I was walking down the hall, I catch the eye of my best friend Erica and walk down the hall towards her waving as I go.

"Hey Erica." I say with a smile. "How was your weekend?"

She rambles on about Dusk and how awesome it is to be a vampire and I begin to tune her out for a few minutes. As someone that is not all that grateful to be a vampire, I didn't dare say anything.

I pick through my locker, taking out what I need for class and before I slam my locker shut, taking a look at the pictures I have of Ethan in my locker. As my locker slams shut, this makes Erica stop talking and she leans beside me against her locker.

I turn my head slightly and notice Ethan and Benny walking into the front door of the school. It almost seems like they are walking in slow motion as Ethan throws his backpack over his back and his hair blows lightly in the wind.

"Sarah." I hear Erica yell as she shakes me lightly and I turn and look at her. "Yeah." I finally say as I snap out of it and turn to her and smile. "What you say?" I asked. "How was your weekend?"

I babysit Ethan and his sister Jane on the weekends. It's kind of fun at times. Well, okay, I don't actually babysit Ethan, but he's there. Its nice though, the two of us have gotten pretty close. I smile as they walk over to us, I smile more at Ethan.

'Hey." Ethan says as he approaches. Benny is giving Erica and I one of his goofy looks and I ignore him and look at Ethan. He is so cute. I think to myself. Part of me wants to just reach over and my my hands through his fluffy locks of hair. I let out a soft sigh, it's quiet enough that no one hears me when I do.

Ever since that day when Ethan spilled his meatballs on me, I have found myself getting closer and more attracted to him. I didn't dare say anything though. One reason why, I wasn't sure if he would return those feeling for me and two all of my friends would make fun of me for it, not that I cared. You can't help who you love. Love, there that word is again... I love Ethan Morgan... I can't believe I am finally admitting it.