I'm not sure how this will turn out. It was a writing prompt in class so I thought I'd edit it to make it a full story and a crossover.

Prologue: Breakout

Danny never killed a man before. But, it was his only chance to escape this nightmare.

He looked up from the cold rusted seat that squeaked and squealed under him with each uncomfortable bump and shift on this subway. He wished it was as public as a subway. Instead, it was just him and another man sitting across from him, shifting with the motions of the underground train. It was a very alienated environment seeing as neither bothered to as much as scowl at each other. Pure white light flashed in short intervals. There were no lights in the actual shuttle. Every slow shift of the agent before him was captured in the bursts of light like a stop image. Danny always tensed when that starch-white suit of that man disappeared into the pitch black. Two pins in his pocket flashed making Danny wince. A white cloth slowly and discreetly ran over the shining gun. Danny now realized how intimidating that was in real life as opposed to an old movie.

It was now or never. He was being transferred. There was only one guard per-prisoner here. The rest of the cluster sat lazily a few shuttles up. Danny tugged on the metal cuffs that kept his wrist wrapped around the silver pole in front of him. A clang came a few seconds before Danny could see the actual image of metal scraping against metal. Digging into his skin, the cuffs began to form scars with his vain efforts to somehow break loose.

"Stop moving, Phantom," the guy in white said peering up from his gun.

Danny narrowed his cold blue eyes and tugged again. He kept rattling the chain out of bitter spite. The agent growled and put his gun in his holster. Danny traced him with his eyes as the he stood up and made an effort to tighten Danny's cuffs. Danny winced as he felt his circulation cut off a little more and his skin tear apart as the ectoplasma-coated metal hugged his bones.

With this sort of thing on him, his ghost powers weren't good for shit. It was swing bow rachet-type, meaning it could adjust from the smallest wrist length to Skulker's wrist. If Danny tried to fire a bolt or turn invisible these things would send a "corrective shock" into him and his powers would go MIA for a few hours. He was once afraid he had lost them. It was a bad shock from trying to turn intangible to get out of these things. Not only did he not fade, but he woke up the next morning in solitary confinement and no powers for two meals. He shuddered at the thought.

The guard caught his look and said with a slight grin, "Too tight, Phantom?"

Danny rolled his eyes as the agent casually strolled back to his seat. The pin in his pocket flashed with the vanishing light. Danny waited another second before he moved his hands to slightly move the pin from between his fingers to his fingertips. He waited for the flash. Moving quickly, he put the pin halfway into the lock of his handcuffs, bent it and repeated on the other side. When the flash of light came, he could only just make out an almost hook shape at the tip of the pin. He pushed it underneath the lock and pushed up. The lock quickly released and the handcuff practically fell off his wrist. He was free from the pole, but not without consequence. A small distinct click echoed from the key in the lock. Danny tensed and hesitated.

The guy in white looked up and spotted the fallen handcuff. Danny should have kept that on. The agent grabbed at his gun and the sound of it charging broke the silence between them. It went dark. Danny slid away from his seat before a green burst of energy illuminated the small shuttle. The shuttle flashed white once more. Everything seemed to slow down as Danny observed the man with the gun.

His heart was racing and his mind was automatically following orders. Time had all but stopped in Danny's mind. Danny's heavy boots clanked against the metal floor giving him away, but the hiss of the gun charging wasn't in his opponents favor either. The cuffs rattled; still attached to his right hand. Danny moved to the left as a burst of energy shot out. Glass cracked and crashed behind him. There was a flash of light. The deafening sound of an alarm bell chimed all around Danny. He was on a time limit now.

The guy in white peered over his glasses to examine a smashed window. Smoke rose from the barrel of the gun. Danny's arm was outstretched in front of him with the pin between his fingers. Danny took two more steps before the guy in white turned towards him. It went dark. Danny heard the gun hiss to charge. He moved his arm forward with one quick thrust. He felt something crack under the pressure. The pin in his hand stuck into something soft.

The gun went off. This time, the hot ectoplasma grazed against Danny's leg as it fired into the floor. Danny collapsed onto his knees, cursing. The guy in white was screaming. Another shot was followed by the sound of crashing glass. In the screaming chaos Danny sat cradling his leg. He tried to curse away the pain. He couldn't stop now. He had to finish what he started. "Get up," he scolded himself. Lights flashed on.

The agent's was tossing his head in all driections hysterically while high-pitched squeals escaped his mouth. Danny launched up at his arm and managed to lock his free cuff aroung the man's arm. The darkness didn't faze Danny. The two of them were now attached, but Danny was going to use this to his advantage. He twirled the guy in white around and pushed him down onto the ground. Danny's hand followed.

The lights flashed on. Danny knelt over the man's shoulders. The guy in white's left arm was twisted around his neck and pulling up due to the force from Danny's wrist. Danny placed a heavy boot on the man's neck and pulled hard on his cuffed hand. The metal dug into his skin. Danny didn't notice the cuts getting deeper. The pathetic sight of a suffocating agent vanished. The slow distinct croak of a man under Danny's foot was drowned out by the never-ending alarm.

When the light came back, Danny watched as the agent's right arm slowly choke a final breath out of him.

"Too tight?" Danny asked bitterly.

All sounds from the man ceased. Danny gave a few final tugs before letting his wrist relax. It went dark again. He had to wait a few moments for the light to come back to quickly search the guy in white and find the real keys to his cuffs. With a few quick movements in the dark, Danny was free. He tried making a ball of ecto-enegry as an experiment. The green sphere of light illuminated the room before the white flash occurred. A small smile tugged on the corner of his lips.

Danny bent down and checked for a pulse by the neck, but he couldn't find anything. Danny had done it. In the space of a few seconds he had done it. He had killed a man. It wasn't even that hard.

It was easy.

Why was it so easy?

Danny shook his head. He couldn't think of that now. He had to get out of here. He concentrated and let two rings of light surround his body and change him into his ghost form. He let himself turn intangible and flew forward. Just as his head managed to pass out the window, something shocked him and he was suddenly blown back into the train. His back took most of the impact and Danny cried out in pain that time. He saw the white rings flash around him as his human form overwhelmed him again. He tried to change but a shot of pain from his leg crippled him now that the adrenaline rush was completely drained. Danny cradled his leg. He tried to get up, but he only managed to slam against a seat before being forced to his knees again.

Danny now felt like a complete and total idiot. He should have known that they'd have an energy field. He couldn't afford to wreath in pain. He had to get up. He had to get out. Escape. Escape! The door to the shuttle swung open. Escape! Danny tried to get up but there was no different result. Everything went dark and then suddenly, there were five guys in white from two shuttles over, surrounding him. Escape! Every single gun hissed with full charge. Escape!

Danny blacked out.

Danny's muscles contracted, his heart raced and his head felt like he would explode as a burst of electricity pumped through his system. He tried to scream out in pain but something was in his mouth. Everything was buzzing in his body and nothing was in his control. Something was keeping him down. If nothing was there he would have probably flipped in all directions like a dying fish.

Once the initial shock was gone, Danny's heart was still racing and he couldn't control his breathing. Every breath was hard to take in. He felt like he'd cough at the slightest thing. If he did cough, his throat would come out of his mouth. There was a bright white light above his head. A shadow of a head and shoulders stood over him.

"What kind is this one?" asked a scratchy voice.

"You heard of Phantom?" said a deeper voice to the right.

"The one that caused the mass-murder?" said the man above him. His voice was raised enthusiastically and Danny could have sworn there was a gleam of a smile.

"That's the one."

"What's he doin' all the way in Jump?"

"Transfer. The report from the Guys in White says he tried to escape," said the deeper voice. Danny frantically tried to adjust to see where the voice was coming from.

"Put a bookmark in that for me-Oh, I think he can still understand us," said the scratchy man. He leaned in closer and Danny could see a slight gleam from a set of glasses when the man tilted his head. Danny tried to leap up out of his position, but he hardly had the energy to do more than breathe frantically. "Don't worry. We're goin' to take you to a place designed especially for people like you. First, we just have to…fix you."

Fix me? What do you mean fix me? Danny tried to voice his thoughts but nothing came out.

Glasses looked over to his side and said, "Increase voltage. Shock him again."

Danny felt the electric current run into his chest. His heart raced so fast it might burst and his mind went into overload as searing pain burned everywhere. He had to get out of here. He had to-

A hot flame burning into Danny's arm make him burst his eyes open and scream. A woman's voice shouted to his left, "He's awake."

"We're not done yet!"

"Shock him!"

"We could kill him like that! Why do we-"

"Do it, Shepherd!"


Danny's mind was now twisted in hundreds of directions as his muscles fired with the current of energy. His heart felt as if it had burst. He was not going to die now. He was going to escape just to spite these people if that's all he had left. For that, he had to be alive. His heart only had enough energy to race for a few seconds before his body slumped against the cold flat surface. Breathing was hard to do, but he labored on trying to cling to whatever life he might have left. Whatever he might have that separated him from the monster inside him.

I must do better. The titans will appear in the next chapter. I know Danny with a dark past isn't a very original idea, but I hope that this story will be different from the others you've read. Please, tell me what you think.