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As a gymnast, he was always the Bad Boy of Gymnastics. No matter how hard the other boys tried to take the position. Even when he didn't make the team for 2012 Games, he was still the Bad Boy of Gymnastics, whether anyone liked it or not. Seven years later, even as a coach, Austin Tucker is still the Bad Boy of Gymnastics. Once a bad boy, always a bad boy, right?

His family hates it, though. Hates it. At 28 years of age, his parents, especially, expected him to settle down with at least a decent girl who he had a serious relationship with. He doesn't believe in serious relationships anymore. He doesn't believe in settling down. He doesn't believe in commitments. It's all bull shit, as far as he's concerned.

He thought when he bought the Rock and started to coach, it would be enough to impress his parents that he's actually making some effort into his future. Apparently, making money wasn't enough.

Austin has to be some type of good example to his gymnasts, though, so he devised a plan. Daytime he is a responsible, hardworking coach, and at nighttime he is just your stereotypical bad boy. Most nights he parties with friends, gets wasted (not too much to get him completely hungover the next morning), and brings home at least one girl at the end of the night. Bringing home only two girls per week is a problem. He stays away from drugs, though. He's tried that before; it's just not for him.

His friends seem to approve of his life style. By morning, he is all cleaned up, ready to go and be the 'responsible' coach everyone thinks he is. Nobody knows of his risqué way of life, well, except for one person. She's the only friend of his that doesn't approve. That's why he regards her as his best friend; because she actually cares, but he still doesn't give a shit. He doesn't care how many lectures she gives to him or how many nights she checks up on him. Though, just because Austin doesn't listen, doesn't mean he doesn't hear what she's saying. He hears her, but he's just not listening at all. He doesn't even understand why she still hangs around him anymore, let alone care anymore. But she does, and that's why she's so special to him, but that doesn't mean he's going to listen to whatever the fuck she has to say.

Today was one of those nights. He didn't go out to party tonight, neither is he drunk at all, but of course he had a girl. It was one of those girls—the ones who look straight out of a Victoria's Secret magazine. Perfect brown hair, perfect curves-perfect body. Just perfection. Of course, while she was straddling him on the couch, his phone decides to ring. She whimpers before he gives her a short little kiss as he takes his phone out of his pocket. He looks at the caller and sees it's his mother. Of course. Austin groans as he reluctantly picks up the phone. "Hey, Mom," he says into the phone.

"Hi Austin…" his mom answers, "What are you up to?" she skeptically asks.

"Nothing much, just looking over tapes of some of the elites' routines," he lies as the chick still on top of him places kisses to his neck.

"You're not up to any trouble, are you?"

Austin rolls his eyes. Even all the way from Texas, his mother always had a way of getting into his business. "Mom… why do you always assume I'm into trouble? I'm a responsible man now." He accidentally moans as the girl on top of him (who he still doesn't know her name) switches her position a little bit, creating pleasure on his part.

"Whatever you say, Austin," she pauses, "You do know what's going on next month, right…"

"Fuck," Austin mutters under his breath, remembering the conversation he had with his mom a couple months ago, "Of course I do. The Great Tucker Family Reunion. Why are we doing this all of a sudden, anyway? We never have family reunions."

"It was your grandmother's idea. She doesn't think our family is bonded enough, which she does has a point," she says, "I'm assuming you've booked your flight..."

Austin's eyes widened, "Of course, Mom. I did it as soon as you told me about it," he replies, making a mental note to book his flight as soon as possible.

There was a long pause and as soon as his mother started to speak again, he knew what she was going to say. "Austin, since you are a 'responsible man' now, I expect a decent girl to be following you to this reunion. And when I say a decent girl, I don't mean a girl who's decent in bed. I mean a girl who I'm assuming led you into this right direction that you seem to be heading toward."

When he doesn't answer, she speaks again. "Austin Edward Tucker, you are twenty- eight years old, don't tell me you still haven't settled down with a girl, yet." If she means settles down for a night, then yes, but he assumes that isn't what she's talking about.

"Mom, relax, I've settled down for years now. I just wanted to keep it on the down low; that's' why none of you know about her," he says as he takes the girl's hand and leads her to his bedroom.

"I hope so. And this girl better be the type that your granny would be confortable seeing," she demands, "She already nags enough about you," she mutters.

"Yeah, Mom, she is. She's really a keeper," he says as he walks up the staircase.

"I'm happy to hear that, Austin. You're going to be thirty in a couple of years. It's time for you to be thinking about marriage and such."

He rolls his eyes at his mother's comment as he and his soon to be one nightstand enter his bedroom. "You're not the Bad Boy of Gymnastics anymore, mister," his mother continues.

"Of course not, Mom," Austin assures. He shrieks as the girl starts to unzip his pants. He can't continue this conversation any longer from the way things are going. "Mom, Mom, I got to go, I'll talk to you later." Before she could say anything, he already hangs up the phone.

These are definitely one of the times that he wishes he were not the Bad Boy of Gymnastics anymore. At this point, lying is his only option, once again.

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