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Setting: When Dagbert had drowned Tancred and Tancred was sitting with his tigers. (Keep in mind he's a bit delirious)

Tancred's P.O.V.

I sat between my pretty girl had mystically turned into a bird looking worried, and flew out through the... hole. I laughed. I stood up, wobbling a bit. Water was seeping from the trough, It was spreading quickly. I shook my head. Why-...Why am I not running? Tripping up the steps, I ran to the door. I slammed at the handle, trying to break it open. I slammed and jiggled and pushed, trying to escape.

I did anything I could, anything I could think of. I even used my endowment to create a wind storm, blowing a hole of air into the water, so I could breathe. I even tried blasting at the wall with lightning, still nothing worked.

Eventually, I realized the water was rising, and figured I should get higher. But how? Where? I spotted the cross beams in the ceiling and smiled. I pulled the loose bricks farther apart, creating mini wedges to climb upwards.

I climbed all the way up the old wall, and just as my hand gripped the cross beam, the brick began crumbling beneath my feet, and I fell. I tried to climb back up. I barely managed.

As I clasped my arms around the beam a second time, I held with all my strength- but things were beginning to get blurry. I had stumbled and hit my head -quite hard, mind you- after I fell.

I held the beam, using all my upper-body strength to pull myself up so I perched on the wooden plank. I sat, holding tight to the beam, with my green cape billowing in the nervous wind I was creating. Suddenly, there was a loud thumping, it shook the beam.

The water was nearly to my knees, which were hanging off the beam. The thumping became worse. The beam began to disintegrate. I looked for another place to grab to, hold onto just long enough for someone to notice the water that was surely flooding into the art room.

Suddenly, that blurry sight I had- became unbearable. A minor headache had began to build, and everything was fuzzy. I couldn't remember much...

The thumping gave a roar, and the beam lost any last bit of structure and crumbled, and I plummeted to the floor. The last thing I saw, was the cold, hard, tile floor as the blackness took hold.

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