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Well, throughout my time on this site, I've had numerous reviewers and readers ask me if I was ever going to publish a story focusing on Aiden and Michelle's Pokemon journey. The answer to that question was always a yes, I've been planning and even writing some of it out for quite some time, actually. And with summer vacation finally here, I decided that there was no better time to present this long awaited story to you all than now!

Like many of my stories, these first two chapters are just introduction to the main story, which explains why they're shorter. For the most part, the story's chapters will be much longer than the first two.

Now, to get this out of the way: I own nothing from or related to Pokemon except for any OCs you'll find throughout this story.

With that settled, let's get on with the show!

Chapter One: At The Starting Line!

"Alright Pichu, use thunder shock."


Surrounded by bright yellow light, Aiden went flying from his bed, covers being thrown in all different directions. The raven haired boy came down hard, hitting the floor. He rose slowly, growling and rubbing his now sore head. He flashed his angry brown eyes at Michelle, who stood with a simple look on her face.

"Finally, you're up."

"Finally?" Aiden barked. He jumped up, ready to attack his twin. The murderous expression on his face, however, did not scare Michelle. She snapped open her emerald eyes, and gave Aiden a disapproving look.

"Yes, finally. You slept in!"

Aiden's eyes grew wide, and he became frozen in shock.

"I…I did?"

"Yes!" Now Michelle was angry. Crossing her arms, the fiery red head added, "and I want to start my journey now. I could care less when you do. I would've left on my own, you know. I tried, but Mom wouldn't let me," she tugged impatiently at one of her red layered locks. Pichu, in the meantime, had leapt up onto Michelle's shoulder, ears twitching with excitement. The baby mouse Pokémon, who'd been taken in by Michelle the day before, had been deemed her partner Pokémon, and it was excited to start traveling with its new master.

"That's 'cause Mom likes me best," Aiden stuck his tongue out.

Finally snapping, Michelle lunged forward, grabbing the top of Aiden's shirt, and shaking him back and forth quite violently.

"We're not five, Aiden! Enough with the arguing! Get dressed already!" She let go quickly, causing the boy to fall back on the floor.

"Alright, alright, I'm getting dressed," Aiden snarled, "just get out!"

"My pleasure," Michelle huffed. She turned on her heel and slammed the door shut. Aiden winced at the loud noise, but quickly got over his sister's little temper tantrum. He was used to her habit of yelling and quickly losing patience. His father had always said she got it from their mother. And he must've been right, considering he was always attacked by the tetchy gym leader after making such a statement.

Although Aiden had not wanted to admit it to Michelle's face, he really did want to leave for his journey now, and hated himself for oversleeping. So he rushed over to his drawers, throwing clothes all over the place in an attempt to find an outfit that was suitable for a long adventure. As he rifled through a sea of T-shirts, Aiden suddenly had an epiphany. His mother had bought him a new outfit specifically for his journey! Aiden laughed at his own forgetfulness and gathered the outfit from the desk in the corner of his room.

Downstairs, Michelle was pacing back and forth by the front door, arms crossed and eyes smoldering.

"Pi?" Pichu squeaked. Its left ear twitched.

"Oh, I'm just so anxious, Pichu," Michelle sighed, "I've been waiting for this day forever! Of course Aiden has to ruin it."

"Michelle, don't talk about your brother that way."

Michelle turned around quickly to find her mother, Misty, standing in the doorway that led to the kitchen. Her hands were on her hips, and she had an eyebrow raised.

"Sorry, Mom," Michelle smiled weakly, "I'm just…"


"Uh, yeah."

Misty giggled a little, and walked towards her daughter. "Do you like your new outfit?"

"I love it!" Michelle squealed. Like Aiden, Michelle had received a new outfit specifically for her journey, which consisted of a light yellow t-shirt with a cropped, short sleeved denim jacket layered over it. The jacket matched her short denim skirt perfectly, and she wore sporty looking sneakers that featured the colors of white, yellow, and light blue. On the right side of her head was a light blue seashell hair clip, given to her by Misty the day before. Her bag was a simple light blue backpack with darker blue zippers and straps.

"Good, I'm glad," Misty smiled, "it looks very nice on you."

"Where's Dad?" Michelle asked, blushing a little. "And Elizabeth?"

"I wish I knew," Misty shook her head; "your father just loves to run off. He's still got a nose for adventure. And Lizzie, of course, she just follows him wherever he goes."

"Okay! Let's go! Let's go!" Aiden came flying down the stairs, crashing into the couch that sat in the center of the living room. Dazed, he rose shaking his head, and continued bouncing up and down.

He had changed out of his pajamas and into the new outfit his mother had bought for him: a short sleeved red hoodie with a black zipper and pockets, as well as a green stylized poke ball on the right side of the chest. The zipper was just barely pulled down to reveal a green t-shirt underneath the hoodie. Aiden was also wearing a pair of black pants, black and white sneakers, and green and white fingerless gloves. His backpack was green with black zippers and straps.

"Relax, sweetheart," Misty blinked.

"Sorry, but I slept in," Aiden straightened himself out, "and I wanna' go now. No time to lose, you know."

"Aiden, all the Pokémon will still be there in a little while," Misty assured her frazzled son, "you'll be fine."

"But Mom," Aiden wailed, "come on! I wanna' go now!"

"Aiden," Misty's voice was stern now, "relax. You'll go soon enough. We can't go without your father."

"But Dad's already at the lab," Aiden replied slowly.

"What?" Michelle gaped.

"He's already at the lab?" Misty repeated. Aiden nodded, to which Misty replied, "How do you know this?"

"He told me last night," Aiden stated, "right before I went to bed, Dad said he'd be waiting for us at the lab in the morning."

"And he didn't tell me?" Misty hissed under her breath, "He's gonna' get it."

"So we can go now?" Aiden asked cautiously.

"Yes," Misty sighed.

"Alright!" Aiden pumped his fist and ran to the door, throwing it open and jumping into the outdoors. He began sprinting, not bothering to wait for his mother or sister. The wind swept through his raven hair, sunlight filling his brown eyes that already sparkled with excitement. He was becoming a Pokémon trainer. Today. A day he'd been waiting for all his life! Finally, Aiden could set off to become a Pokémon master, just like his father.


At Oak's laboratory, Elizabeth sat on the counter, carefully observing the three starter Pokémon that would be handed out to new trainers. They were all small, because they were young, and looked rather curious.

"I like Charmander the best," Elizabeth announced, "it's so cute!"

Charmander tilted its head to the right, "char!"

Bulbasaur and Squirtle were a little saddened by Elizabeth's comment, and she took notice of this.

"Oh, no, you two are very cute too!" Elizabeth assured them in a sweet voice. "I like all three of you! I'll take you all!"

The three Pokémon cheered. Charmander, the excitable one, jumped up and down happily. Bulbasaur, the shy one, smiled softly. And Squirtle, the bold one, banged its chest heartily.

"Elizabeth, you can't have a Pokémon just yet," Ash patted his young daughter's head, "you're too young to start your journey!"

"But I don't wanna wait till I'm ten," Elizabeth pouted, "I'm only four! Ten is forever away! Can I go with Aiden and Michelle?"

"Aw, Lizzie," Ash smiled, "I want you to stay here! I'd miss you a lot if you went now, and so would Mommy."

Elizabeth did not look convinced.

"Don't you worry, Lizzie," Tracey walked into the room, placing two sketchpads on the lab table, "that day will come before you know it! Until then, you can come here whenever you want and play with all the Pokémon!"

At that, Elizabeth's face lit up, "thank you, Uncle Tracey!"

"Professor Oak!" Aiden came barging up the stairs, eyes glowing happily. When he saw the professor was nowhere to be seen, Aiden turned red with embarrassment.

"Aiden," Ash blinked, "where's Michelle? And your mother?"

"I don't know," Aiden laughed nervously, "I kinda' ran ahead of them."


"Uh oh. Hide me!" Aiden ran behind his father. Ash raised an eyebrow at this, and Elizabeth just laughed.

Michelle came running up the stairs, and Misty stormed behind her. Seeing Ash, Misty's eyes lightened for a second, but soon grew angry again.

"Hey Michelle, Mist," Ash smiled effortlessly.

"Don't you hey me," Misty growled, and Ash looked confused, "why don't you tell me where you're going, before you go?"

"Oh," Ash rubbed the back of his head, "guess I forgot to tell you I was gonna' be here. Sorry."

Misty just rolled her eyes.

"So where's the Professor?" Aiden asked, still hiding behind Ash.

"Ah, right here my boy!"

Aiden looked around before raising an eyebrow, "I don't see him."

Suddenly, stacks of books lying in the corner of the room began to shake. One of the stacks fell over, revealing Professor Oak.

"Oh dear," Professor Oak laughed nervously.

"Professor," Michelle looked confused, "what were you doing behind all those books?"

"Why, research of course," Oak nodded, "and writing a bit of poetry when I grow tired of the research."

"Did you come up with anything good?" Michelle's emerald eyes gleamed. "With the poems, I mean," Michelle had loved the Professor's Pokémon poems since she was a little girl.

"Oh, yes," Oak smiled, "you see my dear; it's very rare that I come across a road block while writing my poetry. The research, well, that's a different story."

"Professor," Aiden blurted out impatiently, "when do I get my Pokémon?"

"Aiden," Misty warned.

"Oh, it's alright Misty," Oak laughed, "He's just excited! Very much like Ash at that age."

"Professor, I know which Pokémon I want," Aiden smiled triumphantly.

"Excellent! Let us pick it out then."

Oak brought Aiden over to the counter where Elizabeth sat with the three starters. The little red head waved at her older brother.

"Hi Aiden! I kept them company for you."

"Thanks Lizzie."

Aiden looked over the three Pokémon; just to be sure he was making the right decision. With a simple nod, Aiden stated, "yep. I know for sure now. I choose Squirtle!"

"Squirtle!" the bold turtle Pokémon banged its chest some more.

"A water Pokémon," Ash chuckled, "did your mother pay you off on the way here?"

"Nah," Aiden laughed, "I've known since I was little that I wanted a Squirtle. They're so cool!"

Oak recalled Squirtle to its poke ball and handed it to Aiden, who beamed at the red and white sphere.

"Now, you'll also need these," Oak handed Aiden five empty poke balls and a red pokedex.

"Alright! Thanks Professor!"

"And now you Michelle. You're using Pichu as your starter Pokémon, correct?"

"Yes sir," Michelle nodded. With that, Oak handed her the same supplies that he had given Aiden; only the pokedex was a different color.

"You made it light blue!" Michelle held up the object gratefully. "Thank you so much Professor!"

"I tipped him off to that," Misty smiled, "I knew you would love for your pokedex to be your favorite color."

"Thanks Mom," Michelle slipped the pokedex and balls into her light blue bag.

"Alright Mom," Aiden turned to his mother, "you ready?"

"Ready? For what?"

"Our gym battle, of course! How impressive will it look that I'm gonna' get my very first badge on my very first day as a trainer!"

"Well, it won't, because you're not getting a badge."

"I get it," Aiden snickered, "you're not gonna go easy on me just 'cause I'm your kid! That's fine. I'll still beat you."

"No dear," Misty giggled a little, "you're not getting the badge, because I'm not going to battle you."

"But…why not?" Aiden stomped his foot while a look of disbelief crossed his face.

"Well, first of all, you only have one Pokémon, and you know that the Cerulean City gym calls for a two on two battle," Misty reasoned, "and secondly, I've already decided that you're going to challenge me last."

"Last?" Aiden was shocked.

"That's right," Misty gave off a sly smile, "what's better than a battle with your gym leader mother, but a battle with your gym leader mother that will decide whether or not you will go to the Pokémon League!"

"That's just…" Aiden fumed, "evil! Not right! Mom!"

Misty giggled some more and kissed the boy on his cheek. Aiden groaned and rubbed it away furiously, causing the adults in the room to laugh.

"I'm married to the most cunning gym leader in all of Kanto," Ash purred, wrapping his arm around Misty's waist. She wanted to remain angry at him, but she just couldn't. Smirking, the red head simply folded her arms and maintained a strong gym leader stance.

"It's not fair," Aiden grumbled.

"Aiden, dear, you wouldn't be able to beat me anyway," Misty shook her head. "You haven't even trained Squirtle yet. He needs a lot more battling experience before you throw him into an official gym match."

Coming up with a seemingly brilliant idea upon hearing his mother's words, the raven haired boy raised his head and looked at his sister, determination set in his chocolate brown eyes.

"Hey, Shelly," he trilled, "wanna battle?"

And there you have it! A little cliffhanger for you all, since I know how much you guys love those ;)

If you want to know the story behind Michelle choosing Pichu as her starter, simply read the first story that I ever posted on this site (a story which I do NOT pride myself on, by the way, it was very early work and not well written in my own opinion) though I will probably re-incorporate that storyline into this story later on.

So, I'm really curious as to know what you all think of this story! Leave any reviews, comments, whatever, and tell me what you liked, perhaps what you'd like to see, all of that. I read them all and they really help me out with my writing!

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