Beyond the Holiday Adventure: Staying Put

This is a science fiction AU crossover of NCIS and Magnificent Seven. This story will be mainly written from the point of view of NCIS, though. I do not own NCIS, Magnificent Seven, or Doctor Who, any products associated with any show or any movie or TV reference of any kind or any other character or star. No money has been made on any of these writings. No copyright infringement is intended.

This is #7 in the Holiday Adventure series. If you haven't read A Holiday Adventure, A Holiday Adventure Continues, Beyond the Holiday Adventure: Still Here!, Beyond the Holiday Adventure: The Weddings, Beyond the Holiday Adventure: Adjustments or Beyond the Holiday Adventure: Decisions, you may want to read those before this one.

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Warning: There will be discipline in the form of spankings and groundings in this story. It all depends on how the "kids" (and sometimes the wives) behave and we all know that they have a tendency to get into trouble. Also, there has been a minor child added into the family that will be disciplined in the same way when needed.

Chapter 1

Warning: Talk of discipline and one swat.

The family waved and then entered the ranch house, embarking on new adventures to come and knowing that if or when ready, they could go home to 2011.

While working in his workshop one day Gibbs thought, "Everything is back to normal now. That is, whatever normal is when my family has gone back in time to the old west and has chosen to stay put a while longer." He chuckled and thought, "Who knows what's normal when my family is relying on a Time Lord to get us home when ready."

He smirked when he remembered the conversation he had with his family before they decided for sure to stay a while longer. "Do you understand that the rules will not change if we stay? I still expect you to keep a low profile while we are here. I also expect you to stay out of danger. I want to return all of us back to 2011." They had all agreed to continue with his rules.

One morning, at breakfast, Gibbs brought the family together for an announcement. He and Jenny had discussed the fact that he wanted to take each kid on a short adventure. He wanted to spend time with them individually. He also wanted true father/child time with each of them. Gibbs realized that when they decided to go back to 2011, they'd get busy again. He wanted to take advantage of the more casual times together. Jenny was in full agreement with him. She and Gibbs knew that Ziva, Tim and Tony had a hard past with their dads. Abby and Jimmy were the only ones with decent relationships, but they missed their dads and would be happy to spend time with Gibbs. He had always been honored to have been adopted as the kids' dad and would always be there for them.

"Mom and I talked and I have decided to take each of you individually on a small camping trip to spend time with you. I know that once we decide to go back to 2011 life will get busy again. I will be taking Ziva with me first. We leave first thing tomorrow morning." Gibbs said with confidence.

The kids excitedly accepted the idea of alone time with Dad.

"Dad?" Ziva began.

"Yes Ziver. You may wear your trousers throughout the trip." Gibbs knew his kids so well.

"Thanks Dad." Ziva said giving her dad a kiss on the cheek.

No one was surprised when Gibbs reminded them to behave when it was their turn to go on the trip. He also reminded the ones who stayed behind to behave or they'd answer to him on his return.

The next morning Ziva and Gibbs were on their way for an overnight trip. Along the way, Ziva talked about the fact that she still wanted to go on a tracking trip with Vin. They discussed the fact that Tony would probably be the one to go as her chaperone.

Ziva wanted to protest about the chaperone, but knew that if she did she would not be allowed to go on the trip. She knew that there was no fighting her dad when his mind was made up. He was determined to follow the rules from this time period. Young, single women did not go anywhere with a man if they were not chaperoned. She wanted to protest, but something in her also wanted to scream for joy at the fact that she did not have to be alone in protecting herself anymore. Although the protection came with a price to her backside at times, she knew that she was not alone and the heavy burdens were not hers to carry alone anymore. That knowledge was worth any independence she had to give up.

Once they reached their destination for the night, the father/daughter team set up camp. They sat by the fire and talked about Ziva's past.

"You know I don't have a good relationship with my biological father. He wanted a soldier and I wanted a daddy." Ziva said with a tear in her eye. It was unusual for her to allow anyone to know what was on her heart, but she felt safe with her dad and knew she would not be judged.

Gibbs pulled Ziva into his arms and said, "I know I'm not your biological dad, but I could not imagine life without you as my daughter. I have adopted you. Adoption means I chose you. I wish you would not have gone through that with Eli, but I am here now and I will never treat you like that."

"Oh, Dad you have proven that you won't treat me like Eli in more ways than one. You have proven that you will protect me at all costs. The one thing that is not protected under your care, though, is my backside." Ziva said with a shy smile.

"Well Ziver, love hurts sometimes."

They both chuckled at Gibbs' effort at making a joke.

"All joking aside, if protecting you means I have to turn you over my knee for a good old-fashioned spanking every once in a while, I'll do what I have to." Gibbs said with a kiss to the top of Ziva's head. "It only proves how much I love you."

"Yes and you love me a lot." Ziva laughed. "Thanks for letting me wear my trousers."

"You are welcome." Gibbs said with a small smile.

Gibbs and Ziva enjoyed the night air and the stars a while longer. There was no need to do anything else. It was wonderful to just spend time together and enjoy one another's company. They talked more and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning Gibbs woke suddenly to the smell of coffee and bacon.

"I just thought I'd thank you for a wonderful, peaceful and enjoyable trip by cooking you some breakfast." Ziva said with a happy smile. "You have made me feel so special. This alone time with you has made this whole adventure that much more worthwhile."

"Come here Ziver." Gibbs said holding his arms out. He gave Ziva a big hug and said, "I wouldn't have had it any other way."

They ate breakfast and began packing up for the journey home.

Meanwhile, at the ranch, Billy and Tony were working to take care of the horses. Because Billy was doing extra chores for Gibbs, he had become very close to Tony. Tony was the big brother Billy would have loved to have. He followed Tony everywhere. He wanted to impress Tony. In his excitement, he forgot for a moment that he wasn't supposed to go near the corral. Gibbs had gotten another stallion. This one was broken, but it was still a good rule to never go into the corral alone. Billy decided to show Tony that he could walk the top rail of the corral fence. Everyone knew that the rail was too high off the ground, even Billy.

"Tony! Tony! Look!" Billy called excitedly.

"What Buddy?" Tony asked while turning to see Billy on the top rail. "No, Billy!"

Billy had just made it to his feet on the top rail when he was startled at Tony scolding him. Billy fell over into the corral. There happened to be a small pile of hay where Billy fell. Tony rushed over to retrieve Billy and was thankful he did not get hurt. In the excitement, Tony gave Billy a sharp swat to the backside.

Billy was more hurt at Tony's reaction than from falling over into the corral. The swat did not hurt too badly, but the fact that one of his idols swatted him hurt Billy's pride.

Tony saw the reaction and said, "You scared me. I thought I'd have to pick you up with broken bones. Don't ever do that again."

"You swatted me. I thought you were my friend." Billy said with a pout.

"I am still your friend and big 'brother' who will protect you even if that means I have to swat you. Just be glad it wasn't Uncle Gibbs that saw that." Tony said knowingly. Tony was starting to understand more and more why Gibbs disciplined them the way he did.

Realization came upon Billy and he asked wide-eyed, "Tony? You won't tell Uncle Gibbs will you?"

"I won't this time Buddy." Tony said with dread. Somehow, Gibbs always knew and Tony realized that he'd be in as much trouble as Billy for not telling. "It will be our little secret as long as you never do it again.

"I promise Tony. I promise." Billy said eagerly.

At that moment, Gibbs and Ziva returned from their excursion.

Gibbs immediately knew that the two young men standing in front of him were guilty of something. He asked, "Anything happened that I should know about?"

Tony thought, "Man, he knows! He always knows."

"Everything is fine Dad." Tony said as confidently as possible. He had promised Billy and he would keep his promise.

Gibbs looked at Billy and saw guilt. Gibbs was a highly qualified interrogator and could tell immediately that they were keeping something from him. "Uh huh." Gibbs said.

That is when Tony knew this conversation was not over.

"Billy will you help Ziva and Tony with the horses?" Gibbs asked. He decided to just bide his time until someone slipped up. He needed another cup of coffee.

"Oh boy! He is going to play this out until one of us slips up. When will I learn?" Tony thought. He knew Gibbs well enough to know that this was not over and would not bode well with their backsides. "Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am reading too much into things. Ha! Wishful thinking." Tony thought and would have really chuckled if this was something to laugh about. Gibbs took safety very seriously.