Hey people's! I think I'm gonna start doing these for all kinds of books I read, so look for them! This one is a Charlie Bone Story, because, did anyone else notice how when things were starting to get good between a pairing, Jenny Nimmo switched to another point of view? Well here's the first one, it's a Tancred x Emma, set right after Tancred came back to life.

Thank You

As Emma trudged up the hill to the Thunder House, she thought 'How can they be celebrating, when Tancred's gone?' She heard a voice calling her name. " Hey Em!" I looked up. I could not believe my eyes, HE was standing there. Right in front of me.

"How..? Are you...? Tancred?" I trailed off. He laughed. " Yeah, it's me Em." "But how?" "The Flames." he said simply. " And," he continued, " a very wonderful friend." I blushed. I had the strange urge to rush up and hug him, for still being alive, but I also had the urge to slap him for not telling us sooner.

It had been around a week since he 'died', but I hadn't been keeping track, because I sat, alone in my room, blaming myself. The second

Urge was getting stronger, and stronger, until I couldn't take it anymore. I slapped Tancred Torsson. "OW! Em, what was that for?" he asked rubbing his cheek.

"Not telling us you were alive until, a week after!" She screamed. "Em it's only been four days." he added quietly, not wanting to get smacked again. "It felt a whole lot longer to me." "I'm sorry." They sat in silence for a while.

"I'm the one who should be saying sorry Tanc. If only I had sat you up higher, you wouldn't have slipped under the water." "It's not your fault, Em. If I had not allowed Dagbert to trick me, or make me fall and hit my head I wouldn't have drowned." "But I could've done so many more things, I could've... I'm just so glad your not dead."

She finally gave into urge number one and hugged him. He pulled her face up, and they stared Into each others eyes. Tancred leaned down seeing as he was almost a foot taller than her.

Then She closed the gap. Emma smiled against his lips. Tancred pulled her closer. Olivia said 'Aw!'

They jumped apart so fast, you would think Mr. Torsson had zapped them both. Olivia burst laughing. "Liv!" Emma squeaked. "Took you two long enough! Sander and I were going to take matter into our own hands, if you two didn't get a move on!" she chuckled. Emma and Tancred blushed.

"Liv, don't tell anyone until we're ready, please?" "I have to tell Sander, but I won't tell anyone else." Soon more people started arriving and Tancred got attacked four more times. Olivia pushed him. Lysander kicked him. Gabriel whacked him. Fidelio punched him."Glad to know you all still love me." Tancred remarked.

"But at least I know Charlie's still my friend. He's the only one who hasn't slapped me." STOMP! " And I am betrayed yet again. Six attacks in a hour. Wow, new personal record."

End of Le oneshot! Sorry if it was short, but at least you got some good fluff, right? The next one is going to be, well, they are probably all going to be Emma and Tancred, but I might put some other people in there.

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