an hour after crossing the glacier she stopped, sensing part of her nearby. JENOVA turned to see what appeared to be a young woman, horribly underdressed for such weather. She stood before the possessed man, only in a body suit, the cold having no effect on her whatsoever. Her long black hair blew in the wind and she grinned at the alien before her. "Hello... mother."


"Ohh my head," was a thought that hit quite a few men as they rolled out of bed that morning (and in a few cases fell out). Rufus and Cloud would similarly spent some time "woshipping the porcelin god" as Reno so delicately put it, as a consequence for their little competition the night before.

But as it was two people were a litte to busy to notice. "Oh god," Ralena whispered.

"What's wrong?" Vincent asked rolling over to look at her.

"It's JENOVA."


"I can feel her ever so slightly in the back of my head. She's not dead... at least not anymore." Before she could say anymore he drew her into his arms holding her tightly, doing his best to comfort her. But he himself could not let go of the gnawing in his stomach.


Downstairs there was a knock at the door and Elena, who was sober, awake, and downstairs was the only one to hear it. Taking her coffee cup with her she answered the door. "Oh hey Rude."

"Reno awake yet?"

Elena glanced at the clock, "Not bloody likely."

He walked in Elena leading him into the kitchen, after about ten minutes they were joined by Seohiroth and Red, then Yuffie. Another ten minutes after that Ralena and Vincent came down. "Rude? What are you doing here?" the red head didn't even hesitate to ask.

"Reno called me and asked me to check something out at the hospital."

"The hospital? Why?" Ralena was throughly confused.

Rude dropped a file on the table, "When he found out, he suspected that someone stole your blood sample. He asked me to see if anyone took an unexpected holiday."

Vincent picked up the file and examined it, "One of Hojo's old assitants..." Ralena shot a hand up to her head and grabbed onto the nearest thing, which happened to be Vincent. He helped her sit down.

"Another dizzy spell?" Yuffie asked.

"Dammit, can't those stupid bastards ever leave well enough alone!?" She muttered before clutching her stomach. "-nnngh-" The empath gritted her teeth and tried to stand, "I need to go lay down..." She doubled over, Vincent wasted no time in picking her up and carrying her back upstairs.


JENOVA looked over at the woman before her, "And who are you?"

"The name's Ferra," she smiled, "I know I'm not your biological daughter... I don't even know if that's possible. But with a dead body and a little bit of you and some other stuff Hojo made me."

"Hojo," JENOVA hissed the name, while the scientist had given her a means to take this world she dispised him for keeping her locked up in some tube for decades.

"But as it is poor daddy's dead, long gone thanks to AVALANCHE. But I'm not here to talk about such things." Ferra felt an idea push itself into her head. She gave a mock gasp, "Bad mommy, trying to take me over like that. -tsk tsk tsk- Honestly don't you trust me?"


"Smart lady." JENOVA barely caught the movement, in less than an instant Ferra stood not one foot from her in her borrowed body. "It's time to come out mummy, we're going to have a little reunion of sorts." Ferra reached up a delicate hand and touched the spot on the scientists forehead where what was JENOVA was visible. Then the some of the colored markings on her back pulled off wrapping around the man's body, pulling it closer. As they touched they began to slowly meld together. Apparently the whole ordeal was quite painful to JENOVA as she screamed out in pain and protest. Ferra's head was tilted back in ecstacy as she laughed, when all that was once JENOVA and some scientist were gone, only Ferra stood, "Hmmmm... yummy scientist you had there, mommy."


Back in Kalm Ralena's scream echoed throughout the house, alarming even those who were emmersed in their hangovers enough to make them forget about their own pain. Her blood felt like it was on fire as the alien cells reacted painfully to events half a world away. She tightly rolled up into a fetal position, grasping her stomach where most of the pained cells were concentrated. Yuffie was the first to open the door, finding Vincent pulling his fiancee' into his arms. They watched as Ralena tried to breath through the pain and let out small cries. Sephiroth peaked in, "'Lena?"

Vincent looked up at the child's voice, then back up at the ninja, "Yuffie, take Seph outside please." She nodded and wasted no time leading the child out passed the small crowd by the door. After a few minutes she seemed to calm and at Vincent's urged their friends dispersed, several going to the piles of papers that were waiting downstairs to see what they could do.

"Oh my poor baby," she moaned quietly, "Don't worry baby.. you'll be ok. I promise." As it was Vincent was not even sure she knew he was there, but he needed to hold her now, almost as much as she needed it.

Tifa came in quietly putting down a tray with some juice on it, and offered a reassuring look to Vincent. She knelt down beside the bed and took one of Ralena's hands, "Don't worry Ralena, we'll get you through this. You know all of us are here for you." She stood and cast one last glance at the pair. "Call me if you need anything," She whispered and walked out the door.

Outside Reno was leaned against the wall next to the door. Tifa just smiled weakly at the worried brother and continued on her way. "Should we take her to the hospital?" He heard Elena ask from downstairs.

"Why? It's not like they would know what to do."

"Well it looks to me like they would know better than us. I mean look at all the information we got and we're still getting nowhere."

"We'll find it," Cid muttered, "Just shut up and keep looking." -----------------------------------------------
Hika-chan: Okie day sped things up a bit.. well not really it's just that stuff finally happened... Is Tequela drunk in shots?
Vincent: *glares at her*
Hika-chan: *feels his eyes on her and turns around* -eep- What?
Vincent: *Continues Glaring*...
Hika-chan: Ummm... you want to shoot something don't you?
Vincent: *slow nod*...
Hika-chan: And it's either Hojo or something small and chibi-like isn't it?
Vincent: *narrows eyes*...
Hika-chan: *sweatdrops and laughes nervously* ^_^' eh heh heh heh, I'm uhhh gonna go... *Scurries off*
Vincent: *grins*