Chapter 5

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"Frankie! Wake up!" Taps said shaking her brother.

"What Izzy?" he snapped.

Taps jumped back and hung her head.

"Oh Izzy", he said gathering her in his arms.

"Ise wanted ta go play in da snow and Ise wanted youse ta…come wid me ta see mama and papa", Taps finished softly.

"What?" Frankie hissed, "No!"

"But Frankie…" Taps begged.

"No Izzy!" Frankie yelled.

"But…" Taps said.

"No", he said.

"Tink of what mama and papa would tink if me'n Race jist showed up!" Taps yelled.

"Youse asked Tony 'bout dis already!" Frankie yelled.

"He wanted ta see dem. Wese wedah youse like it or not", Taps told him.

A half hour later, Frankie found himself walking to Little Italy with Taps, Racetrack, and David.

They stopped at the apartment building that all 3 of them hadn't been back to in years.

The group of newsies, plus Frankie of course, headed up to the apartment. They found themselves standing looking at the door.

Taps was the brave one and knocked on the door.

A woman answered. "Um…Salvatore, you might want to come to the door", she said.

Taps smiled at the thick Italian accent her mother still had.

Her father came to the door. "Good lord", he breathed.

"Uh…hey mama", Taps said.

Her mother squealed and hugged her, then Racetrack, and last, Frankie. Her mother stepped back and looked at David. "I don't quite remember giving birth to such a handsome boy", her mother said.

Racetrack and Frankie scowled at their mother's comment.

"I'm David Jacobs, Taps' boyfriend. I'm also the reason Frankie's out of jail", David said.

"Taps?" her mother asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"My newsie name mama", she said.

"All of you come inside", her mother said.

When everyone was fed and full, they retired to the living room.

Her mother put on a jazz record. Her father gave her mother a look.

Taps sat on the floor next to David and Racetrack. Her fingers started to tap out the rhythm of the music. Then her feet started moving to the beat. "Ah screw it!" she yelled. She jumped and started to tap dance.

Race smiled and joined his sister.

When the song stopped, everyone clapped.

Taps blushed and snuggled up to David.

He smoothed her hair back from her forehead and kissed her temple.

She smiled and leaned up to peck him on the lips.

"What are you thinking?" he asked her.

"Best Christmas ever", she said.