Akise Aru couldn't breathe. Amano Yukiteru stood before him, adamant ruby blush dusting his cheeks as he awaited an answer to his confession.

"Could you say that again? I'm not sure I heard you correctly." Akise smiled, raising a hand to his own cheek in disbelief.
"Do I have to?" That adorable blush increased. "I-I like you." He stuttered.

Akise just stared at Yukiteru intently, attempting to process this fact, and all of a sudden, let out a splutter. Yukiteru jumped and began to fret.

"A-ah! I'm sorry! I won't talk to you again or anything, um... I'm sorry!" Yukiteru exclaimed, scrunching his tearing eyes together before collapsing his upper body forwards in a sincere, apologetic bow.

He was just about to run away when Akise aimlessly caught held of Yukiteru's hand in his laughing fit. The truth was, this wasn't funny to Akise in the slightest. It was an expression of a final outlet of worlds' worth of emotions and just basically the whole irony of it all. Akise was impossibly glad. It had taken six thousand, three hundred and seventy four worlds for this confession to take place. And Akise definitely wasn't going to let himself ruin the chance. He calmed himself down and peered cooly at Yukiteru's worried expression. He took hold of his other hand.

"I'm sorry, Yukiteru-kun. I didn't mean to surprise you. It's just... I'm really glad." Akise beamed, then pulled Yukiteru into a hug which he returned even tighter.

Six thousand three hundred and seventy fourth time's a charm.