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Katniss's POV

Sometime I still wonder about President Snow's last words. I wonder what would have happened if Gale hadn't killed him. But most of all I wonder how my life could have been.


Katniss sits at the kitchen table, She supports a three year old boy on her lap. To her left are two small girls chattering and coloring in a book. One with blonde hair and grey eyes...The other with blonde hair and brown eyes. In the next room over the T.V is on and four figures sit in front of it. Two teenagers one girl one boy. On the floor by their feet are two girls one brunette the other blonde. In the bedroom sits A blonde man with twinkling blue eyes he cradles a baby boy in his arms occasionally coloring to him. The Everdeen-Mellark family works just fine. Katniss and Peeta are in-love as ever. Hailey and ... Are great friends as well as Nathan and Juliette.

Gale finally got over his divorce and is now happily married to Mariah with three brunette children. Katniss never forgave him for killing President Snow do the two families never combine.

Prim is happy as can be as a widow. Her husband Rory died in the war. Her children suffered but they all pulled is now happily dating a rich man named Gilbert. Although she prefers not to use his name.

Fox face married the boy whom she met on the piers and they have two beautifully amber eyed boys.

Darius coped with his wife abandoning him and took to swimming and joining Finnick and Annie on the beach.

Juliette and Nathan are really good siblings and often help their parents out with the kids. They don't want anything to do with Gale or Mariah. Nathan is dating Brooke which means maybe Rue can actually be a part of the family.

Hailey loved her new little siblings and looks up to Juliette as her role model.

The End

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