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Hershel Layton has joined the chat Puzzle Lovers.

#1Apprentice: Professor! You go on chatrooms?

Hershel Layton: Luke? Is that you?

#1Apprentice: The one and only. Hey, what's with your username? It's supposed to be fun, not your actual name.

Hershel Layton: It is ungentlemanly to go by an alias.

#1Apprentice: Uh... If you say so, Professor...

GoldenApple123 has joined the chat Puzzle Lovers.

GoldenApple123: Luke, since when is the Professor on chats?

#1Apprentice: Apparently since a few minutes ago.

GoldenApple123: Oh, well hello Professor!

Hershel Layton: Flora?

GoldenApple123: Yup. :)

Hershel Layton: Flora, I think you accidentally hit some buttons on the keyboard.

#1Apprentice: No, Professor. That's an emoticon. If you look at it sideways, it's a smilie face.

Hershel Layton: Oh, I see it!

LukeIs#2 has joined the chat Puzzle Lovers.

LukeIs#2: Professor! Luke! It's Emmy. Like my username?

#1Apprenntice: Oh ha-ha. Very funny.

LukeIs#2: ;D

Hershel Layton: Emmy, that's not very ladylike.

LukeIs#2: Neither is not saying hello to your old friend you haven't seen in a long time.

Hershel Layton: Oh, my apoligies! Hello Emmy.

LukeIs#2: I was just kidding. Hey, what's with your username? Why is it your real name?

#1Apprentice: Apparently Mr. Gentleman doesn't like aliases.

LukeIs#2: LOL, that's so sad! XD

Hershel Layton: Luke, that wasn't very gentlemanly. And what on earth is a lol?

#1Apprentice: Professor, LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud.

Hershel Layton: Oh, I see.

AnimeAwesomeness: YO! Wazzup my peeps?

Hershel Layton: And who would you be?

AnimeAwesomeness: I'm animecutie610, and you were boring so I decided to join you!

#1Apprentice: Animecutie610? Hey, aren't you the auth-


LukeIs#2: Two things: 1) What's the fourth wall? 2) How the heck do you interrupt a chat message?

AnimeAwesomeness: Simple. By being awesome.

Hershel Layton: But what's the fourth wall, then?

AnimeAwesomeness: You shall never know!

#1Apprentice: I could just tell him.

AnimeAwesomeness: No, you can't.

#1Apprentice: Why not?

AnimeAwesomeness: Why don't you try it? (P.S. Answering a question with a question FTW! ;D)

#1Apprentice: Well, the fourth wall is- This comment has been deemed inappropiate by the moderator, AnimeAwesomeness.

AnimeAwesomeness: Ha-ha! Now, let's see what the other chats aare talking about.

AnimeAwesomeness has left the chat Puzzle Lovers... But she'll be back. DUN DUN DUUUN!

GoldenApple123: How did she get the site to say that?

AnimeAwesomeness has joined the chat Black Ravens

AnimeAwesomeness: Yo! How're my Black Raven peeps doing on this fine evening?

RavenLeader: Hey, Anime. It's Crow.

AnimeAwesomeness: Hiyaz. What're everyone's screennames?

RavenSis: I'm Wren.

RavenBro: Socket.

VeggieGirl: Marilyn.

Bored&Tired: Nabby.

CandyLuver: Tweeds.

Glasses8): Louis.

RavenLeader: Scraps and Badger are out finding items for the black market, so they're not online.

AnimeAwesomeness: Cool, cool.

VeggieGirl: So who are you?

RavenLeader: Oh, yeah. Guys, this is Anime. She's an auth-


RavenLeader: Uh, sorry... Well, let's just say I know her.

RavenBro: Cool. What's up?

AnimeAwesomeness: Layton has a chat account.

CandyLuver: No way!

Glasses8): Crow, are we gonna...?

RavenLeader: Oh, yeah. Definately.

AnimeAwesomeness: I don't what's going on, but I like it.

RavenSis: We should go tell Badger and Scraps. Who wants to go?




RavenSis: Socket'll go then.

RavenBro: What? NO!

RavenSis: Socket. Go. NOW.

RavenBro has left the chat Black Ravens. Smart choice.

RavenSis: What the..? How did the chat say that?

AnimeAwesomeness: Let's just say I have connections.

Bored&Tired: Cool.

AnimeAwesomeness: Well, there's one more chat I gotta go to. LATER!

AnimeAwesomeness has left the chat Black Ravens. PEACE OUT SUCKA'S!

VeggieGirl: Uh... Crow, is that normal for her?

RavenLeader: I. Don't. Even. Know.

AnimeAwesomeness has joined the chat Villians United.

AnimeAwesomeness: Ahh... The chatroom of villians. I'M HOME!

MaskedGentleman: Hello. Welcome back.

AnimeAwesomeness: ...Is it wrong that in my head that sounded totally creepy and not welcoming at all?

MaskedGentleman: No, not at all.

AnimeAwesomeness: That's a relief, Dessie.

MaskedGentleman: My name is Descole. Not Dessie. Not D-Ley. Not J.D.

AnimeAwesomeness: You know you love my nicknames. ;D

Layton'sNemesis: I like them.

AnimeAwesomeness: Thanks, Donnie.

Layton'sNemesis: It's Don Paulo.

MaskedGentleman: Oh, sweet irony.

AnimeAwesomeness: Okay, down to buisness... Uh... Who knows what we're supposed to be discussing?

MaskedGentleman: You called us here and said something about combining our evil forces.

AnimeAwesomeness: Oh yeah! I need someone to help do the 'Things To Do At Walmart' list.

MaskedGentleman: That was your 'goal of utmost importance' you said we had to acomplish?

Layton'sNemesis: -_-'

AnimeAwesomeness: Whaaaat?

Layton'sNemesis and MaskedGentleman have left the chat Villians United. LOSERS! XP

Yo! So, I was REALLY bored, and I know I should work on Running With The Ravens, but this has been a plot bunny for too long!

So... yeah... Let me know if you like this and if you think I should keep being part of it, cuz I was kinda hesitant, then I just decided they were too bring alone. THUS I BRING YOU CHATROOM MAYHEM! Cue the epic music. ;D