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See Chapter 1 for any warnings and disclaimers.

Talk of discipline and an actual spanking of a teenager and young adults who act like children.

Chapter 10

"Ziva." Gibbs said with a raised eyebrow. This caused Ziva to start moving toward her dad for her much promised spanking.

"Dad, please don't." Although Ziva knew it was coming, she just couldn't help but want to get out of it in some way.

"Ziva, now." Gibbs said in a growl.

Ziva stomped her foot and said, "I can defend myself. You let me prove that. I am not a child and I have survived worse!"

Gibbs just glared at Ziva and asked sarcastically, "You are not at all acting like a child when you stomp your foot are you? We have been through this already."

"No, you have been through this and it has to be your way all the time. I can take care of myself." Ziva rudely cut her dad off.

"If I have to fight you on this I will use my hand, paddle, and then the belt. Right now you have my hand and paddle. I don't want to use the belt, but you are pushing me into it young lady."

When Gibbs said 'young lady' and 'belt' Ziva came to her senses. She realized what she said.

"Dad, I am sorry for being so rude."

"Thanks for the apology, but you have earned extra swats for being rude. Alright, are you ready to get this over with?"

"Yes, Dad."

In the meantime, Chris was having his own talk with JD and Ben at the church. Josiah once again let Chris alone with his charges. Josiah shook his head and thought, "My, isn't Chris busy today."

"Well, what do you have to say for yourselves?" Chris asked two very nervous young men.

"It was my fault Chris. I decided to show Ben how I fan my gun. I am older and I knew better."

Not wanting his friend to take all the blame Ben spoke up. "It isn't JD's fault. I wanted to see him fan the gun."

"That is mighty nice of you both not wantin' the other to be blamed, but you are both to be blamed here."

The boys expected that Chris would say that, but they had to try.

"JD, I promised your folks that if you helped us I wouldn't let you put yourself in unnecessary danger. You promised the same. You also knew you would answer to me if you did something you shouldn't. This job is dangerous enough without taking extra chances like fanning a gun and showing off. You coulda' hurt Ben with a stray bullet."

JD was looking very contrite at this point. He never wanted to hurt Ben. He was just showing off. Chris could see he was getting through to JD and then turned to Ben.

"Ben, I promised your momma that I'd look out for you and if that means I have to tan you good to keep you safe I will. Your momma agreed. You are too young to be so reckless."

Of course, Ben was already contrite because he knew what was coming, but to hear the words 'tan you good' made it more of a reality.

"JD, stand in the corner over there." Chris said pointing to the chosen corner. "Ben, over here." Chris said pointing to the spot in front of him.

Ben nervously walked over to Chris. "Drop you trousers Son."

While Ben was doing as he was told, Chris picked up a piece of wood he had found on the floor that would serve as a good paddle. Josiah always had some type of project going in the church.

Ben's eyes widened at the paddle, but Ben was thankful that Chris hadn't gone for the thick leather belt around his waist. Ben had often noticed Chris' belt when Chris was around and with that long trench coat, Chris' 'look' was so intimidating. Ben had never been spanked with a belt and could only imagine how much it would hurt. Chris had noticed how Ben was watching and wondering if Chris would go for his belt.

"No Son, I won't be using the belt this time. It does hurt. If we have to have a talk about putting yourself in danger again, I will use my belt the next time."

Something in being called 'Son' comforted Ben and he was glad there would be no belt. He promised himself to avoid the belt at all costs.

Chris took Ben's hand and pulled him across his knee. Knowing all had already been said, Chris began to paddle the backside across his lap. It did not take Ben long to start crying despite the fact that he tried to stay quiet in front of JD. Chris knew that Ben would feel the paddle quicker if he paddled him on his long john covered backside and not over his trousers. It was when Chris began unbuttoning the flap that Ben panicked and began to fight.


When Ben heard the growl in Chris' voice, he stilled.

"I want to make the last ones count. I would rather you have a mighty sore backside then to have to carry you to your momma in my arms and tell her you need to be buried."

Ben began crying harder at that point. He cried out of remorse and guilt. He never wanted to hurt his momma. Chris knew that he was getting to a stopping point. He needed Ben to understand that he would be leaving a brokenhearted mother behind if Ben was killed.

He gave Ben five more swats to his bare backside with the paddle and began buttoning Ben's long john flap back in place. After he had comforted Ben and told him how much he meant to him, Chris sent Ben home with instructions to let his momma know what happened. When Ben's eyes widened again, Chris told Ben he'd better do as he was told. Chris was going to be checking in later that day and Ben knew that Chris meant that there would be more of a tanning for disobeying him if Ben did not tell his momma what happened. She would probably only give him a swat for making Chris tan him, but Chris would give more if Ben didn't let his momma know what happened. It was an agreement to keep his momma informed.

After Ben left the church, Chris called a very nervous and guilty JD over to him. Chris knew that JD would feel guilty about showing Ben his gun when he heard Ben being tanned and the talk about burying Ben. That's why Chris tanned Ben first.

"I think we have said all we need to say. You knew better and you disobeyed." Chris said ominously.

"I'm sorry Chris."

"Yup and you'll be sorrier in a minute. Drop your trousers."

JD did as he was told and before he knew it he was across Chris' knee.

"Awe Chris, not over your knee and Uncle Gibbs already spanked me when he caught me." JD whined.

"You know if you get in trouble with someone, you get in trouble with me and act like a youngin'…" Chris let the rest of the saying trail away as he began spanking JD. Before long Chris had a very upset and sobbing JD across his knee. Chris then proceeded to use the makeshift paddle on JD's backside in the same way he spanked Ben.

When Chris was done, he let JD up and waited for him to right his clothes and calm down.

"I'm sorry Chris. I will be a better example next time."

"See that you do that Son. I wouldn't want to have to do this again anytime soon and I don't want you hurt."

"I don't want you to have to do it ever again Chris."

With that said they both walked out of the church to let Josiah get back to work.

When Ziva had reached her Dad, he said, "Drop the riding trousers."

Gibbs easily pulled Ziva across his knees and began to swat her undergarment covered backside with powerful spanks. In no time Ziva felt the chastisement. After many swats with his hand, he began with the paddle. Ziva remained stoic for a while and then began crying. She cried because of the pain, but Ziva also cried because she knew that she was loved. It felt safe to have someone love her so much. Ziva never allowed herself those feelings before she met Gibbs and it was good to feel vulnerable at times. It was also good to have someone to lean on. She was not alone anymore. She no longer had to carry the burden of life on her shoulders. Of course, she would never admit that aloud.

"I am sorry Abba!" Ziva finally let out a choked cry and just went limp over Gibbs' lap.

Gibbs stopped when he heard "Abba" and just let Ziva cry. When she had composed herself some, Gibbs stood her up and hugged her. Ziva allowed the comfort.

"Ziver, you could have been killed. That is never an option. I know you're not used to someone loving you enough to stop you from getting hurt, but I hope the 'whole being stuck in the past thing' is making you see that you are loved and will be taken care of whether you like it or not."

Ziva smiled and said, "Thanks for loving me enough to protect me from myself as well as others and for letting me defend myself."

"Anytime, daughter. Anytime. Now you have to get by Mom, Ducky and Miz Nettie. None of them are happy with you right now." Gibbs said as Ziva blushed and shook her head. "Don't worry, I'll run interference this one time." Gibbs said as he smirked. Ziva smiled and blushed again.

By the way, I am very proud of the way you handled yourself out there. I was glad you showed them that not all girls are defenseless. Let's go show Mom you are still in one piece and I need that coffee she has made for me."

"I still say your blood would be coffee brown if you bled."

"Don't let Abby hear you say that. I'd have to spank both of you for the argument that would take place and I am too tired right now." Gibbs said jokingly.

"Another joke Dad?"

"Who's joking?"

Ziva smiled nervously while they walked back to the house to see what new adventures awaited them as they continued on this journey in the past.

The end …. for now….. : )

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