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"None of us want to hear how many people Alec's killed," said Isabelle sharply, her voice echoing harshly around the cavernous sanctuary. "What I want to know is why?"

Strangely enough it was Magnus that spoke up, his voice hoarse and scratchy from all the crying, "Alec wouldn't do that," he said firmly and Isabelle smiled slightly despite the situation. The trust and faith in Magnus' voice shone through, ridding Isabelle of any doubt of her brother. Alec, who would throw himself in front of any peril for his family. Alec, who wore raggedy sweaters and didn't give a rat's ass about fashion, who loved you for your personality. Shy, closed off Alec who had lived 18 years of his life repressed and scared to be suddenly freed and thrust into yet another perilous situation. Sweet, loyal Alec who didn't deserve any second of her doubt. No, her brother did not do this unspeakable act. Or at least, not willingly.

"Then who do you suppose did Warlock Bane?" asked Maryse, shattering Isabelle's heartfelt reverie. "Does this not prove that it is my son?" she held the picture up again, waving it in Magnus face.

"I'm not suggesting it isn't Alec in the picture. I'm suggesting that he didn't do this willingly, that he was forced or controlled," replied Magnus patiently.

Isabelle, however, was growing quickly impatient with her mother and quickly told her so. "If you believe he's a murderer then why did you let him go?" she asked, hostility creeping into her voice. There was about their mother. But Isabelle shook it off, she had other things to worry about.

"I didn't have any back-up. Believe me, I'd have called the clave but there was no way that they would get here in time," Maryse replied icily. Isabelle was shocked at her mother's aggression towards her only remaining blood son, shocked at how easily she could betray them. Maryse clearly knew that if the clave found Alec, they wouldn't hesitate to execute him.

It was why Isabelle had to find Alec before they did. And fast.

"I think you should leave now mother, seeing how you're going to be of no use to us," Isabelle snapped, flicking her hand towards the door.

Maryse shook her head angrily but progressed to the door anyway. Before she left though, she sighed, whispering softly, "I let him go because I still love him and I couldn't bear to be the one to cause the end of another son's life, even if it is indirectly. Don't kid yourself Isabelle; if the clave found Alec they wouldn't hesitate to kill him. So I wouldn't waste your efforts Isabelle, trying to redeem him.

"Alec's gone, lost forever. Let us just hope the clave is merciful and that his death is swift".

And on that last morbid note, Maryse left.

Isabelle was shocked at the raw emotion in her mother's voice; the love, the heartbreak, the despair but, mostly, the utter hopelessness.

"I guess we're not getting any help from the clave then," came Clary's small voice. Isabelle looked around the room to see the hopelessness etched on all their faces. Magnus, although no longer crying, was staring down at his hands, slumped against the wall with Clary also showing an expression of defeat next to him. Truth be told, they looked a rather pathetic and forlorn sight and Isabelle was under no illusion that she didn't look the same.

Jace, however, was shaking with rage, a steel glint in his eye. "Think, think, think," he was muttering under his breath.

"Jace?" asked Isabelle, slightly worried for her friend when he started digging his nails into his skin and clenched his eyes.

"I will not let my brother die to a member of his own race!" Jace exclaimed, his voice trembling with rage. "He doesn't deserve a traitor's death".

"That's all fine Jace but how are we going to prove that Alec didn't do it willingly? The only evidence we have to go on are a couple of marks from extensive torture. And it's not like we can easily get to Alec. I mean he's..."

Isabelle was cut off though by Jace shouting, "that's it!" he yelled, startling everyone out of their depressed reverie. "We've been so stupid!" he said and, seeing Isabelle's blank look, continued, "Izzy, don't you see? Vampire skin doesn't mark. It heals extremely fast so there was no way that it could have been torture. It's something else, some curse or other," Jace broke off as he heard something coming from the other side of the room.

Clapping. Extremely slow, sarcastic clapping; getting closer and closer.

They all shot up, whipping out their seraph blades in unison and preparing themselves in a battle stance. Magnus' fingers began to glow ominously, illuminating the face of the applauder as they slowly approached.


Clary gasped, too shocked and frightened to move. She stood rigid, watching as Jace lunged for his throat immediately and Isabelle aimed straight for the heart, but found themselves stumbling, going through Sebastian as if he was made of air.

"It's a hologram," sighed Jace, scowling as Sebastian clutched his stomach in fits of laughter. Isabelle screamed in frustration, sheathing her seraph blade angrily.

"Honestly, I thought your brother and that other dimwitted vampire were stupid but you guys make them look like Einstein," Sebastian gasped in between fits of laughter that harshly reverberated around the cavernous room.

"What the fuck are you doing here you bastard? And when have you been near my brother and Simon?" Isabelle shrieked wildly. "If you've put one dirty finger on them..."her threat lingered in the air. Everyone knew that Isabelle would not hesitate to rip out Sebastian's heart. She had more than proven that earlier.

She'd never felt this way, never had so much hate boiling through her.

The blood was pounding through her head, the rage literally rolling off her. She'd vowed that when she next saw Sebastian she would lunge on sight, not hesitating to kill him. But now she didn't even have that luxury. There he was, standing there with an ugly smirk distorting his features. And she couldn't kill him, couldn't inflict on him the hellish pain he'd made her family feel because the fucking coward was taunting them by fucking hologram.

Frustration was an understatement for how Isabelle was feeling. She would not be satisfied until she felt Sebastian's life force seeping through her fingers, until she could stab her knife in his chest and twist the blade. She shook her head, ridding herself of these disturbing thoughts.

Isabelle had become scared of herself, scared of the blood thirsty monster that lurked underneath her skin, scared of what she was becoming. She shivered in revulsion.

Seeing Isabelle so visibly distressed and shaking, Sebastian's horrific sneer just got wider as Magnus wrapped his arms around her whispering soothing words like "he's not worth it," in her ear. Bullshit. Magnus obviously didn't feel the same longing that she did, the itching for his blood.

"Calm your pets," Sebastian quipped, a sardonic leer plastered on his lips.

"Sebastian, we're not in the mood for your games. So finish your pathetic gloating and tell us what you're doing here," Clary snapped, impatience evident in the quick tone of her voice.

"You didn't think that the feeble thirteen year old newborn envisioned this grand plan did you?" he asked incredulously. Seeing the blank looks, he raised his eyebrows but continued, "In short, I came here to bask in the glory of my destruction dearest sister," Sebastian replied, the self righteous grin never leaving his face.

Clary's hands were clenched in fists, the skin straining over the knuckles and turning it white. Jace reached over and unfurled them, revealing crescents and a small trickle of blood. He lookedworriedly into her eyes, trying to comfort her silently.

"No matter how many times you call me that, you'll never be a brother of mine. Shared blood or not," Clary said, her voice trembling slightly.

"You might want to rethink that," Sebastian responded, a knowing glint in his eyes which made made Clary feel like a little child, unaware of the secrets of the world.

"Blood is everything," he whispered.

Clary noticed that the image was dissipating and fading slightly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked angrily but found herself addressing empty air.

Sebastian was gone.

Both Clary and Isabelle screamed out of frustration in unison. Magnus, however, was muttering to himself, his eyes widened in sudden realisation.

"What is it?" asked Jace.

"Blood," Magnus simply replied, confusing Jace even more. "That's how they're doing it." At Jace's blank expression, Magnus sighed.

"Surely you know that magical blood has special properties?" Jace shook his head. They all circled around Magnus, desperate to know what was so obvious.

"Honestly!" exclaimed Magnus, his flippant tone sounding odd in the desperate situation. "Do they teach you shadowhunters nothing these days?" Jace just rolled his eyes impatiently, gesturing for Magnus to cut to the chase. He wasn't in the mood for Magnus to lecture them in his patronising voice.

"As I was saying, each type of blood has different properties, inducing different reactions. Vampire blood obviously causes the person to transform into a vampire but when a vampire drinks another magical creature's blood, it can have some...interesting effects. For example, faerie blood is known to induce powerful hallucinations, sometimes wonderful fantasies and at other times horrific nightmares. If a small incantation, which involves marking the skin, is whispered beforehand, the visions can be manipulated and controlled by that person. They can make the person see what they want them to see. The hallucination is so powerful it feel entirely real to the victim, they will believe it no matter how strong willed they are. In short, in the wrong hands it can be deadly," Magnus finished.

Jace's brow was scrunched up in confusion, his brain trying to connect the snippets of information. "Those markings on Alec's arms they weren't crosses, they were..."

"Glamoured to look like crosses," inserted Magnus, kneading his forehead tiredly. He looked absolutely drained of the vitality that he usually oozed, although a glint was twinkling in his eyes. Could that be... Hope?

"What about other magical creatures? Do they also have magical effects on vampires?" asked Clary.

"Well, there's warlock blood. No-one really knows quite what it does but it is obviously more powerful depending on the magical capabilities of the warlock. It may also have more effect if the particular warlock is close to the person..."

"So, do you think when Alec drank your blood, it might have wiped his memory or at least reduced the effects of whatever it was Maureen did to him?" asked Isabelle.

"Possibly," agreed Magnus but he sighed impatiently. "But there's still something we're missing. There must be something else Maureen did to Alec to make him loyal to her and to get him to... Murder all of those people," he choked slightly on the word 'murder', not wanting to accept that his blue eyed, innocent boyfriend could do such a thing. "This is deep, dark stuff. No-one's used faerie blood in this way in centuries and there's a reason for that. Sure, some vampires use it like drugs. They get high, live their fantasies. In careful, controlled amounts. But rarely is it used for torture... Like this."

There must have been something in his tone because Isabelle felt shivers run through her. "Why not?" she asked tentatively.

"Use too much and it can drive you insane. After 4 or 5 doses, it usually kills you. And if it doesn't... They usually kill themselves. And that's with the nice fantasies."

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