Chapter 1: Cheerleading

Glimmer's POV

Cheerleading tryouts are today. Me and Cashmere have 20 girls to watch. I feel sad for some girls. Half of them fail so bad.

" Glim, Have to get to tryouts!" Cashmere yells.

"OK, lets go get the list." I said.

When we get to the gym we sit at our judging table and look at the list. First on the list is a girl named Rue.

" Rue!" I exclaim. A small freshman with dark brown hair comes up.

" Show us your routine!" Cashmere orders.

Rue does a double handspring, flips then ends

it in a perfect round off. I'm pretty impressed and I think Cashmere is too.

"Next!" Cashmere yells.

I look at the list …My half-sister Clove is next. I hope she does a good job. " Clove!" I yell.

Clove came out. " Do a tripe hand-spring ending with a flip." Cashmere commands. She does it perfectly! Yay! "Next!" I say.

"Katniss!" Me and Cashmere say. I saw a girl from my grade with bark brown hair in a braid come out. " Show us what you got!" I direct. She did a tripe back flip, double round off. The rest of the auditions were a blur. I'm so glad we got auditions over with. We picked 7 girls for the team.

" OK her are the new cheerleaders." Cashmere says cheery.

"Clove, Annie, Madge, Rue, Prim, Marie, and Katniss." I say. 12 sad girls leave the gym.

"OK, Practice Monday during 1st period, Tuesday during 3rd period, Wednesday during 5th period, Thursday at 4pm to 6pm and practice with the football team Friday and games Saturday." Cashmere informs. " We'll get our uniforms after school Tuesday. Bye!" I said cheery. Me and Cashmere were walking to the her car when some put their hands over my eyes.

"Guess who?" I heard.

"Gale, come on! I know it's you." I say.

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