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Chapter One

I stood looking at the barrier between platform 9¾ and the muggle world wondering what this year would be like. My sixth year at Hogwarts. My family, being hugely extensive had never failed to cause drama. And being related to The Golden Trio didn't make anything less dramatic. Everyone expected me to be some hugely ambitious brainiac, not that I'm not a brainiac, that was one aspect of my mother I was proud to inherit. But you'd have thought by now that people would have stopped expecting such huge achievements from me. But, unfortunately, some things never change.

"Rose, Rose darling? Are you going to go through?" asks Mum

"Yeah Rose, hurry up, the train will have left by the time you stop dawdling" whines my brother Hugo.

"What's the hold up?" Asks smooth voice.

"Just the entire Weasley clan trying to get through the barrier." Comes the snide reply.

I whip round, I know that voice too well just as I'd expected its none other than my most favourite person at Hogwarts (note sarcasm) Scorpius Malfoy. This boy is quite literally the bane of my existence. He is so stuck up and considers himself so 'holier than thou'. And frankly I'm surprised he even fits through the barrier each year given his ego is the size of a house, due to the fact that unluckily, he isn't entirely unfortunate looking and the entire female population never ceases to remind him of this. Plus I actually have to spend time with him given he's my cousin Al's best friend. All because Al, the stupid little git, was the only one out of literally twenty or so members of our 'clan' did not get sorted into Gryffindor, but shoved in Slytherin instead. So whenever I want to talk to Al, which is a surprising amount, I have to put up with Malfoy too. You'd think we'd be friends. But no. Definitely not.

"Scorpius!" his father scolds.

I smirk at Malfoy and stroll extra slowly through the barrier.

I virtually collide with James, my cousin and possibly the most irritating douchebag on the planet.

"Awwh, if it isn't little Rosie Posy." I scowl. "Look cuz, I know I'm a naturally outstanding bloke and all, but you're my cousin. And you therefore must try and keep your hands off me" he says in his annoying cockish manner.

"James, you are a pig." I say. "That's utterly disgusting."

"Its cause he got turned down by Katie Finnegan at that party last week" pipes up Dominique. Another member of the clan. "He's all bitter and sad and twisted and therefore trying to get any action he can, therefore, anything with a pulse will do."

"How dare you say such a thing, I wouldn't get with a great number of people" He says attempting to be scandalised.

"Juuust messing with you James" says Dom in a singsong voice.

"I'll just bugger off then shall I?" He asks. He doesn't like to be the one being made fun off.

Yes, I think, that would be preferable, and then we wouldn't have to listen to your meaningless drivel. Not that I don't love my cousin. He can just be, well a huge prat really. Unfortunately he stays, and within seconds is being as annoying as ever.

Frankly, I don't understand how he's so popular with girls, I think as I walk away to the train and begin to haul my trunk onto it. I mean he's a complete idiot all the time, and just uses and abuses every half decent girl who throws herself at him.

"Need help with that Weasley?" I hear the same snide voice.

"What helping a member of the 'clan' Malfoy? I thought that was beyond your high and mighty ways?"

He smirks at me, the corner of his lip pulling up slightly, and pushes my trunk up into the carriage. He bends down and whispers,

"You have no idea about me and my ways Weasley"

Eugh, I shiver away from him, I swear, one minute he's trying to annoy me so much that I want to kill him, next he's whispering somewhat seductively into my ear. Ew, I did not just call Malfoy, seductive. Pretending I never said that. He winks at me and proceeds to slither off somewhere, probably to talk to Al.

"Rose?" A sickeningly familiar voice whines. Oh Merlin, here come the troops. "Why was Malfoy helping you? Are you like, secretly dating or something?" asks Lily.

"Maybe, they're just fuck buddies?" adds Dom. Trust them to fabricate something between me and Malfoy from this one tiny interaction.

"I have no insight into the actions of Scorpius Malfoy." I say. "He just pushed in my trunk and left. Which is whole lot more than any of you lazy oafs could do." I say, addressing the latter to the male components of the clan who have gathered to say goodbye. They look away ashamedly. And rightly so.

James and Fred, my other cousin, and also one of my favourites. Jump up into the carriage and drag me ungracefully into it behind them. They like to do this to me far too much for my liking - drag me places, unceremoniously, it comes with the territory of being unreasonably short compared to everyone else in the entire world. And these two never cease to remind me off this fact.

"That enough help for you?" they ask me, identical evil smirks on their smarmy little faces.

"Trust you two to take things too far" I snarl at them and straighten myself.

I hear mum calling me:

"Rose?" I stick my head out a window.
"Have a nice term dear, don't forget to look after Hugo…"

Hugo blows air out of his mouth dismissively "I don't need looking..."

"I won't mum" I cut him off

"and remember to write if you need anything…"

"Yes mum"

"and study hard, and don't get into any trouble this year"

"yes mum" I role my eyes exasperatedly at her.

"And Rose…"

"yes Mum?"

"I love you"

"I love you too Mum" I reply, reaching down and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Dad sidles up, and I give him a kiss too. "Bye Dad" I say.

"Bye Rosie" He replies as the train starts to move.

I turn round to see Dom, Al and Fred waiting for me. "Lets go find somewhere to sit." Fred says.

"As far away from James." Dom says.

"And Malfoy." I add.

"Hey!" Al pushes into me in indigence, "thats my best friend."

I look at him threateningly. "Okay, no, your my best friend." He corrects. I smile.

"Thats better." I tell him.

"Rosie move, we're blocking the corridor." Fred says pushing forward. Looking into compartments as we pass. "And why is it," he continues, "There is never, ever, enough space on this train?"