Well Behaved Women Don't Make History

By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own The Covenant or The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Summary: Sequel to The Witch Uniter. Things are hectic for Chloe now that the Order has found out who she is and her secret is blown at her high school. It doesn't help that things are still rocky for her and Alek and that she and Reid keep getting closer. But those problems don't matter if she can't get the local supernaturals to agree to her peace treaty.

Chloe let out a gasp as Alek nibbled on that spot on her shoulder. God, he was good at that. She heard a ding echo from beside her and out of the corner of her eye she noticed a webcam request pop up on her computer.

"Ignore it," Alek mumbled as his mouth moved lower toward her breast. "I guarantee I'm much more entertaining."

Chloe lightly pushed him off. "It might be important," she said. Things were still tense after she'd revealed to her friends that Whitley Rezza had recognized her as the Uniter. Chloe grinned down at Alek's pouting face as she reached over for her computer where it perched precariously on her bedside table. Figuring it was just one of the boys, she didn't bother putting any clothes on. Chase and Reid had both been known to webcam with her while they were bored in class.

She accepted the request and grinned widely, "Heeeeeeyyyyyyy," she drew out the words as her eyes widened in shock. It was not the boys. "Mom!" she shrieked, pulling her bed covers up over her chest to her neck. Alek let out a choked sound behind her either in amusement or shock, she wasn't sure.

"Chloe," Elizabeth Simms scolded. "I know that you are not skipping school and that is not a naked boy in your bed."

"Uhm." Chloe hesitated, not sure how to respond. "Why are you webcam-ing me when I'm supposed to be in school?" she asked instead.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. "It's supposed to be your lunch break. I haven't talked to you in weeks. I wanted to catch up."

"What's up?" the girl asked hesitantly.

"Why don't we start with that boy in your bed?" Elizabeth smirked.

Chloe winced. "Mom, this is Alek. Alek… this is my mom."

"Hello." Alek gave a small awkward wave over Chloe's shoulder. Elizabeth just gave him a raised eyebrow before turning the look back to her daughter. "Explanations?" she asked.

Chloe gave a small sigh and brought the computer to her lap, careful to keep the blanket to her chest and leave Alek out of the frame. Taking the cue that she wanted some privacy, he slipped out of bed and headed for shower so that she could talk to her mother alone. "So the kids at my school found out who I really was."

Elizabeth immediately turned sympathetic. "Oh, sweetie," she cooed remorsefully. "How are things going? Are they not going well?"

The strawberry blonde gave a very put upon sigh as she considered the situation. "I don't know. I guess they're going as well as can be expected. Every time I go to school I get mobbed. I mean, so far I don't think anyone's called the media to report that I've moved, but who knows how long that will last? The paparazzi could be knocking down my door any minute."

"Is that why you're not in school right now?" Elizabeth asked intuitively.

Chloe made a face. "Caught," she admitted.

The brunette woman gave a small sigh as she looked away in thought. It was moments like this that made it easy to see that Elizabeth Simms was Tyler's mother. They both shared deep black hair and piercing blue eyes. Even their mannerisms were the same. The only thing Tyler inherited from his father was his jaw line. "I don't condone you skipping school," Elizabeth finally said. "But I do understand the need for a break. Promise you'll go back to school tomorrow?"

Chloe nodded. "Promise." She had intended on returning tomorrow anyway so it wasn't as though her promise was a hardship. She still wanted to graduate, after all. "So why did you call?" she asked.

Elizabeth looked startled for a minute before smiling in excitement. "Oh! Sam's baby kicked me today! It was so cute!" she squealed.

"Aw." Chloe pouted. "I'm missing out on so much," she said with a hint of sad wistfulness.

"You're doing good work out in California," Elizabeth said, trying to cheer her adoptive daughter up. "It's important. We know how much you wanted to be here, but it wasn't in the cards." Seeing that her words had little effect, Elizabeth tried for humor. "Besides, knowing Sam, she'll be pregnant again soon enough."

Chloe burst out into laughter. "That's true," she snickered. Sam Garwin was currently on Baby #5 and was determined to keep going until she got another son. Given her success rate, that seemed unlikely to happen anytime soon, but thanks to the fertility potions she had asked her son to brew her several years ago, Samantha was still capable of popping out babies like she was twenty despite really being forty-two already. "So what else is new back home?"

"Hmm." Elizabeth paused to give it some consideration. "Your Uncle Reynold has a new girlfriend." The two rolled their eyes at that. Ever since his divorce from his wife Victoria seven years ago, Reynold had a new girlfriend on a weekly basis that all seemed to be getting younger and younger. Everyone knew that he only did it to get back at his ex. Victoria, despite being divorced from the Covenant, was still welcomed like family. Evelyn Danvers had even named her daughter, Caleb's sister, after her to prove that she was still one of them.

"Okay, anything else?" Chloe asked.

Elizabeth made an exaggerated thinking face. "Let's see… baby kicked, new girlfriend… No, I think that's it." She smiled.

"I see I'm missing some riveting stuff back home," Chloe teased back. "What about the girls?"

"Ooh!" Elizabeth grew giddy, as she always did when talking about the girls of their group, especially the babies. "Well, Victoria just won her science fair-"

"There are science fairs in the second grade?" the strawberry blonde asked incredulously. Her mom just shrugged.

"Apparently. Justice is having a dance recital next week," Elizabeth continued on.

Chloe nodded. "Yeah, Reid told me about that. His parents promised to record it and upload it to him so we can all watch."

"Oh, dear." Elizabeth frowned. "Better hope Scott does it. You know how Samantha gets around technology. I swear, if I didn't know any better I'd say that woman's cursed." She shook her head apathetically. "Speaking of which, Honor got into some more trouble at school last week."

"Ugh." Chloe rolled her eyes. Honor was a sweet girl, but worshipped her brother like a god. As much as Chloe loved Reid, he did not make for a good role model. Especially not for a 12 year old girl. "What happened?"

"Apparently some boy took a liking to her and asked her out a little bit forcefully. She punched him." Chloe's face contorted as she tried to keep her laughter in. "Yes, that was my reaction as well," Elizabeth admitted. "You know it's not just Reid, right?" Chloe looked at her mother oddly. "It's you too. She loves you too. She acts like a combination of you and him."

Chloe blinked in surprise before a fond smile crossed her lips. "Yeah, that does sound like something I'd do," she admitted. It was flattering that Honor looked up to her so much. Reid had already told her that Honor wanted to be a singer and actress like Chloe so it probably shouldn't surprise her that Honor also liked to mimic her – including some less than stellar personality aspects.

"I'll tell you one thing. It makes the other moms and I dread you and Reid ever having a child together," Elizabeth half teased, half admitted.

Chloe blinked before snorting in laughter. Soon that snort turned into hysterics as she tried to picture it. "Oh god, oh god," she chanted as she tried to catch her breath. After a minute, she finally caught her breath. "Yeah, that would be a rollercoaster." All of the families knew how close she and Reid were and while intellectually, they also knew about Alek, Reid was the only serious boy they had ever seen her with.

Elizabeth let out a small bell like laugh as well. "Who else is left?" she wondered, unsure of who she had already talked about.

"I think just Essence and Rebecca." Chloe said, settling down. "Pogue told me Rebecca's been having some trouble at work?"

Elizabeth gave a small sigh and a nod. "Yes. Actually, she quit her job."

"What?" Chloe gasped in complete shock. "What happened? Pogue didn't really mention what the problems she'd been having were."

"Some of the upper level management was harassing her. Sexually. She reported the incidents but it's not exactly something you can prove. It became their word against hers and since they were her bosses, they began to make work very difficult for her."

"Is she okay?" Chloe asked worriedly.

"Oh, yeah. No, she's fine. It was mostly just words. Remarks about wanting to sleep with her, offering her a promotion for sexual favors, that sort of thing," Elizabeth reassured, not that the truth was any better. "Still, she held out as long as she could. She hoped that someone would do something, but after a month, she realized nobody would. And the worst part is they were still harassing her. So she quit."

"God," Chloe breathed out. "She loved that job. What's she going to do now?"

"She's looking for another job but since that was the biggest newspaper in Toronto, it looks like she's going to be moving," Elizabeth replied.

"Aw, man." Chloe gave another sigh. "She liked Toronto. She was finally getting settled in there. Where is she thinking of going?"

"Well, she likes Canada, so I think she plans on staying there. And obviously, big newspapers mean big cities, so maybe Vancouver or Montreal?" Elizabeth guessed.

"Damn." Chloe raked a hand through her hair. "What about Essence? Tell me she's been having a better time of it."

Elizabeth gave a laugh. "Oh, yeah. She's still in school, but it looks like she's already getting a job lined up as a translator for the UN. I think one of her professors at Oxford is helping her with it."

"So one sister loses a job and the other one gets one," Chloe summarized.

"Sounds like." Elizabeth studied Chloe more closely. "What about you? I know we talked about the kids at your school, but is there anything else you want to tell me?"

Chloe froze. Now would be a great time to tell her mom about how she got made by the Order and how it was only a matter of time before they sent assassins after her. But she didn't. She didn't want her family to worry about her and she knew that the boys felt the same. That's why no one had mentioned a word of it to their families. "Well, Alek and I got back together," she said instead.

Elizabeth gave a small smirk. "Yes, I noticed that."

"Caleb is dating my friend Jasmine," Chloe continued to list.

"I believe Evelyn mentioned something about a young Mai girl." The brunette woman nodded.

"Pogue and Mimi are still trying to figure things out."

Elizabeth gave a sharp look. "Yes, I heard quite a bit about that from Victoria. Mimi is Alek's ex-girlfriend, yes? And he used her to anger you after you two broke up, yes? Even though he knew she was dating Pogue, yes?" she asked despite obviously already knowing the answers.

"Yes?" Chloe replied awkwardly.

"And Pogue took her back after going back to Alek?"

Chloe shook her head, curls flying. "No, it wasn't like that. Alek flirted with Mimi but they weren't together. He was just trying to piss me off and Mimi got caught it the middle. Pogue didn't like it, but they talked about it and it really wasn't Mimi's fault."

"So it was Alek's. The boy you forgave." She gave her daughter a piercing look.

"Well he's no Harry Potter," Chloe tried to pull a joke using her mother's words, but fell flat. "He apologized and he explained what he was thinking. He gets one more shot and that's it."

Elizabeth continued to look at her searchingly. "Alright, but be careful. If he broke your heart once, chances are he'll do it again," she cautioned.

"I love you too, mom." Chloe smiled before signing off. Once her mother's face left her computer screen, she collapsed into her bed with a groan. Well, that wasn't awkward at all.