Chapter 14

"Alright, I guess we're ready to go," Mae said. "Actually, how about we all change into our warrior outfits?"

"Sounds good," I replied, and everyone else agreed.

Of the girls' outfits, I think Mae's was the coolest. It looked like something one of the characters from "Shugo Chara" would wear (that's an anime series that Delilah was currently obsessed with. I never read it so don't laugh at me! She just drew pictures of them all the time and would show them to me!).

Mae wore a pink strapless top and a really frilly skirt. Her legs were wrapped in ribbons, and there was a giant bow on her back. She had gloves on that didn't cover the tips of her fingers, and she carried a sword with a heart at the top of its handle. She also wore a necklace with a key in the shape of a diamond.

After we had all transformed, everyone, one by one, leaped out the entrance of the tree house. Mae was first out, then me, then Chris, then Sabrina, then Justin, and then last came Julie. We all soared up into the night sky, and then we all fell into line behind Mae.

Flying was so much fun. It was the thing that every kid thinks about at least once in their life, and now I could understand why: feeling the wind in my face, the almost weightlessness and the knowledge that practically no one else could do this, it felt great!

After a little while, we all started moving around, which Mae said we could do. She even joined in. I was having such a blast! "Woohoo!" I shouted as I spun around in the air. Chris laughed, and we both started wrestling.

We bumped into Sabrina. We froze. I gulped, and waited for the yell or a punch.

However, Sabrina laughed and shoved both of us. I took my chances and shoved her back. Pretty soon, all three of us were messing around.

We all ran out of breath eventually. I looked up at Sabrina, who was still laughing. "She's changed," I thought. It seemed like the name "bully" became "buddy".

We kept flying. All of us started trying tricks in the air, like flipping and spinning and stuff like that. Julie and Sabrina held hands and spun super-fast, laughing like crazy when they got out of control and smacked into the rest of us, causing all of us to scatter.

I caught up with Mae and talked with her for a while. I asked her what it was like in Maylonica.

"Oh, it's beautiful there. It's anything a kid could dream of. You can do practically whatever you want, anytime," she explained happily.

"Really? I can't wait! So, are you well known there, or are you just one of the others?" I asked curiously.

"Well, actually, I'm their princess."

"What?" I gasped.

"Bucky, you've gotta stop doing that; I know you heard me. Anyway, my real parents' names are Phantotigon and Mellionyne, and they are the King and Queen of Maylonica. When my mother, Mellionyne, had me, they decided to name me after the land they ruled. When I was sent down to Earth, as a child, to find more warriors like you guys, my name was shortened to Mae, in order to cover up my true identity."

"Kind of like a spy, right?" I joked a bit.

"Uhh…sort of. Not long ago, Shape-Shifter kidnapped my parents and managed to wipe out most of my memory of them; plus, since I was only 4 when I came down here, I didn't have much I could remember anyway. But now, because of Shape-Shifter, I find it impossible to remember what my parents looked like, let alone where they've been taken. I've been searching for three years now with no success," Mae sighed.

Fearing I might say something wrong, I didn't try to respond.

We flew for a little while in complete silence. The urge to say something finally got the better of me. "Look, I'm really sorry about what happened to your parents. I will do anything to help you find them…I promise."

She raised an eyebrow at that.

"And when I promise something, I never, ever, break that promise…" and after a short silence I added quietly, "…ever."

"Alright then, Rapunzel," Mae laughed, picking up on my completely unoriginal line.

We both got a good laugh out of that.

"What's so funny?" Sabrina asked in a sing-song voice as she flew up to us and squirmed her way between me and Mae.

"Oh, nothing," I smirked.

"Oh, come on," Sabrina groaned and shoved me with fake anger. I laughed again, and we resumed the wrestling from before.

We were having a lot of fun, until a hand grabbed onto my collar, and I saw another grasp Sabrina's arm. Mae and Julie quickly pulled us up.

"Didn't notice that you were falling, did you?" Julie said, folding her arms as she floated up-right in mid-air.

I had completely forgotten that we were flying, not just messing around on the ground.

Justin and Chris met up with us, and once again we all flew as a group, talking, laughing, and occasionally shoving, but this time more concentrated on where were going.

I had no idea how much longer we would be flying. It seemed to be taking forever. Then again, it felt that way anytime I travelled anywhere.

After a few more hours, Mae stopped flying, and simply floated in mid-air. We did the same. I floated over to Mae and whispered, "What is it?"

"We're here," she muttered back.

…And that was just the start of the long preparations for the great battle to come.

To be Continued…