AnimeAwesomeness has entered the chat Fanfic Knowers.

AnimeAwesomeness: Whew! Finally got all the non-PL characters out of the chat.

#1Apprentice: You know, if they hacked into it once, they probably can again.

AnimeAwesomeness: ...Shut up. Besides, I bribed them with chocolate. And no one can resist chocolate!

RavenLeader: ...Suuuuure.

LukeIs#2: CHOCOLATE! Who said chocolate?

#1Apprentice: Ummmmmmmmm... Anime. Can't you read?

Hershel Layton: Now Luke, gentlemen don't talk like that to young ladies!

DahPuzzleMasta: You can say that again!

AnimeAwesomeness: Professor? Emmy? WHY ARE YOU HERE?

AnimeAwesomeness: And who are you 'DahPuzzleMasta'? Get out! NOW!

DahPuzzleMasta: And miss out on all the fun? I'd rather- Comment has been deemed unnecessary and just plain boring

AnimeAwesomeness: Why are you even here?

RavenLeader: Didn't you say before that you'd let other people guest-star?

AnimeAwesomeness: ...OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Well, then, welcome to the wonderful world of my mind! Who're you?

DahPuzzleMasta: I'm the one who got the Professor and Emmy onto this chat.

Hershel Layton: Thank you by the way.

AnimeAwesomeness: WHAT! But I'm the only one who can break the fourth wall!

DahPuzzleMasta: Oops... Sorry, it's already broken. :(

AnimeAwesomeness: GET OUT!

DahPuzzleMasta: Nah

AnimeAwesomeness: ...

#1Apprentice: You know, it's occurred to me that no one ever seems to do what you tell them to.

AnimeAwesomeness: You-Just-I-SHUT UP! And Puzzle Masta, THIS IS MY CHAT AND I MAKE THE RULES.

Hershel Layton has left the chatroom Fanfic Knowers.

LukeIs#2 has left the chatroom Fanfic Knowers.

RavenLeader: Yeesh. Talk about touchy.

AnimeAwesomeness: YOU TOO.

RavenLeader has left the chatroom Fanfic Knowers.

#1Apprentice: Woah, calm down!

AnimeAwesomeness: YOU WANNA GO?

#1Apprentice: Uh... No thanks. I'll just be leaving of my own free will...

#1Apprentice has left the chatroom Fanfic Knowers.

AnimeAwesomeness: ...Well, if you're going to be guest starring, I suppose we ought to go over the rules. 1. Don't let the others know they're in a story. 2. MY WORD IS LAW. 3. For the love of all that is good in this world, DO NOT LET MY OCS IN HERE.

BritishRebel: Too late. :)

AnimeAwesomeness: OUT!

BritishRebel: Fiiiiiiiiiine.

BritishRebel has left the chatroom Fanfic Knowers.

AnimeAwesomeness: Well, I suppose we should go to the main chatroom now that you're debriefed.

DahPuzzleMasta has left the chatroom Fanfic Knowers.

AnimeAwesomeness has left the chatroom Fanfic Knowers.

DahPuzzleMasta joined the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

Anime joined the main chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

DahPuzzleMasta: Sup y'all?

Hershel Layton: I'm sorry?

AnimeAwesomeness: It means "How are you all doing?"

Hershel Layton: Oh... I see.

DahPuzzleMasta: Ok, so, let me see... Your word is law... And don't let ocs in here... Got it!

AnimeAwesomeness: Yep :)

Jackisawesome entered the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

Jackisawesome: Hi- Comment deleted for use of DahPuzzleMasta's real name



DahPuzzleMasta: Oh, right... Sorry... JACK! GET OUT OF HERE OR SO HELP ME I WILL KILL YOU!

Jackisawesome: Ok

Jackisawesome left the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

AnimeAwesomeness: Well that was fast...

DahPuzzleMasta: Jack respects me :) That and I can kill him easily! XD

AnimeAwesomeness: Awesome! I wish my OCs-er, I mean my uh... friends... er... enemies... frienemies listened to me like that.

#1Apprentice: Good luck with that.

Hershel Layton: I'm confused as to why you would type all that instead of just erasing the first part.

AnimeAwesomeness: My backspace key was stolen...

#1Apprentice: Stolen?

AnimeAwesomeness: Don't. Ask.

RosettaLayton;): HEY! Don't talk to Professor L like that!

Hershel Layton: Rosetta?

RosettaLayton;): Yep! Why do you ask? ;)

Hershel left the chat

#1Apprentice: Why did he leave?

RosettaLayton;): AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW I wanted to talk to him! :'(

#1Apprentice: Oh... I get it now...

AnimeAwesomeness: Awwww, Layton has a fangirl!

#1Apprentice: Don't you consider yourself a fangirl?

AnimeAwesomeness: Yup.

#1Apprentice: Then I feel bad for him.

RosettaLayton;): HEY!

LukeIs#2: Hey, everyone should just calm down.

AnimeAwesomeness: Heh, funny you'd be the one to say that.

LukeIs#2: And why is that?

AnimeAwesomeness: Because usually your all kung-fu ninja punch first ask questions later.

LukeIs#2: What? NO I'M NOT!

RAWK-ON: The dudette is right!

#1Apprentice: Sammy? As in, Thunder? As is, the Molentary Express?

RAWK-ON: That's me! Rock n roll!

LukeIs#2: Do you know this man Luke?

#1Apprentice: It's a LONG story...

AnimeAwesomeness: AWESOME! I LOVE THIS GUY!

RAWK-ON: ...Do I know you?

AnimeAwesomeness: Uh... No?

#1Apprentice: Way to be confusing.

AnimeAwesomeness: Shut it.

RAWK-ON: Well, any fan of mine is a friend of mine! Nice to meet you!

AnimeAwesomeness: Nice to meet you too! :D

RosettaLayton;): Well I'm bored, I'm gonna go now and... Study.

RosettaLayton;) left the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

#1Apprentice: I don't believe her, you guys?

AnimeAwesomeness: Nope

DahPuzzleMasta: Nuh-uh

LukeIs#2: I've never met her before, so I wouldn't know.

Hershel Layton entered the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

#1Apprentice: Hi Professor! :D

Hershel Layton: Hello Luke

AnimeAwesomeness: Where are you?

Hershel Layton: In my closet...

LukeIs#2: Why?

Hershel Layton: Rosetta's trying to get me to help her study.

DahPuzzleMasta: I'll be there to help you in a second!

DahPuzzleMasta left the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

#1Apprentice: My mom just called me for dinner, bye!

#1Apprentice left the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

LukeIs#2: I've gotta go excersize

LukeIs#2 left the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

AnimeAwesomeness: I guess it's just you and me now eh Sammy?

RAWK-ON left the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

Hershel Layton: For the record, I'm still here...

Hershel Layton was signed off by DahPuzzleMasta

AnimeAwesomeness left the chatroom Puzzle Lovers.

Sorry for the majorly long wait. You guys should all be thanking Dah Puzzle Masta for getting me back on this story and helping me out. SO GO AND SHOWER THEM WITH PRAISE.

Also, I'd really like someone to step up and help out with the next chapter. Remember that idea I had in the last chap? You guys have, like, no competition so... Please?