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"Damnit, cousin!" Tokyo yelled loudly. Beijing giggled and ran with the letter. "Give me that!"

"You want it?" Beijing teased. "You gotta kiss Seoul for it!"

"To Hell with that, you fool!" She snarled. She tackled her cousin to the ground, struggling to grab the letter.

"What are you two doing, aru?" China sighed. He broke them up, and took the letter from his daughter. He gave it to Tokyo who smiled brightly. "Honestly, Beijing. What am I going to do with you?"

"Throw her in a room with Seoul," Tokyo snickered.

"I'd rather be in a room with Moscow!" Beijing said.

"And you just admitted your crush on the Russian," Tokyo smirked. Beijing flushed red, before cursing at her cousin loudly.

"Beijing!" China said in shock. He dragged her out of the room, mumbling to himself about her language.

"Who's it from?" Seoul leaned over his cousin's shoulder.

"W-Washington D.C.," She said, a light blush covering her face.

"What's it say?" Kyoto asked.


Heya! How's it goin' in.. uh, Japanland! Pffft, Japanland... Um, anywaaaay, hope your siblings aren't botherin' you too much.

And... uh... y-you wanna get lunch sometime? J-just cause... no special reason... U-uhm... That's all I got to say...

See ya,

Washington D. C."

"H-He wants to have l-lunch with me," Tokyo's cheeks turned almost as red as Spain's tomatoes.

"Snap out of it!" Seoul shook her.

"Seoul, you're her cousin," Kyoto whispered to him. "She will never date you, she will never love you more than her cousin."

"I know," He hissed. "But that doesn't mean I can't keep her from dating someone else."

"I need paper and a pencil!" Tokyo rushed away. She nearly tripped on herself.

"Damn girl," Beijing said. She handed Tokyo three sheets of paper and a pen. "Now stop running around."

Tokyo thanked her. She dropped to the floor, eagerly scribbling away.

"Dear Washinton D.C,

It is going well, I suppose. I've been getting a lot of paperwork recently. And... Japanland? Are you... Nervous? And no, my siblings haven't been bothering me lately. My cousins, however, are a different story. Seoul has been trying to sneak into my room at night, and Beijing keeps stealing my things.

And... I would love to have lunch with you sometime. Um, there is a very nice cafe down the street from my house, if you'd like to go there. Or, we could go and have lunch at your house, if that's what you prefer... I mean! I'd enjoy having lunch with you Washington D.C.!

With love, I mean joy!


"Smooth, sis," Kyoto laughed.

"Shut up, Kyoto," She hissed. She hurried to mail the letter, shaking like a leaf and smiling like an idiot. "Washinton D.C-san, kawaii."

She dropped the letter into the mailbox, and hurried back inside, mumbling to herself about Washington D.C.

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