"Sleepless Surrender"

Rated K

Disclaimer: If anyone asks, I do not own Heather nor Justin, or the rest of the characters from the Total Drama universe. Another author's note, let's pretend Alejandro had never competed in the first place.

It was nightfall and it hardly had a damper among the festivities at Playa Des Losers. The fire was already out like a light among planet Earth and everyone had decided to turn in for the day. One of them includes a Queen bee by the name of Heather. She was always spoiled and rude to everyone who dared stood in her way. Everything that was really nasty about her was all wrapped up in one beautiful package. I mean, Heather had everything that was flawless about her. Those pouty pink lips that was cute in every way. Smooth skin that was creamier than tasty vanilla pudding, beautiful long raven black hair that draped all the way down to her butt, and those such a catwalk worthy body that makes men's hearts just flow along the tide.

She was used to being popular her own way and she loved every minute of it. But all of this bragging was just driving all the female competitors crazy just to be exact. Mostly her roommates Gwen and LeShawna. The two of her both hated Heather's guts to death just like two pitbulls waiting to gang up on a defenseless chew toy. For example, Heather was getting ready for bed, but decided to brush her teeth before doing so. She needed her teeth to become pearly white just like her charming smile.

This forced LeShawna and Gwen to think of a gameplan to get more revenge on Heather.

"You got the little saws you brought with you?" Gwen spoke right to LeShawna, who let out a questionable smirk.

"You better believe it, sugar..." LeShawna smiled slightly right at the weird goth girl. "I know one of my homegirls back home that showed me how to do pranks like this. She wouldn't know what hit her!"

Quietly, and yet calmly, LeShawna and Gwen slowly cut off the legs of Heather's queen-sized bed. Heather didn't even bother to noitce what's going on right behind her as she was too busy gargling with mouthwash. She always needed to be sure that she had minty breath 24/7. As she finally came right back, Heather finally noticed Gwen and LeShawna just whistling like nothing's happened, and she looked very suspicious of what's going on.

"What are you doing?" Heather replied as she raised an eyebrow at them. Gwen and LeShawna tried their best not to chuckle their butt off.

"Nothing that you know, Heather. Just whistling a tune..." Gwen replied carelessly. And so did LeShawna.

"Yeah, it's..." LeShawna tried to guess up an excuse. "...'Winds of Change'. Right, Gwen?"

"Right!" exclaimed Gwen as she and LeShawna whistled to the opening of "Winds of Change". Heather sorta knew something really sick was going on for sure. She sure as heck didn't buy their story one bit.

"I don't believe you two one bit. But as long as you shut up for the rest of the night, I'll take it." Heather replied as she got on her best night clothes, which happened to be a Hello Kitty t-shirt with pretty pink underwear that molded right to her body. "Good night and good riddance."

"Yeah, whatever..." LeShawna spoke out of pity, but inside she was snickering to the left.

As both Gwen and LeShawna remained snuggled in their beds. Heather was about to get into hers when suddenly...


The momentum of Heather's bed and its bedlegs fell all the way down as Heather felt such a thud. It seems that Gwen and LeShawna did a little bit of bed hi-jacking. Heather finally knew why Gwen and LeShawna were acting so fake. They wanted to see Heather's reaction from having her bed broken off its bedlegs, just for a tremendous laugh.

"What the-" Heather reacted as she saw the leg handles broken off from side to side which caused the bed to collapse. She grew more angrier than Mount Fuji getting ready to explode lava violently. "Urrrrrrrgh! LeShawna!"

"Shows what you get. What goes around, comes around!" LeShawna exclaimed proudly as Heather's rage was about to boil right over. Gwen gave out a light chuckle to their result of injury.

"I'm so gonna get you for this! Now where in the heck am I supposed to sleep?" Heather complained just like a fussy child not getting his dessert so badly.

"You can always try the doghouse. It's very compact." Gwen replied as she teased Heather a little. Heather wanted to punch the holy heck out of Gwen and LeShawna for doing such madness, but she couldn't have the guts to do so. Instead, she just decided to take her pillow and blanket and decided to leave immediately,

"I promise you, this ain't over! Believe me!" Heather exclaimed as she left out of the room with a rage. Gwen and LeShawna spent all night high-fiving each other and laughing like a couple of messed-up hyenas.

Heather was now standing out at the hallway with her pillow and blanket in hand. Heather knew deep down inside that no one would want to room with her because of the deceiving things that she pulled off on everyone right back at the island. But I guess it wouldn't even hurt to try. She just needed someplace to sleep instead of a damp, solid cold hallway.

"Well... I guess I can find someone to room with, but what's the point of getting a good sleep if I don't have a bed to lie at and such...?" With those words, Heather went on the search herself to find a bed to sleep in. The truth is, it wasn't gonna be easy at all.

Anybody think that "Winds of Change" by The Scorpions makes a good song for the circle of life? I know I do! I decided to make this into a little two-shot, maybe a three-shot if I feel like it. Don't worry, Justin makes an appearance in the last chapter. We'll see what happens between him and Heather after you read and review everyone!