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An Angel's Halo

Chapter 1: The Meeting

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Butch was just getting out of school. He was followed by a trail of girls with hearts in their eyes. They were all part of the Butch Jojo part of the Rowdyruff Boyz Fanclub. He was trying to get to the skate park. But there was one girl, the president of the Butch Jojo fanclub who stood in his way.

And that was Princess Morbucks.

"Butchie-boo! Get out of my way! Butchie-boo, wait up!" Butch cringed at the annoying nasally stuck up voice. He started to walk faster. Sadly Princess caught up.

"Butchie-boo! You didn't say bye to me. What kind of boyfriend doesn't do that?" Princess asked. Butch's eye twitched. "I'm not your boyfriend." he stated flatly. "Well not yet at least." she giggled. "One day you will realize your love for me and come running to me." She latched onto his arm.

Butch pried Princess off his arm. "No I won't. Now if you excuse me I have to go." he said. "But Butchie-boo I can give you a ride. I want to spend more time with you!" Princess whined.

'I don't.' he thought. "Thanks for the offer,but I'll pass." Butch said. Before Princess could protest,he pulled out his skateboard and rode off. He sighed in relief. Saying he hated Princess was an understatement. He absolutely despised her. She was a stalker in designer clothes and sparkly jewelry.

When he got to the skate park he met his best friend Mitch there. "Hey man." Mitch greeted. "What's up bro." Butch said. Mitch smirked. "Princess again?" he asked. Butch groaned. "Please don't mention her name in my presence." he said. Mitch chuckled. "Fine."

Butch set his board aside. "I just wish a random hot girl would just fall from the sky. Then she could pose as my girlfriend." he said. "First off a random hot girl would not fall from the sky. Second if that did happen Princess would make that girl's life a living hell." Mitch said.

Butch groaned again and frowned. "You know frowning gives you wrinkles right?" Mitch asked. "It's not my fault that Princess was created." he said. "Well technically Princess wasn't created..." Mitch said. "I know the whole process, Mitch." Butch said, glaring at his brunette friend.

"Well she will never stop stalking you until you agree to date her." Mitch said. "She would still stalk me. Why can't she just leave me alone!" Mitch patted his shoulder.

Meanwhile above the surface of the earth, a conflict was going on as well.

"How am I not worthy to be a guardian of somebody?" a black haired angel yelled. "You're demonstrating the reason right now. You have a bad temper, Buttercup." the Headmaster said. Buttercup took a deep breath.

"But Blossom and Bubbles are already guardians and have their halos." Buttercup reasoned. "They don't have as bad a temper as you do Buttercup." the Headmaster sighed. "But what if I promise to control my temper?" she asked. The Headmaster didn't say anything.

Buttercup sighed. "Is there anybody who needs a guardian angel? Anybody at all? I really want to get my Guardian's Halo." she pleaded. The Headmaster stopped walking away. Did the cocky almighty Buttercup Utonium just beg?

"Fine Buttercup. There is one person that I know of at the moment. But if you lose your temper once you will be back in a flash. Understand?" Buttercup nodded eagerly. "I won't let you down! I'll be the best guardian and get my Guardian's Halo!" she said. She flew away to get ready.

Headmaster sighed. 'That's until you realize how much you two are alike.'

Butch was heading home. It was nearly seven by then. Brick wanted him home by seven. Butch did not like his brother mad at him. The last Butch got him mad he got his baby... ahem skateboard taken away from him. That was not a fun two weeks.

When he got to his house he saw Brick on the porch, reading the newspaper. "Dude, how do you read that stuff? It's so boring." Butch commented. Brick looked up at him.

"Unlike you, I actually care to know what's going on in the town. Did you know that three girls were killed two weeks ago?" Brick asked. Butch shook his head. "Does it list their names?" he asked. He wondered if he knew any of them.

Brick shook his head. "Their identities are unknown. All identification of the girls were burned. The criminal refused to tell the identities and was sent to jail." Brick said. Butch raised an eyebrow. "Even credit cards?" he asked. "I don't think they would have credit cards. They were about our age." Brick said.

Butch shrugged and went inside. He grabbed a soda and went past the living room. Boomer was playing Modern Warfare 3. "Hey Boom." Butch said. "Hey Butch." Boomer said, not taking his eyes off the screen. Butch smirked. "Hey Boomer I'm going to use your laptop." he said.

"Okay whatever." Boomer said. Butch grinned. Works every time. Butch went into the kitchen and went on ChatFace. He tried to open his account but it kept saying 'Incorrect Password or E-Mail address'. Butch looked at the computer and frowned.

He typed in his e-mail address and his password as 'ILovePrincess' His account was opened and his relationship status had changed and it said 'In a relationship' and his girlfriend was apparently Princess Morbucks. He changed his status back to 'single' and he also changed his password again.

Why does she always have to hack his account?

Buttercup was basically trembling with excitement. She was about to be a guardian. She would have to tell Bubbles and Blossom soon.

"So Buttercup you know all the rules right?" Headmaster asked. Buttercup frowned. "There's rules?" she asked. Headmaster nodded.

"First you must not reveal yourself to anybody but the person your guarding. Meaning nobody else must know your an angel"

"Geez, you make me sound like a superhero in disguise or something." she muttered. "In a way you are. You are guarding this person's life." Headmaster said. Buttercup looked at him. "I never thought about it like that before." she said.

"Second you must guard this person's life at all costs."

Buttercup rolled her eyes. "Isn't that the point of being a guardian angel?" she asked. Headmaster glared at her. "Don't make me change my mind." he warned. Buttercup quickly shut her mouth.

"The last rule is the most important rule. It is often called the Black Rule since nobody has dared to do it. I was the-"

"Will you just get on with the rule?" Buttercup asked. "Oh right off topic." he said. "Yes very." she commented.

"The last rule is... you mustn't fall in love with the person your guarding. It is forbidden. Immediate revoke of halo and you will be shunned if you do so."

Buttercup gulped. She will not fall in love with this person. Even if it seemed impossible not to do so.

"Are you ready Buttercup?" Headmaster asked. Buttercup's face looked determined. "Yes Headmaster." she said. Headmaster summoned a golden staircase to her destination. She started to walk down it.

"Good luck Buttercup."

Butch was on ChatFace and he was talking to Mitch.

Mitch Mitchellson: Has the girl fallen from the sky yet?
Butch Jojo: Nope not yet but I have a feeling it will happen soon. ;)
Mitch Mitchellson: Well good luck with that dude. Hey I g2g. I have to take Robin on a date.
Butch Jojo: All right dude good luck see ya l8er.
Mitch Mitchellson: Thx ;)
Mitch Mitchellson has logged off.

Butch closed Boomer's laptop. He headed to his room. He walked onto his balcony. He looked up at the sky. Man did he wish that a girl would fall from the sky.

Then a blinding golden light entered the sky. Butch shielded his eyes from the light. He looked again and saw... a girl walking down a golden staircase. She had long black hair that went to mid back and light green eyes. She was wearing a white strapless floor length dress with a short train. She had a light blush on her cheeks.

The thing that amazed Butch the most about her was her wings. One was black and one was white. Weren't most angel wings white? But still she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She reached her hand out to him. He grabbed it. It was so soft. He helped her onto the balcony.

She smiled softly at him. "Thank you." she said. Butch looked down at her. A beautiful girl just walked down a golden staircase to his balcony. That was better than a hot girl falling from the sky.

"Are you Butch Jojo?" she asked. "Yes. Now who are you?" he asked, flashing her a charming smile that made her blush a little. "I'm Buttercup." she started.

"And I'm here to be your guardian angel."

Kitty Note: And here's the first chapter. I know I made Buttercup a little OOC when they met, but I had to make her angelic. My defense: She was walking down a golden staircase! I had to make her angelic! Buttercup isn't exactly an angel. Please review! Flames will be used to make smores! :)