"Sleepless Surrender"

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Heather swore she could hear something coming from the bedroom. And every time she stepped real closer, the music that was heard coming out of the room was enticing her every second that was past. It sounded like some sort of accoustic guitar playing right in the background and it sounded so very much zen-like almost. Heather didn't mind for that kind of music that much, but it sounded very peaceful and so arousing.

She was hoping that either Owen, Harold or Ezekiel wouldn't have to be in here. Heather was just hoping for that. But maybe someone who has some heart enough to share their bed with Heather one way or another.

As Heather knocked on the door a bit weakly, someone's footsteps was heard inside the bedroom. It sounded a very bit manly, sounded very much Hawaiian to say the least.

And as the figure finally opened the door, he saw his blue eyes focus on the drowsy, still yet beautiful Heather. He was almost like her in his form. That black shaggy hair of his that was a little messy, an incredible model-like body that he possessed, and such a face that would make every woman feel Heaven in front of their beautiful eyes. But did Heather really see him that way?

"Justin? Was that music blaring out of your room?" Heather spoke a bit strugglingly as she rubbed her eyes a bit.

"Yeah, it's me. What do you want?" Justin asked while he was rubbing his eyes too.

"I need somewhere to sleep for the rest of the night." Heather responded to him very slightly.

"Uh... wow... gee Heather, you know I would like to give you my bed, but I don't think you can fit in there very well..." Justin spoke a bit constantly, but Heather really needed somewhere to sleep really badly. She wasn't gonna sleep on the cold floor all by herself.

"Please, Justin. I just want some sleep. Gwen and LeShawna took down my bed, I tried rooming with Owen but he started annoying me about farts, I tried rooming with Harold and he snored like a monster truck, and I even tried rooming with Ezekiel, but his loud music made my eardrum bleed a bit! No one wants to room with somebody like me, because they all hate me!" Heather complained as she felt a bit of sobbing forming alongside her face.

Justin couldn't stand Heather's complaining back at the island, but what was Justin really supposed to do? Heather already felt like crap when those little black marks were appearing under her eyes, and yet she felt so horrible. But at the same time, there was something about the appearance of Heather that really fascinated Justin quite a bit. He wasn't sure it was that lonely, dreamy, yet sleepless expression on her face, but it was something else that Justin failed to find in Heather a very long time ago. Hearing this, Justin decided to become the finest gentleman he truly was.

"Sure. Climb right in..." Justin smiled reassuringly as Heather finally felt a bit of relief from her face. She placefully took her pillow to the right side of Justin's bedpost and covered herself with the white silk blanket. Justin's mattress felt so softer than a cloud and a gallon of cotton candy mixed together.

"Just so you know, just because you have to share your bed with me, that doesn't mean where hooking up, you know." Heather said, correcting the male model, who really didn't seem to mind that much.

"Fine by me. Well just be sleep buddies. How's that?" Justin responded right to her as her head just hit her pillow softly.

"Yeah, whatever. Night." the Queen Bee said to him, minding her own business as they now went right to bed, but they were sleeping with their backs turned.

This was actually weird to Heather. This was actually the first time she let a guy sleep with her. But to put it very well in Heather's surprise, it was a cute guy. Mostly very striking and handsome just to say the least. Like one of those guys in romance novels or on soap operas. Justin was mainly a beautiful girl's dream come to life in the real world. Ha! Like Heather would likely fall in love with Justin that easily. Could she?

"Thanks for sharing your bed with me..." Heather spoke right in her sleep to Justin.

"You're welcome..." he spoke, muttering a little bit.

As much as Heather really hated to admit it, Justin's room was very relaxing and peaceful to say the least. A comfortable marshmallow-like bed, nice air conditioning, the smell of rosemary infesting the room, and that not one little noise was made inside this rare soundproof room. Heather didn't seem to mind the quiet zen music too.

Two hours has now passed in the night and both Justin and Heather were sleeping peacefully. The universe had now revolved right around them until Justin could hear a quiet cry coming from his sleep. Basically, it was coming right from Heather. How could someone really sob right in their sleep? Justin felt really concerned by this and raised up to check up on her.

"Heather, what's wrong? Are you crying?"

As Heather heard this, she wiped away her silent tears as she did a nice job to hide her sadness right to the Hawaiian. He definitely didn't wanna see the Queen Bee like this, no way, no how. She had to find a way to keep her sad expression from being shown.

"No, no... I'm fine. It's just sounds like a leg cramp, that's all..." Heather lied constantly.

"You don't sound like you're fine. Is anything bothering you?" Justin spoke once again with such concern.

"Justin, it's just a leg cramp."

"Heather, I know you're just lying to me." he replied as Heather tried to prevent herself from crying secretly once again. "Just tell me what's going on. You know, you can't keep this forever. I just want you to know that whatever problem you have... just talk to me and I promise you deep down, I'll try to make things better okay? Just tell me..."

Hearing those kinds of kinds words from Justin, Heather finally found the strength to pull herself up from her slumber and wipe away a tear in front of his concerned face.

"Why are people so mean sometimes? It's just that... I try to be nice for a change, and somehow, they don't buy it. They still think I'm a bitter heartless girl who loves to cause pain everywhere she goes. I'm not like that... but they don't believe me and yet they treat me like I'm nobody!" Heather sobbed as she latched her arms and buried her head right into Justin's muscular chest. "I wish I didn't have to act like this... I just wish I could go back in time and just stop this from happening..."

Heather's tears then soaked all the way from her face and right to Justin's shoulder where the fabric soaked a little bit. In the male model's standpoint, he could feel a whiff of Heather's creamy vanilla-scented black hair that went all the way to her waist. The smell felt so intoxicating and so surreal. It was like the kind of forbidden candy you would find at a candy shop or something. Their comforting hug lasted right around for a good two minutes before Justin finally decided to speak up.

"Look, Heather... there's no need to beat yourself over this. Heather, the only reason you act harsh toward others is because you're only hurting yourself. I was just like you way before you acted like this."

"You acted just like me?" Heather replied quietly as she was still wiping tears from her eyes.

"Yeah, you know... it's okay to be mad about the things you're not comfortable with. But sometimes, that's a part of life. The way you act mean towards others, means that there's something wrong about you. I can understand you very much, Heather. I'm not doing this to basically hurt you, Heather. But what I'm just saying is that you need to treat people nicely with the respect that they need and such. Do things with them like ride a bike, let your friends that you have listen to your music with permission, and even give money to someone poor and unfortunate who need it. If you do all those things, then maybe, just maybe, they might like you." Justin smiled comfortably as his care-free expression calmed Heather's heart. It was clear that Justin was trying to find the niceness that was breaking out of Heather's shell.

"Really?" Heather responded as her tears started to dry up clearer now.

"Yeah. I believe that everyone should deserve a second chance every now and then. And I believe that you can do it." Justin smiled once again. His words was now making Heather's true light shed right in front of him. The evil side of hers was slowly dissolving.

"Wow... I just never thought about it right now... thanks..." Heather said as he displayed such a tender smile.

"No problem..." the Hawaiian said once again as Heather was about to go to sleep once again, but Justin sorta stopped her for a minute. "Um, Heather... you know, I really gotta confess something here..."

"What's that?" Heather spoke to him again as she leaned forward once again. Justin took a bit of a minor deep breath.

"It's nothing. It's just that seeing you cry like this in front of me..." Justin replied calmly as he could. "...you look really kind of beautiful that way."

Hearing this surprising remark, Heather soon let out a surprising blush. But his words we're actually that true. It is a saying so clear that the more longer a woman becomes lonely, the more beautiful she becomes. And in Justin's eyes, Heather had become more beautiful than him combined.

"Wow..." Heather spoke, still looking a little red-faced. "I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but... You actually turned out really nice..."

"I'm glad to finally hear that and such..." Justin blushed and smiled as well as he was finally about to sleep. "Looks like I'll leave you to your sleep. Good night."

But as his head was about to hit the soft pillow softly, he was stopped by Heather which made him lean up again.

"Justin?" she replied to him face-to-face.


Without any caution, Heather touched Justin's cheek lightly and pulled him for an unexpected kiss. This was shocking to say the least. Justin had never felt lips so pouty and yet delicious as Heather's. It was just like creamy chocolate just swimming around the taste of his thick lips. The sensation was just too phenomenal and just too amazing to feel from inside their bodies. It wasn't pretty much a tongue kiss, but it was just one hell of an amazing smooch, no doubt about it.

As they broke off the kiss, Heather gave the Hawaiian such a sweet innocent smile. The kind of smile that made the mean spirit of Heather go right away, just like that.

"Good night..."

With that, Heather's head finally relaxed on the soft cloudy pillow, but as an added surprise, Justin's arm was finally wrapped right around Heather's lower waist just for a bit of extra comfort. His entire body heat made Heather a lot more cozier and a lot more warmer than before. Not to mention, that Justin felt a whole lot snug when it came to Heather's point of view. Heather's little bed journey felt easier than she thought...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Heather sighed as both she and Justin spent the whole night and day, snuggling into each other's arms and never having to let go out of each other's grasp in the moment. Heather definitely had the sweet truth that Justin had in her. It was from this moment that a new Heather became reborn from this very beautiful moment.

To be certain, it turned out to be one very sweet dream after all...

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