They had not known each other long, Kate and Ziva; and ever since the day they met Kate found her to be the most mysterious woman on earth. For only three months they have known each other. The liaison officer was quite a flirt, if Kate had to say so herself. Yet she would only flirt with her, or was she? Was this really just Kate imagining things? Or was Ziva coming onto her? Kate did not know and she did not dare question it, or even bring it up for that matter. She just silently wondered what was going through that head of hers.

It was a Friday afternoon that day and Kate was sitting at her desk. She looked across the squad room to see Ziva sitting at her own desk, looking down at paper work on her desk. Her eyes slowly panned upwards, meeting with Kate's.

"Yes?" Ziva asked, setting down her pencil.

Snapping herself out of it, she shook her head.

"Uh, um, ah, nothing." Kate managed to say before turning back to her computer.

Ziva narrowed her eyes at Kate, analyzing her for a moment. She knew something was up, just by her demeanor. It was fairly obvious to the Israeli, who had been trained to detect these things. Slowly, she stood from her desk and sauntered over to Kate's desk. She perched herself on the corner of it, looking down at the woman. Kate allowed her eyes to drift upward, until they landed on Ziva's almost black orbs.

"Can I help you, Officer David?" Kate asked, turning towards her entirely.

"Perhaps." Ziva replied quizzically.

This intrigued Kate in ways that she could not explain. She crossed her arms and scrutinized the woman before her. She too had been trained to study people, read them. Yet Ziva was a woman that not even Caitlin Todd could crack. What was going through her mind? Why was she doing all these things? She still did not know the answers to these questions. And she may never know.

Kate stood up and moved in front of Ziva. She looked right into the mocha orbs, occasionally glancing around. No one else was in the bull pen at that very moment yet there were other agents in the others.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kate whispered to Ziva, sounding intrigued and infuriated at the same time.

"Easy, Caitlin." Ziva teased. "You shall find out, all in due time."

With that, Ziva stood up and walked back to her desk.