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Tokyo had just finished beating Kyoto. Again. Her family all aplauded and three of her cousins gave her scores. Ninety-three. Not one hundred, but close enough.

"Arigato," She bowed, laughing loudly.

"Letter for you, aru," China said, handing her a green envelope.

"Oh, arigato!" Tokyo smiled. She sat down and opened it. "It's from my old friend!"


"One of America-san's daughters!" She said happily. "Dear Tokyo

Hey it's me Wisconsin one of Americas daughters. I'm the short one with black hair and grey eyes and dresses like a punk. We used to watch anime together then we got to busy. If you don't remember me that's ok most people don't.

So how have you been? I hope you are well. Has anything intresting been going on?

Samantha Lyn Jones
I sent some of my home made fudge and green tea ice cream I hope you like it and that there's enough to share. If you want some more just ask I would be more than happy to make some."

"Oh, I know her," China frowned. Tokyo rushed for a piece of paper and a pen. The second she had some, she sat and wrote.

"Dear Wisconsin-chan,

Hai, I remember you! Our lives truly are busy, are they not? I remember all the anime we had watched. So many good memories. Ah, but, those days are behind us. Perhaps we could watch anime together again?

As for what is happening in my life, Kyoto and I are fighting. He is acting more and more like a child every day. And... I have someone special in my life. His name is Washington D.C, your father's capitol. We met at a dance club, and have been seeing each other every night. Thank you for getting back in touch with me!

Best and greatest wishes,

Tokyo/ Hiromi"

"Very well written," China praised. Tokyo pouted and ran to mail the letter.

"She is one of the few friends outside of my home I have," Tokyo said to Seoul as he walked with her.

"You need to see the world!" Her cousin said, grinning. "I'll take you around the world, if you want."

"That would be nice, Seoul," Tokyo said, slipping the letter into the mailbox. "A trip around the entire world?"

"Yeah!" Seoul smirked, hugging her. "C'mon, let's go back inside! Kyoto needs another beating, I think!"

"Hai!" Tokyo said, unaware of Seoul's longing stare. He followed her back inside, just happy to be with his beloved cousin in anyway.

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