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Chapter 1. Discovering The Hogyoku

Konohagakure no Sato, The Village Hidden in the Leaves, is arguably the strongest of the Five Great Shinobi Villages. It has survived through all three great ninja wars, and the attack of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine-tailed fox and mightiest of the Bijuu. It has produced many great ninjas, such as Hashirama Senju, the Shodai Hokage, who was able to mix his Suiton and Doton together to create Mokuton, or Wood Release, Madara Uchiha, founder of the Uchiha Clan, who was the first to gain every level of the clan's beloved Sharingan, Tobirama Senju, the Nidaime Hokage, who had such a control over his Suiton affinity that he was able to pull water molecules out of the air and use them for his jutsu. When Tobirama died during the Second Shinobi War he named his student, Hiruzen Sarutobi nicknamed 'The Professor', as his successor for the mantle of Hokage, Hiruzen later taught the Sannin, some of the most powerful shinobi the leaf ever saw, and Finally there's Minato Namikaze, The Yondaime Hokage, The Yellow Flash and the first man to ever have a Flee-On-Sight order in the bingo book during the third great shinobi war because of his signature jutsu, The Hiraishin which allowed him to kill around 10,000 Iwa troops in a few minutes. These Shinobi have had many exploits that would make children listen in awe if they were to hear them.

But this is story isn't really about any of them, oh no no no, are story starts with the Blond boy wearing an orange jumpsuit.

'God damn it, I have snake juice all over me!' These were the inner thoughts of one Naruto Uzumaki, a boy around 13 years old with the brightest blond hair you'd think you were looking at the sun, the deepest blue eyes that they feel like they pierce your soul if you stare into them for to long, and six peculiar whisker-marks on each cheek. He was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit with blue on the shoulders and a white collar with blue open-toed shinobi sandals, and a blue-clothed Konoha Hitai-ate around his forehead keeping his wild spiky blond hair out of his tanned face. This boy is the container of the most powerful bijuu in the world, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, or as Naruto calls her, Benitsuki, who he met the night after he learned she was sealed inside of him by his traitorous academy teacher, Mizuki. And true to his thoughts earlier, he was covered in snake intestines. You see Naruto's sensei, Kakashi Hatake, nominated his team for the Chunin Exams held in Konoha. Naruto's team consists of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto, and last but not least, Sasuke's little loyal fangirl, Sakura Haruno, who is basically useless since she never trains herself, instead opting to stalk Sasuke and berate Naruto for not holding a candle to her 'Precious Sasuke-Kun'. Anyways the Chunin Exams is a contest of sorts where all ninja villages send there best Gennin to compete and move up in rank.

The first exam was a written test where you had to cheat without getting caught to test your information gathering skills. Naruto was never good at written test seeing as teachers at the academy stunted his growth because of their hate for the Kyuubi, yet Naruto still passed with his team, if you could call it that. Now they were in the second part of the exams, the survival portion, which takes place in the restricted Training Ground 44, or in other words, The Forest Of Death. The objective is rather simple, gather two scrolls, a heaven and an earth scroll, and make it to the tower in the center of the forest in 5 days, simple right? Wrong! Nothing is ever simple with Naruto's team. As they were making their way through the trees in search of a scroll when suddenly a large gust of wind blew them away from each other with Sasuke and Sakura going in one direction while Naruto flew in another, before he could go meet up with his team however, he heard a hissing sound right behind him, and when he looked behind him he saw a 15 foot tall snake! He was about to run when the snake lunged at him and swallowed him whole. As he was in the snake's stomach he summon about a hundred Shadow Clones to overload the snake's stomach and free himself, thus bringing us to the present.

As Naruto was ranting about having snake guts all over him, a small glowing blue orb nearby was pulsing for the first time in several millenia. The orb was watching the boy and thought to itself, 'This boy reminds me a lot of that boy that defeated Aizen… what was his name again? Ah yes, Ichigo Kurosaki, strange name for someone to name their child. Hm, that boy would make a good host and this world has forgotten the old ways of the Shinigami and Hollows, this boy would help change that if the power I feel within him indicates anything.' With that the orb let out a pulse of energy that made Naruto stop his rant mid-breathe and turned to look at a glowing blue energy coming from a bush a few metres to his left. The glow was so alluring that Naruto walked to it almost in a trance like state and moved the bushes away to see a blue orb, as Naruto reached out for it in the same, trance like state ignoring Benitsuki's protests not to, he felt something resonating within his soul. As he finally touched the orb, not a second later was there a flash of light in his eyes and everything went dark…

Naruto's Inner World

As Naruto opened his eyes expecting to see the Forest of Death, only instead to see a rocky landscape with a few plateaus that look perfectly flat for some odd reason and a few bushes and shrubs scattered here and there, but what was most strange to him was the man in front of him.

The had a narrow face mostly covered by what appeared to be bandages with vertical spikes on his cheeks. He had crimson red eyes that reminded him of that Jonin named Kurenai had, and he also had long black hair that was spiked on top and a bang hanging in between his eyes, it also seemed to be swaying in an invisible breeze. The man's body seemed to be muscular but not overly so, sort of like a swimmer, and was wrapped in bandages like the bottom half of his face and his left arm had a black flame-like tattoo swirling around his arm coming from his hand, his pants looked like samurai pants but upon closer inspection appeared to be made of some sort of mist like substance.
After Naruto was finished inspecting the man, he spoke, "Okay, who are you, you can't be Benitsuki-Hime, since I've already met her." The man seemed a little amused by the boy and answered, "Hello young Naruto," the young blond was put on edge that the mysterious man knew his name, "I do not particularly have a name, but you may call me The Hogyoku." The now identified Hogyoku answered. "Okay but where are we?" Naruto asked.

"We are in your mind young Naruto, I have changed it to look like the place where my last host was defeated by a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki, who used an attack that changed his appearance to the form that I have now." The Hogyoku answered truthfully. "You see young Naruto I am actually around 15,000 years old," that made Naruto sputter for a moment, "And people have forgotten about the ways of the old world." Naruto tilted his head in confusion at that "Um, excuse me, but what do you mean by that?" The young hero asked. "Well you see young Naruto, it all started like this…"

And so for the next two hours the Hogyoku explained about how shinigamis used to guide pure souls called pluses to a place called Soul Society, where people who have a high amount of spirit energy or reiatsu, could become shinigamis, and how they would destroy beasts called Hollows, which were tainted souls that became hollows by either dying with a strong amount of negative emotions or lingered too long in the world of the living and had their chain of fate severed. He also talked about how a man named Kisuke Urahara, created one half of him by accident and then a man named Sosuke Aizen made his other half so that he could break the barrier between Shinigami and Hollows to try and become a God and betrayed the Gotei 13, an organization made up of shinigami and hand 13 different divisions that each had a captain that was in charge and a vice-captain that helped the captain run things. He told him how Aizen was close to trying to become a god by sacrificing 100,000 souls but was defeated by the boy he mentioned earlier, Ichigo Kurosaki who used an attack, called the Final Getsuga Tensho, that completely obliterated Aizen but lost his spiritual powers by doing so. He also informed Naruto how Aizen had done experiments on Shinigami with him, turning them into Vizards, or Shinigamis with Hollow powers, and made an army of Arrancars, which were hollows that gained Shinigami powers through the Hogyoku, but found that neither were a perfect balance between Shinigami and Hollows.

When the Hogyoku was finished explaining, Naruto asked a question that was plaguing his mind for a bit, "But wait, what does this have to do with me?" Instead of answering him right away the Hogyoku looked up at the sky inside the young Uzumaki's Inner World. It was silent for a few moments before Hogyoku sighed and answered, "As I said earlier, this world has forgotten the ways of the old world, if I remember correctly the last Shinigami was the man that gave shinobis the ability to use chakra, which is a less powerful form of reiatsu, the Rikudou Sennin, who fought the last hollow, the Juubi no Ookami, and sealed it inside himself. When he was old and on the verge of dying, he split the Juubi's power into nine separate beings, which became known as the Bijuu. The Rikudou Sennin's two sons never had the ability to use reiatsu like their father, so the knowledge of shinigami and hollows dwindled down over time to where people forgot all about it." Naruto was perplexed by this, '"But you didn't tell me what it has to do with me though." If the bandages weren't covering his face, Naruto was sure the Hogyoku was smiling. "You see young Naruto, you remind me a lot of that boy, Ichigo, and I can tell you are destined for great things," the Hogyoku let out a small chuckle,"Young Naruto, I wish for you to spread the knowledge of shinigami and hollows again, so that this world can start a new era. To do this I will give you the powers of a shinigami and an arrancar and you will be able to give others Zanpakutos(Zan-pock-toes) and arrancar powers so that the knowledge will spread faster."

Naruto was shocked by this, he would have the powers of a shinigami and an arrancar? Something didn't seem right about this. Then it hit him. "Hey wait how can I have both Shinigami AND, Arrancar powers?" The Hogyoku chuckled at this, "You see young Naruto, the shinigami power will come from your soul, while the arrancar powers will come from your tenant," Naruto gaped at this and was about to retort but the Hogyoku answered his unasked question,"I may not of had a physical body but I could still find out about the world, like about you housing the Kyuubi." Naruto seemed to calm down at this and looked at the Hogyoku, "Okay so how do we do this?" he questioned.

"We will need to bring the Kyuubi's soul here and we will manifest your powers." Looking at Naruto for confirmation, the Hogyoku received a nod and the Hogyoku put his hand out and then there was a flash of light. When it died down he expected to see the Kyuubi but was shocked when instead of just one soul, three appeared.

The first one was a woman with fiery red hair that reached the small of her back and had a heart-shaped face with crimson-red slitted eyes. She wore a traditional kimono that was red with white trims that was decorated with foxes, and complimented her hourglass figure. She had full pink lips, a button nose, and rosy cheeks. The strangest thing about her though, was the red and white-tipped fox ears of her head, and the nine tails coming out of her tailbone. This was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, or Benitsuki to Naruto.

The second person was another woman with silky crimson red hair that reached her ankles, a round face similar to Naruto's own face, and violet green eyes. She wore white shirt under a green blouse with the top two buttons undone, and above that was black apron. She also wore a tan skirt that reached her ankles, and black walking shoes. She had a confused expression on her face while looking around. This was Kushina Uzumaki, though Naruto didn't know that.

The final person was a man with spiky blond hair that went down to his neck done in a small ponytail and had two bangs that reached his jaw and framed his face. He had a narrow jaw and bright blue eyes that looked just like Naruto's own. He wore baggy shinobi pants that were taped around the ankles and blue shinobi sandals. He also wore a green Konoha flak-jacket like most Konoha shinobis. Above all of that was a white short-sleeved coat that went down to his calves and had red flames licking the bottom of it and the collar upturned. On the back of the coat was vertical kanji for 'Yondaime Hokage' and 'Yellow Flash'. Naruto knew this man all too well, this was the man he looked up to as a child, the man he wanted to be like, and the man that sealed the Kyuubi into him as a baby and cursed his childhood to one of loneliness since parents didn't want their children playing with a 'demon' or 'monster' as they so nicely put it. This was the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

When the other redhead's eyes landed on him, her eyes grew wide and she asked in a voice just above a whisper, "N-Naruto?" at his hesitant nod she was in front of him faster than even the Hogyoku could follow. Naruto thought she was going to attack him but what happened next shocked him, she flung her arms around him and started clinging to him like a lifeline while she started sobbing. She moved her head next to his and said something that he never thought he'd hear, "Naruto, my baby boy, look at you, you're all grown up now, I'm sorry I couldn't have been there for you sochi, please, please forgive your Kaa-San for not being able to take care of you." Naruto was shocked, she was his MOTHER? Why wasn't she there for him? Naruto was about to push her away and demand answers but then her words registered in his mind 'I'm sorry I couldn't take care of you'. What did she mean, then he thought about it, this was his mind,so how did she get here, and if she was here, then why? He decided to ask his question. "H-How are you here? Why are you here?" she pulled away and decided to answer his question, "When you were born, a masked man attacked me and broke the Kyuubi out of her seal, the stress of the birth and having Kyuubi released would have killed me, so your father decided to alter the seal so that we could put part of our souls in here so that we could talk to you when you needed it. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you my little Naru-Chan, please forgive me, please, please forgive me." She practically begged him. Naruto gave her a small smile, "It's okay Kaa-San, I forgive you." he replied and hugged her tightly and a few tears collected in his eyes. All his life he wondered if his parents loved him or if they hated him like the villagers did and abandoned him, and now he had his answer. He was so ha- wait did she say his father? "Um, Kaa-San, who's my father?" That made her freeze, he didn't know? Sarutobi was supposed to tell him when he was 10! After he said that the Yondaime stepped up and answered Naruto's question, "Hey there Naruto, I hope the villagers treated you like the hero I asked them to, how are you my son?" Minato said with a cheery smile. Naruto just stared at him. Seeing this Minato walked closer to them and started again, "So how ha-" any further comments were stopped as Naruto appeared in front of him and punched him in the stomach making him keel over, "You... Do you have any idea what you did to me?" Naruto yelled with such anger that Minato and Kushina were shocked, what did their sochi mean? They didn't get to ask since Naruto started speaking again, "All my life the villagers have hated me! I was kicked out of the orphanage when I was 4 years old because they said I could take care of myself! I was either kicked out of stores or charged triple the price for rotten food! Kids wouldn't play with me because their parents didn't want the 'Demon' corrupting their children! They sold me this hideous orange jumpsuit so that when I was on my first serious mission I would be spotted and die! How could you do that to me? HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR OWN SON!" Naruto practically screamed at the end. To say that Minato and Kushina were shocked would be an understatement, how could he go through that and still be sane? Kushina started sobbing at how her son was treated and Minato couldn't believe that the village he fought and died for would do that, but deep down he knew his son was telling the truth. It saddened Minato hearing how the village has fallen. Minato looked Naruto in the eye and told him, "I thought the village would see you as a hero for holding the Kyuubi at bay, and I couldn't just ask any family for their child if I was too much of a coward to do the same. I'm sorry my son, I thought you would've lived a happy life." Naruto tried looking for any kind of lies but found none, as much as he wanted to he couldn't stay mad at his father. The position of Hokage is full of responsibility, you must put the people ahead of yourself, Naruto didn't want to admit it but deep down he knew if he was in the same position, you probably would've done the same. Our blond hero sighed and took his fist away from his father's gut.

As Naruto calmed down, Kushina decided to ask a question that both her and Minato were wondering, "Sochi, do you know why we're here though? I mean I was supposed to show up when you would try to gain the Kyuubi's power and I don't know when Minato was supposed to show up." Naruto sighed, and found he's done that a lot lately, to be honest he doesn't know either, thankfully the answer came from the Hogyoku.

"Hello, you see I was going to give young Naruto here," Naruto gained a tick mark on his forehead, why did he always call him that? ", powers of a shinigami and the power of an arrancar, in order to do that I had to bring the Kyuubi's soul here for the arrancar half. When I was doing this I thought, 'Bring the other souls here' thinking that only Kyuubi would show up, but since you're souls were also in his body, you were brought here as well." Minato and Kushina were surprised by this, their son was going to have shinigami powers? They felt proud of their son having an opportunity like this, they just felt bad they would have to go seeing as their souls are only here for a limited time.

They both turned to their son and hugged him, which he gladly returned, when they separated Minato spoke,"I knew I would be proud of you my son." he finished putting a hand on Naruto's head. Kushina spoke next giving him a sad smile. "Goodbye sochi, are souls can only be here for a short period of time before it fades, live a good life and know we'll always love you." Naruto felt tears in his eyes, he always wanted to hear those words, and now he finally did. Their attention was brought elsewhere when they heard a cough, they turned their heads to see the Hogyoku and Benitsuki standing a few feet from them.

"Actually you don't have to go." the Hogyoku spoke. This shocked them, but also made them happy, although they were a bit confused so Minato decided to ask the question on all of their minds. The Hogyoku just chuckled and chose to clarify, "You see, you can remain here, by becoming Zanpakutos for young Naruto to use. If you do this you would become the spirits for the Zanpakuto where you could remain here in Naruto's Inner World." When they heard this they were happy that they could stay together and this wouldn't be the only time they saw each other. Benitsuki gave a smile when she saw Naruto happy, all his life he's wanted a family and now he has it, she liked seeing her container genuinely happy for once instead of having a fake smile plastered on his face. She contemplated whether or not to tell them about Naruto having the Rinnegan as a dormant gene in his body, and decided to tell them later. She walked up to Naruto and hugged him, who seemed a bit surprised by this, Benitsuki never hugged him, sure she was nice and pat his back if he was upset but she never hugged him. "I'm happy for you Naruto-Kun, you finally have a family." she whispered in his ear. Naruto smiled and returned her hug. Once they were finished they all turned to the Hogyoku.

"Let's do this." Naruto spoke with a smirk. The Hogyoku nodded and they all felt a warm feeling wash over them.

"Alright then this will change your soul into that of a zanpakuto, you'll feel a sort of pulling feeling coming from within you. Once this is done a sword will appear in front of you, that will represent the zanpakuto your soul has, they will also appear in the real world as well." The Hogyoku explained to them. At their nod, Hogyoku started the process, making each of their bodies be engulfed by a different color light. Naruto's body was engulfed by a light that was completely black with red outlining it giving it an ominous look, Minato's body was engulfed in an icy blue light that looks as if it would freeze you if you tried to touch it, Kushina was engulfed in a neon pink light that gave off an aura of both beauty and deadliness, and Benitsuki was engulfed in a crimson red light that looked as if it was blood made into light. The process took longer than expected and after twenty minutes, the lights exploded from their bodies in a flash that made the Hogyoku close his eyes, and when he opened them he saw something that shocked him, there was a mask on the floor as well as four zanpakuto, but not just any zanpakutos, oh no, these were four familiar zanpakutos.

The first one that was on the ground at Naruto's feet was a giant cleaver like blade almost as tall as Naruto himself. It had no hilt and had bandages wrapped around it as some sort of makeshift hilt the blade was black while the serrated part of the blade was silver that seemed to curve a little giving it a look similar to a crescent moon. This was the sword that defeated the Hogyoku's former host, this was the zanpakuto that fused with its master in order to help him defeat Aizen, this was Ichigo Kurosaki's sword. The sword's very name holds power, this is Zangetsu(Cutting Moon).

The first sword at Minato's feet was an elegant curved katana, that seemed to be made out of the purest of silvers you can find and ice that's so cold it never melts. Its scabbard was a dark blue, almost black, color with a green strap so that you can attach it to your back. Its tsuba depicted a golden four-pointed star and the 10 inch handle had an icy blue cloth similar to a glacier that was wrapped around the hilt in a braid, giving it diamond patterns. This was the zanpakuto that could freeze anything, this was the zanpakuto that sat upon the heavens, this was the sword that belonged to the Tenth-Division Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya. This sword was the dragon emperor of ice, Hyourinmaru(Ice Ring).

The second one at Kushina's feet was an elegant daito that gave off a feeling of a noble. Its scabbard was a majestic white with gold trimming on the top and bottom of it. Its tsuba was a shining gold in the shape of a hollowed out rectangle with four protrusions connecting it to the handle making it look like a window pane. Its handle was about 8 inches long and was wrapped in a beautiful pinkish lavender cloth that was braided giving it a diamond pattern, not unlike Hyourinmaru's. This was the zanpakuto that could slay your enemies in one of the most beautiful yet horrific ways ever, this was the zanpakuto that scattered into hundreds of blades for a gruesome yet alluring death, this zanpakuto belonged to the Sixth-Division Captain and head of the noble Kuchiki clan, Byakuya Kuchiki. This was the light reflecting blade, Senbonzakura(One-Thousand Cherry Blossoms).

The third one that was at Benitsuki's feet looked more ornamental than anything, yet underestimating this sword could prove fatal. It had a three foot long blade with a slanted tip and was two toned with black on the dull part of the blade while the serrated part was a beautiful silver. Its tsuba was a unique U-shaped that covered the first 3-4 inches of the blade and had a red ribbon at the base of the tsuba. Its handle was 7 inches long wrapped in a black cloth that was braided like the other two swords. At the butt of the handle, a small gold cylindrical object went diagonally to the side and had a red tassel hanging from it. This was the second most beautiful zanpakuto in the history of the Soul Society, this was the zanpakuto that screamed in battle yet remained elegant, this was the zanpakuto of former Twelfth-Division Captain and creator of the first half of the Hogyoku, Kisuke Urahara. This was the elegant yet fatal blade, Benihime(Crimson Princess).

The fourth and final one that was on the ground at Naruto's feet was a giant cleaver like blade almost as tall as Naruto himself. It had no hilt and had bandages wrapped around it as some sort of makeshift hilt the blade was black while the serrated part of the blade was silver that seemed to curve a little giving it a look similar to a crescent moon. This was the sword that defeated the Hogyoku's former host, this was the zanpakuto that fused with its master in order to help him defeat Aizen, this was the zanpakuto that belonged to Ichigo Kurosaki. This was the sword that can pierce heaven, Zangetsu(Cutting Moon).

When they saw the shocked looked the Hogyoku had they wonder what was wrong. The Hogyoku saw their questioning gazes and shook off his shock and started talking, "I honestly didn't think I'd ever see that zanpakuto ever again." He said while looking at the sword in front of Naruto. Naruto tilted his head to the side in a way that made Kushina want to scream "Kawaii" and glomp her son,"What do you mean by that? What's wrong with this zanpakuto?" the young blond asked.

The Hogyoku sighed and began talking,"Well you see, all of your zanpakutos were among some of the most powerful ones the Soul Society had, but the one you have however, is the one that Aizen fell against, that is Ichigo Kurosaki's zanpakuto-" the Hogyoku was cut off when Naruto suddenly said, "Zangetsu." As soon as he said that the Hogyoku's back straightened up and he stared at Naruto in astonishment. "W-What? Wait, how did you know its name? It usually takes time for someone to learn the name of their zanpakuto." Naruto just looked at Hogyoku and replied, "I don't know, I mean it's like I heard a whisper in the back of my mind and it said Zangetsu." The Hogyoku looked at Naruto with pride, 'He only got it a few minutes ago and he already knows Zangetsu's name. I knew I chose right when I picked him for my new host.'

The Hogyoku then told them all to follow him, and he took them to a place with a little more room. The Hogyoku abruptly stopped walking prompting the others to stop as well. Benitsuki asked the question the others were thinking, "Um, what are we doing here?" she asked. The Hogyoku turned around to look at them and looked straight at Naruto, "We will have to train Naruto for now. Even though he knows Zangetsu's name he doesn't know the others or how to properly use Zangetsu, so we will spend a few years in here until I deem him strong enough to survive outside and be able to spread the knowledge of shinigami." This made Naruto panic a little, "Wait, what do you mean a few years? If you didn't know I'm in the Chunin Exams, I only have a few days to finish this part! How am I gonna spend a few years here!" The Uzumaki asked with a sense of urgency in his voice. The Hogyoku sighed, something it's been doing a lot around the young blond, "Naruto this is your mind, time moves faster in here than it does outside. One week in here is only a minute out in the real world, so we will have plenty of time. I also need time to alter your body in the outside world, you're body is kind of scrawny and you're also, um... how should I put this... vertically challenged." The Hogyoku replied innocently while Kushina chuckled at that along with Minato and Benitsuki, who giggled a little at Naruto's enraged expression. "Hey, who the heck are you calling vertically challenged!" The Namikaze heir yelled and charged at Hogyoku, who just held his arm out and stopped him from moving any further even though he didn't stop trying. Benitsuki was in a fit of giggles at the scene in front of her, she always knew Naruto was sensitive about his height, but it was only natural he was a little short, he never really got any nutrients as a child since shopkeepers would never sell him anything that wasn't rotten or spoiled.

A few minutes later after Naruto calmed down enough, Hogyoku turned to the others, "Well seeing as you are the spirits for his zanpakutos, I'll leave his training to you three." Naruto shivered a little at the maniacal gleam in their eyes, Hogyoku saw this and laughed, "Hehe, well see you guys in a few years!" And with that Hogyoku turned and used Shunpo to get out of there ignoring Naruto's pleas to to help him. 'Trust me young Naruto, this is for the best, you have the potential to become even stronger than Ichigo was, please don't make me regret my decision Naruto...'

Timeskip 10 Years Mindscape, 9 1/2 Hours Real World

These past ten years were like torture for Naruto, his parents and Benitsuki drilled him into the ground during training, and there were times where he knew if he was any other person, he would've been dead. That's not to say that it didn't show results however. Before his taijutsu was horrible where he was nothing more than a street brawler, whereas now he was a master of four styles such as the Raging Fox style from Benitsuki that is mostly about tricking your opponent and hitting them hard and quickly where they have trouble keeping up between blows, the Swirling Whirlpool style from his Mother which is about continuously changing movements to keep your opponent off balance and confused, and the Soaring Hawk style from his father which is mainly based on speed and a few powerful blows here and there to make your opponent sluggish. He also found out that he has affinities for all the elements which shocked his parents though Benitsuki acted a bit suspicious about it. He learned many Suiton jutsu from his mother to where he could pull water out out the water molecules in the air, Futon and Raiton from his father to where he could use wind to cut through anything except diamonds and recreated Kakashi's Lightning Blade technique and made variations of it with his Raiton. From Kyuubi he learned Katon jutsu and could make flames that were just as hot as the Mangekyou Sharingan's Amaterasu flames. He also learned all the Doton he could from them and could strengthen rocks he uses so that they were as hard as steel. He had such a mastery over them that he recreated sub-elements such as Mokuton(Wood Release), Hyouton(Ice Release), Yoton(Lava Release), Ranton(Storm Release), and Shoton(Crystal Release). He also had clones work on his chakra control and Fuinjutsu and now he had the chakra control of an ANBU and was a master at making seals with his Fuinjutsu. He also learned the names of all his other zanpakutos and achieved Bankai for each as well. He had changed his Inner World to where the was a 4 story house for him, his parents, and Benitsuki for after training. That's another thing that happened, him and Benitsuki had gotten extremely close, they had ended up in a few, ahem... compromising positions after a few spars and over time they started making out with each other, which Kushina teased them about every chance she got and when asked why she did she just giggled and replied "It's a mother's job to tease their child."

Him and his parents also got close, he even completely forgave Minato for sealing Benitsuki in him. Minato even taught Naruto the Rasengan and did what Minato couldn't do, he completed it. The Rasengan is a technique based on rotation and density that does devastating internal damage to an opponent. Naruto added his elemental affinities to the Rasengan and turned it into different attacks, named 'Futon: Rasenshuriken', 'Suiton: Rasen Tsunami', 'Katon: Scorching Rasengan', 'Raiton: Rasendori', and 'Doton: Tsuchi Rasengan'. Six years after the training started, Benitsuki told them about Naruto having the Rinnegan which was why he had an affinity for all of the elements. Naturally hearing that their son had the legendary Doujutsu(Eye Technique) that belonged to the Rikudou Sennin, Minato and Kushina were shocked but excited about it. It took Naruto a year and a half to master his gravity element, and then he thought long and hard about who he would use for his Six Paths of Soul as he put it, he would use his Kaa-San and Tou-San for sure so that they could have physical bodies and wouldn't only live in his Inner World.

True to his word, eight years after the training started Hogyoku came back and told Naruto that he would teach him the shinigami arts. He taught Naruto Hakudo, which was the Shinigami form of taijutsu, and Naruto mastered it like the other styles. Naruto also learned Kido, which were like jutsu only they didn't need handsigns but instead incantations. Kido is broken up into two parts, Hado which are destructive techniques, and Naruto's favorite, and Bakudo, which are binding and trapping techniques, both are labeled with techniques from numbers 1-99 with 1 being the weakest and easiest, and 99 being the strongest and hardest. Naruto was proud to say he could use both Hado and Bakudo from numbers 1-75 without an incantation, especially since Hogyoku said it takes most Shinigami decades to accomplish that. Hogyoku also taught him Shunpo, or Flash-Step, which was a lot like his father's Hiraishin only he didn't need a special kunai and wasn't limited to where a seal marker is to travel around.

Naruto has also changed a lot since the training began, changes that he hoped transferred to his physical body. He grew in his mind to where he looks about 15 or 16 now. His face has lost all baby fat so now his face is narrow like his father's and his hair grew to where it looks exactly like Minato's and gained a few streaks of red in it. Gone were his once bright blue eyes, they were now replaced with the Rinnegan, which were a metallic purple color with five centric rings around the pupil. His body also grew and he gained a lot of muscles that most women would drool over, he was very lean and defined to where even Konoha's Ice Queen's would blush if they saw it. He was also taller now, and instead of being a scrawny 5' 0" tall he's now 5' 8" tall. He also changed his clothes which he was grateful for, he never liked that orange jumpsuit, he now wore baggy black shinobi pants that are taped off around his ankles, black shinobi sandals, and changed the cloth of his headband to black. He wore a long sleeve black shirt with silver armguards on his forearms and a sleeveless grey vest like the ANBU wear, only with a bit more padding and seals on it so that it's more durable. He also had a few piercings on his ears and one on his bottom lip that gave him an exotic look, or so Benitsuki told him, and a he also had a necklace of a crescent moon. The final piece of his outfit was a cloak like his father's only instead on flames licking the bottom, there was what appeared to be ice and cherry blossoms that seemed to dance around the bottom of the cloak, and on the back there was a crimson crescent moon that had vertical kanji on it. The kanji translated to 'Shunpo Sennin', or Flash-Step Sage, and 'Yoso no Kami', or God of the Elements going down from top to bottom of it.

As Naruto stood in front of Hogyoku, Benitsuki, and his parents, Hogyoku stepped forward, "Well young Naruto, now is the time to show the world the ways of Shinigamis." Hogyoku spoke with such pride that Naruto couldn't help but beam, but then there was something that bugged him, "Can you stop calling me, 'Young Naruto', it's kind of weird." He spoke with a twitching of his eye. The others chuckled at his frustration, Hogyoku then shook his head and spoke, "Of course I won't, young Naruto everyone on this earth is young when compared to me." Naruto just grumbled about old orbs taking on the form of teenage boys which made the others chuckle more, or in Benitsuki's case, giggle. Naruto then looked at them and smiled, "Well, see you guys later." The others just nodded and said their part:

"Good luck young Naruto, and show the world the power you have." Hogyoku said to which Naruto nodded to.

"Make me proud son, though knowing you, you'll probably do it without even knowing." Minato told him while ruffling his hair.

"Bye sochi, have fun in the rest of the Chunin Exams, oh and remember, you're the last of your clan, so that makes you eligible for the CRA, so make sure I get a lot of Grandchildren!" Kushina said with a cheery smile and stars in her eyes making Naruto turn red like a tomato.

"See you later Naruto-Koi." Benitsuki said after she kissed him making him smile at her.

Naruto then turned around and walked away but then looked over his shoulder and spoke to them, "I'll make all of you guys proud." And with that, he disappeared from his Inner World.

It's time for the world to know just what Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was made of!