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Yuchita's POV

I woke up to howling of wolves. I sat up, noticing I was asleep in a king size bed. The covers was all dark red. Where am I? It was dark, creepy, and cold. I have to admit it, I'm actually scared of the dark. The only light source was a small window without any glass.

So that's why it was cold. I walked to the window to see the moon and a forest. Then I remembered what happened. "Oh yeah. He kidnapped me." I muttered to myself.

The door swung open, and in came the man that kidnapped me. Great... "Let's go." He commanded. I answered him with silence. "I said 'Let's go!" He shouted. I still ignored him. He scowled and grabbed my wrist. "HEY!" I warned. He ignored and kept walking towards the door. "LET GO OF ME!" I screamed, but he still didn't let go.

Then the gang leader came. "Master. We have the table ready." He informed him. I scowled. What?! Are we going to have dinner?! If he did I will spit food on his face. I laughed at the thought. "What are you laughing about?" The gang leader asked. "Of how stupid you look." I spat. "Why you-" He was cut off by his 'master'. "Don't hit her. She's not worth it." He said. He scowled and left. I smiled at victory. Nothing is better than sweet victory. He lead me to a well lit room.

There was guards everywhere surrounding the room. They stood like statues not moving an inch. There was a table with cuffs on it. On the table was a star. Behind the table was a giant window with the full moon shining through the glass.

A couple gaurds came and dragged me to the table. "Hey! Yuki would kill you all!" I threatened them. But the ignored me. I layed on my back with my legs and arms cuffed to the table. I sighed and stared at the moon.

I wonder if Yuki is looking for me. I sighed again as the idiot 'master' started his speech.

~Yuki's POV~

I was packing my bag in my room. I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I called. As I expected Crona came in. "Hey big brother." I greeted him. "I know what you are planning." He said. "Oh." "And I'm coming with you since you won't listen to me." He explained. I jumped up and down with joy.

"Really really really!? You're not kidding?" I asked him. He shooked his pink head. "Yay! I love you! I love you!" I hugged him. "Pack your bags! We're going to save Yuchita!" I cheered. I hugged him one more time and pushed him out. "Now out! I'm going to change into my traveling outfit." I told him.

~Maka's POV~

Soul and I were waiting under a light pole in the middle of the night. And it was freaking freezing! I was shivering my but off. My teeth chattered loudly and I tried to shut it up.

"You're cold." Soul pointed out. "Huh?" I looked at him. "I said you're cold." He said cooly. "I'm not." I answered him stubbornly. "Humph!" I turned away from him. "Yes you are." He said. I turned sharp on my heels. "I said I'm no-"

Before I knew it, Soul pulled me into a hug. I blushed all the shades of red. I listen to his heart beating in his chest. I moved uncomfortable, but I ended up being closer to him. I blushed harder. I didn't want Soul to see me like this so I burried my face in his chest.

~Soul's POV~

I hugged Maka into a hug. I knew she is going to kill me after this. I blushed madly thinking what she is going to do to me after this. She then pulled herself closer to my chest. I blushed hardly.

"Maka." I muttered. "Yeah?" She answered barely a whisper. "Can I tell you something?" I asked her unsure how she'll react to the question I'm about to ask her. "Sure." She answered me. "I l-lo-"

"Hey love birds!"

Maka then suddenly pushed herself away from and turned sharp on her heels looking at the girl I didn't want to see. Yuki. Damn it! Can't she notice the atmosphere? I gritted my teeth at Yuki who just smiled at me innocently.

~Yuchita's POV~

The idiot 'master' walked into the middle of the room. "Ahem," he cleared his throat "I, Aisu, will eat the soul of the Dragon Witch." Everyone clapped at his news. I rolled my eyes.

"Yo Aisu," I interrupted "Can you help a girl that is NOT the Dragon Witch off this freakin' table!" A guard walked up to Aisu and gave him a knife. It had some scribbling on it. He walked up to me and pointed it above my head.

"Woah dude! You do NOT want to do that! That is not a good idea!" I warned him. He raised it higher than swung it down. I screamed. "DON'T!"

I then blacked out.

~General POV~


Yuchita's eyes then showed no expressions. Her eyes glowed blue and her brown hair started to lighten into white. She showed the soon-to-be-kishin her true form. Yet she doesn't know she had this in her. Her mouth opened wide open and a black dragon came out. Hissing and snapping at everything it saw.

Aisu jumped back out of fright. He then turned pissed. He swung his knife at the creature, but missed over and over. He then turned really upset and seat the place on fire.

"Aghhhhhh! You're ruin the ceremony!" He yelled out of anger. The fire then accidently burned some of the table that weakened it. Yuchita then noticed the table weakened. She pulled on the cuffs knocking them out of the table. Her wings then opened out of her back.

She flew up and watched the chaos from bellow her. The moon shined behind her making her glow. Her eyes glowed brighter making her look more demonic. She turned around and flew out the window.

Leaving the mansion burning to the ground. She flew away some miles and turned back to normal. Yuchita looked around confused. "Huh?"

"Where am I?" She asked herself. She looked. Yuchita's eyes went wide. "What the-" Her wings dsappeared.

"AHHHHHH!" She screamed. And she disappeared into the wilderness below.

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