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An Angel's Halo

Chapter 18: An Angel's Time

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A Year Later...

Not much happened in the past year. The girls and boys graduated, Brick and Blossom at the top of the class. The angels and the boys grew very close. Bubbles and Boomer started dating a month after knowing each other, since they found out they had so much in common. It took Brick and Blossom a little longer because of their headstrong personalities.

Butch and Buttercup were still very much in love with each other. They were still engaged and no matter how much girls tried to come in between them, they still prevailed. Many wondered how long this would last. The siblings of the two knew that it would last forever if it could. The angels and the boys were sitting on the beach shore enjoying a magnificent sunset.

"This is beautiful." Bubbles said to Boomer, who hummed in agreement while watching the star disappear under the sea. Buttercup snuggled into Butch's chest and he kissed her forehead. "I've always loved sunsets." she said to him. "Really now?" he asked. Buttercup nodded. "The blend of colours are amazing. It's like only nature can put the perfect blends of colours together." she said. Butch nodded.

"Buttercup, where did Blossom and Brick go?" Bubbles asked, the said girl shrugged in response. Butch groaned. "Please don't tell me they went back to the hotel room." he said. Bubbles cocked her head to side as Boomer groaned in disgust. "Why is that a bad thing?" The naive blond asked. The Greens looked at Boomer expectantly, who blushed. "Well you see Bubs, uh... you know when people love each other very much, they decide to do something that brings babies into this world." Boomer hesitantly explained. Bubbles blushed ten shades of red. "Oh." Was all she said.

Butch and Buttercup on the other hand began to laugh. "Nice explanation." Butch snickered. Boomer glared at his older brother. "Shut up!" he said. Butch feigned shock. "How could you say that to your dear older brother?" he asked, putting emphasis on the word older. "You're only older than me by four minutes!" Boomer cried in defense. Butch smirked. "But I'm still older." he said. Boomer let out a battle cry and tackled Butch into the sand. The two brothers than began to wrestle.

Buttercup scoffed. "So much for a romantic evening." she said sarcastically. Bubbles giggles at the comment. "Leave them alone Buttercup, they're boys." she said. Buttercup rolled her eyes. "We leave for ten minutes to get us some ice cream and we come back to see two dumb asses fighting in the sand." A voice behind them sighed. Butch and Boomer stopped wrestling to see their oldest brother facepalming himself. They stopped, stood up, and brushed the sand off of themselves. The Reds sat down in the sand and handed out the ice cream.

Blossom looked at her sisters with a sad expression on her face. 'They seem so happy here.' she thought as she watched them laugh at Boomer who got his face smashed into his ice cream cone by Butch. 'It's a pity that this is the last night.' The redheaded girl looked at her strawberry ice cream with sudden distaste. Brick who noticed this, draped his arm around her shoulders. "You alright, Bloss?" he asked. Blossom who noticed she was glaring at her ice cream with so much hatred, it started melting. She quickly put on a smile.

"Yeah I'm fine." she said. Brick looked at her doubtfully. "Ya sure? You know you can tell me anything." Brick said, hoping to get her to say more. Blossom nodded. "I'm fine, Brick. Let's just... Let's just enjoy this night like it's our last!" Blossom said enthusiastically. But on the inside she felt like crying because she knew it was their last for a long time.

The crew decided to retire to the hotel room when Butch accidentally set his beach towel on fire while they were making s'mores. While the group was about the head to bed, Blossom pulled her sisters aside. "What is it Blossom?" Bubbles asked, concern lacing her voice. "Yeah, I'm tired." Buttercup complained, stifling a yawn. Blossom looked down. "Buttercup, Bubbles..." Blossom stopped for a moment, trying to find a nice way to state the situation.

"Bloss..." Buttercup said, now looking wide awake, looking at the oldest with concerned eyes. "What's wrong?" Blossom couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears flowed down her porcelain skin. "Ravyn contacted me last month. This is our last day on earth. We have to go back to the Heavens to complete our metamorphosis." Blossom choked out. Buttercup and Bubbles looked at Blossom with shock. Bubbles baby blue eyes began to water.

"Blossom why didn't you tell us sooner?" Buttercup asked, trying to remain calm. She had to keep her composure for her sisters' sake. "I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you guys to keep worrying about it." Blossom confessed. Bubbles engulfed Blossom in a hug. "You shouldn't keep these kind of things from us! It was probably eating you from the inside!" Bubbles cried. Blossom returned the hug. "I know, I'm sorry." Blossom said. "What time do we leave?" Buttercup asked. "At sunrise." Blossom answered.

"We have to tell the boys." Bubbles said. Blossom nodded. "There's no need." A voice said at the door. The girls looked in the direction to see the boys with sad smiles on their faces. "Y-You heard?" Blossom asked. Brick nodded. "Although I wish you would of told us earlier, I see the reason in your decision to keep it a secret." Brick said to Blossom, who smiled in return.

"So i guess this is our last night together." Boomer said. The girls nodded. "Well I think this calls for a movie night." Buttercup nodded. "I call first pick!" She yelled. "No I'm the oldest!" Blossom denied. "But I'm older than you Blossom." Brick smirked.

"No fair..."

And so the night when on with Brick picking the first movie.

"So I guess this is it." Butch said the next morning to Buttercup. "I guess so." Buttercup agreed. Butch engulfed the said girl in a hug, snuggling into her raven-coloured hair. "I'll miss you." he said, a knot forming in his throat. Buttercup felt one forming in hers too. "I promise I'll be back." she said to him. Butch squeezed her tighter. "You better." he whispered. "But in the mean time, promise you won't cheat on me." she said to him, blurting the words before she could stop them. Butch looked at her.

"That is something I'll never do." He said, all seriousness evident in his voice. "Promise?" Buttercup asked. "Promise." Butch said, lacing his pinky around hers. He then pulled her into a kiss. Buttercup wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist.


Buttercup from the kiss and looked at her sisters, who were standing in front of a golden staircase. "Well that's my ride." she said jokingly. Butch smiled and pecked her on the lips one last time. "I love you, Buttercup." he said. Buttercup smiled. "I love you too, Butch." she said. Her sisters yelled her name again. "I'm coming!" she replied. "Goodbye, Butch." she said. He released his grasp on her. "Goodbye, Buttercup." he said. The angel turned around and ran towards the stairs. Her and her sisters began to walk up it. Butch watched every step.

Buttercup turned around to see Butch watching her. She smiled and waved to him, and he waved back. She turned around and continued walking. Butch sighted as he say her shrinking in size. He watched her until he couldn't see her anymore. The last thing he say of her was her engagement ring reflecting from the sunrise.

That moment was when Butch and his brothers said to themselves that they would wait forever until their angels came back. They would not look at another girl. They would forever stay committed to their angels.

But how long is forever?

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