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Chapter 2

"When I was younger I used to live in a small town, as much as I loved living there I wanted to go somewhere bigger, to more important things, do something that mattered, so when I got a job opportunity in D.C I took it" Gibbs continued the story, Kelly listen to her father with her wide blue eyes, she was interested in every word.

"You did" the girl nodded knowing that D.C was where they lived now so that must have happened.

Gibbs nodded "The only problem was that I had a girlfriend let's call her…." He thought.

"Cheryl?" Kelly suggested eagerly.

"Ok fine I had a girlfriend called Cheryl, who couldn't and didn't want to come to D.C with me" Gibbs continued with a chuckle.

"That's the last of it" a younger Leroy Jethro Gibbs said as he threw the last box of his possessions into the back of his truck.

He turned to come face to face with his girlfriend Cheryl whom he'd been with since high school, he looked her up and down, her long auburn hair that framed her beautiful face, her olive skin covered in freckles, her blue eyes framed by thick dark eye lashes, he was going to miss her so much.

Gibbs stepped forward and took her hands in his, running his thumb over her knuckles "It's not too late to change your mind" he said, his dreamy blue meeting hers.

"I'm sorry Gibbs" she said shaking her head "I love you I really do but I…I can't leave, I have a life here and my family unlike you I can't just jump up and leave"

The man nodded with a sad look in his face "I understand, I'll miss you" he said.

"I'll miss you too" Cheryl said wrapping her arms around her long term boyfriend and resting her head above his heart, loving being in his embrace and listening to his soothing heartbeat.

He pulled her closer and squeezed her tight as he placed a soft kiss to her forehead "I have to go" he mumbled into her hair.

Cheryl nodded pulling away and wiping the tears rolling down her cheek, "Promise me you'll call" she said running a hand down his arm.

"I promise" he said pulling away and giving her a reassuring smile. "Maybe I'll come back to visit" Gibbs said looking around at the town he had grown up in, full of bad memories and some very few good.

After another hug Gibbs hopped into his truck and made the journey to D.C, when he finally arrived in his new home, the sun was setting outside.

He followed his new land lord to his knew apartment, "Ok, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, give your rent on time and I won't bother yah" the old grumpy man said pointing to the areas with his hands before handing Gibbs the key and leaving him alone in the almost bare room.

Gibbs looked around, the wallpaper was peeling off of the walls, the floors were covered in patches of different coloured carpet, there was a small warn sofa and an old television on a broken coffee table in the corner.

Slowly he closed the door behind him and locked the door, he wasn't sure how the safe the area was, then he made his way into the bedroom, he was relieved and happy to find that there was a decent bed, well this was his home, he decided once he was settled into work then he would start to make the apartment more homey.

Hours later the sharp cry of his alarm clock, he groaned and slowly reached over and hit it stopping the sound.

He got up and walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, after brushing his teeth he shaved and then got dressed into a grey jacket and matching trousers and a white shirt.

After all this he was in dire need of coffee, Gibbs walked into his lounge and rummaged through one of the box's in search of coffee but after ten minutes and searching through all the box's and finding nothing.

Gibbs then wondered or more like hoped that there would be coffee left from the previous tenant so hurried to the kitchen and then began to look through the cupboards but found nothing and then he noticed the kettle or more like the lack of, no coffee and now he was late, he wasn't getting off to a great start.

Forty minutes later after getting stuck in traffic he arrived at the NCIS headquarters. He hurried his way to the reception area "Can I help you?" the teenage looking girl asked in-between chews of her bubble gum.

"Yeah, I'm Leroy Jethro Gibbs, here to start my new job" he explained.

"Right" the girl nodded "Get in the lift and go to the top floor and make your way to the director's office he's expecting you" the girl said pointing to where there was a cue of people forming outside the elevator.

Gibbs nodded before walking over to join the cue before squeezing into the metal box before making his way to the director's office, once he got to the outer office, there was a younger tanned, dark haired woman and she gave him a smile "You must be Gibbs, Director Morrow is expecting you" she said pointing to the door.

The man nodded before walking in to come face to face with a blue eyes silver haired man "You must be Leroy Gibbs" he said holding out his hand.

"Gibbs" he said taking Morrow's hand and shaking it.

"You'll be joining Special agent Mike Franks and his team on the MCRT, I will warn you now that Mike doesn't always get along with Probies" Tom said taking a file in his hand and then making his way to the bullpen and Gibbs followed.

As they rounded the corner Gibbs noticed there was a man with dark brown hair leaning back on his desk with his head in his hands and feet propped up on the desk and there was also and there was an older man, a cigarette in his mouth as he wrote on the paper.

"Mike, this is your new probie Jethro Gibbs" Morrow said putting a hand on Gibbs's shoulder.

The older man got up and looked his new fresh meat up and down "Well well, welcome, this is special agent Burly" he said pointing to the man relaxing "Oih Burly" Mike grumbled hitting the nearest desk gaining the man's attention.

"Sorry boss" he said sitting up straight in his chair.

"This our new probie" Franks said motioning to Gibbs. Stan nodded and Gibbs noticed an evil grin grow on his face.

"Well I have a meeting, I leave you gentlemen alone" Tom nodded before walking off.

Gibbs smiled before putting his bag on the nearest and only free desk but Mike picked it up "That's Shepard's desk, the other member of our team, and you don't mess with em or you'll wish you'er dead" Mike said noting Gibbs gulp and lump in his throat, he wasn't sure he wanted to meet special agent Shepard.

"You can have this desk" he said pointing to the desk separated from the others by a divider "And your first job can be to type these up and then print em out" Mike said dumping and large stack of files and paper on his new probie's desk.

"I'm going for coffee" Mike grumbled before walking off.

Gibbs looked shocked, he couldn't believe his day could have got any worse. "Welcome to NCIS Probie" Stan said with a chuckle before slapping Gibbs on the back.


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