Chapter Fifty-One

Clove's POV

The air didn't move for me, I felt myself crashing into every centimeter of it, each one seeming less willing to move than the spot before, every part past drawing me closer and closer to the ground that I so desperately wanted to avoid.

I kept myself streamlined as long as I could, releasing the parachute after I saw a few others doing the same, I don't know why they all assumed we just knew how to use parachutes, maybe it was just common knowledge and I'd been too busy learning how to kill people to pick it up.

I felt my shoulders jerking back towards the hovercraft as the material caught the wind, making me realize how much I wanted to go back, how much I wanted to be with Cato, to just feel his strength next to me, to feel my strength against his, where once I'd had to compare our strengths I could now see it as it really was, our strengths were joined together. I prayed that his strength could reach me now as the battlefield grew closer and closer, and I prayed the same in reverse, that somehow he could feel my strength and my hopes and how much I needed him.

The ground was closer, and I felt everything narrowing. My vision honing in on the main events, which is much more difficult than I had imagined given that everything below seemed to be spiraling out of control. My breathing was heavy through the mask that seemed to be suffocating my face. Smoke circled around us, making us seem invisible to prying or curious eyes below. I knew they would only become aware of us when it was too late, anyone who was down there was distracted by all the carnage occurring and everyone here was also too distracted trying to work out what to do when we landed.

"Can everyone here me?" Blake's voice crackled in my mind, for a second I believed the boy had somehow found a way to creep inside my head, then realized this must have set up a communication device between the masks. Clever boy. There was a few agreements and eventually I answered as well, smiling a little when I heard Cato's voice as well. Blake really had been busy. "Alright guys here's the plan when we land-"

That was all I managed to hear of the conversation before my feet slammed into the ground and I was suddenly surrounded by gunfire. I ducked and rolled under the nearest cover, which turned out to be a part of a collapsed building. I decided to assess the situation around me as quickly as possible, not trusting the rest of the building to be stable. My eyes took in the scene as fast as they could and before I knew what I was really doing I was shooting. I could feel the pressure of my finger on the trigger and then the shock as it ran through my body but other than that my mind seemed to be blocking out the bullets as they flew through the air. Whether or not they hit people I wasn't always sure but I knew that I wasn't killing them instantly. Not one of my bullets hit anywhere near anyone's chest or head, some part of me wondered if that was crueler than killing them now but this would all be over soon and there was no point bringing up the death toll just for the sake of it. If I could just disarm them enough that they couldn't shoot then that was all that was really needed of me.

That was when the bomb exploded.

I have no idea if it was the first but one thing I was sure of was it wouldn't be the last. The explosion caused debris to fly everywhere, suddenly the headpiece wasn't filled with loud, clear instructions but with agonizing screams of pain. I couldn't focus, I couldn't think straight anymore. The games were one thing but this was a whole other world entirely. In the games you could manipulate and calculate, here it was madness and there was no sure way to get out alive.

It wasn't just through my head people were screaming, I could see around me people trying to grab loved ones and run. I just let them past, I needed to breathe, to focus, to find out who the hell was setting off these bombs and then stop them. Fast. I knew it should have been the job of the marines to find such a thing but I couldn't focus. It was impossible to tell rebels from Shadows from Capitol fighters from citizens and to be honest I wasn't sure that was entirely the fault of the bombs.

I ran, I knew I could run fast but this was a new kind of running. It was a kind of running that involved jumping over or onto obstacles, shooting a weapon that I did not enjoy using, avoiding the many elbows that seemed to be aiming right at my face along with the bullets that seemed to be aiming for any part of me they could hit.

I jumped on top of a fallen tree and ran along it as long as I could without the burning leaves reaching me, which wasn't nearly as long as I would have liked, before jumping off and weaving between people.

I caught a glimpse of golden hair in the distance and decided to try and head towards it as soon as I realized it was Glimmer. She had to know what the plan really was, hell she was probably the one who'd come up with the actual plan knowing her.

That was when the second bomb exploded. I didn't know much except that being hit by flying parts of a building hurt way more than running into one. It felt as though the whole district was collapsing as the vibrations from the blast ran through the ground and then I was flying, well it felt more like falling and the back of my head collided painfully with the ground sending a shooting pain through my head.

There was more screams this time. Clearly more injured than the first bomb and that was worrying. These people knew what they were doing and they were doing it fast. Through all the screams I heard on my headset there was one voice that stood out, Cato's voice. He almost sounded like he was praying for something, praying for something that looked unlikely at this precise moment in time as I stood and ran from the site of the last explosion, I wouldn't be of much use there, anyone who was there already was gone and I didn't have any real medical training to help those who were injured. Like Glimmer. I hoped she was alive, hope she could hold on long enough for someone who could help her to get there.

"EVERYONE STAY CLEAR OF THE BLAST SITE!" Blake's voice demanded through the headset. He sounded strong, convinced, true to himself. He sounded like a true leader. The one who should have planned this entire operation. But that wasn't going to help Glimmer and dammit we needed her. But no one needed her like Marvel did. I suppose that's why I saw him running headfirst into the blast site, not caring for the people he threw to the side as he went.

"Glimmer!" he screamed, and I heard him crack, heard the need behind the scream. He would break without her, to the point he was about to disobey the only person who seemed to know what was going on here. I didn't stop him as he ran past me, Admittedly by this point I was aware of people firing at us once again and so I ducked for cover, reloaded my gun as fast as I could and then joined in the firing once more. It only lasted a few seconds before the last bomb I cared about went off, in the same direction Marvel had just run into.

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