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Imagin + Vampire


Oni + Vampire

April 1 2008

It was the beginning of a new school year and for one Tsukune Aono it was going to be an interesting year indeed. Mainly because the only reason he's going to school in the first place is because his father found the application to this school due to the fact that some guy he passed on the way home from work dropped it and he happened to pick it up. Anyway that's not important right now let's go to right after Tsukune got off the bus; ominous didn't even cover how creepy the scenery was. The bus stop was a cliff that overlooked a blood red ocean. As Tsukune was walking along a path with numerous dead trees and tombstones when suddenly he heard the chime of a bike bell accompanied by a female voice calling "LOOK OUT!" but he couldn't get out of the way in time and he felt a bike tire plow into his back

After getting back to his feet he saw what hit him, it was a girl who was currently unconscious in front of him. As soon as he saw this he bolted to her "Miss, Miss are you ok" he said shaking her franticly not good, not good Tsukune thought to himself when she began to stir "Oh your ok. Thank goodness I thought my bad luck was in overdrive for a sec" he then began to help the girl back to her feet and got a good look at her wow she's cute he thought not noticing a glowing yellow ball of light entering his body causing sand to explode off him

"No no it's my fault for not paying attention" when she got a good look at Tsukune she saw a cut on his face "oh you're hurt here let me help" and she took a handkerchief out of her pocket and dabbed the cleaning the wound she took a sniff of the kerchief and said "It smells so good"

Huh smell he thought to himself and unintentionally took a sniff of the girl's hair so good he thought.

"Tell me, what do you think of vampires"

Weird thing to ask "their ok in my book" Tsukune answered

"That's great because I'm a vampire" she said and she took a bite out of Tsukune's neck resulting in him letting out a yelp and she began to suck.

After the girl was done she pulled away satisfied. Tsukune on the other hand "what the heck was that" he screamed rubbing his sore neck wait a minute, it doesn't hurt it should have but it didn't

The girl then let out a sigh as if she had just taken a drink of water "That was delicious. My name is Moka Akashia by the way," she said with a smile "and you are?"

"Uh the name's Tsukune Aono" he said still recovering from Moka's little drink "so judging by the way your dressed I'd say you're going to Youkai Academy to" referring to the blazer with the schools insignia on it

"Yup, I hope to see you around Tsukune" she said still maintaining her smile

"See you around" he shouted as she rode away as he started to walk again Tsukune stepped down on something that wasn't ground as he looked down and moved his foot he saw a black object in the leaves he moved the leaves and saw what looked like a train pass. Aw man Moka must have dropped this, I better hang on in case I see her again and with that thought he picked up the pass and headed toward the school.

Meanwhile a girl in a white shirt and a black dress was looking for something. "Man where did that thing go" the girl said obviously upset then with a sigh she said "guess I better head back to the liner and check the scanners again" and with the girl activated a device that opened a swirling multicolor portal and went through closing after her.

After receiving his class assignments the teacher came in and the room quieted "Hello everyone my name is Shizuka Nekonome" said the teacher as she stood in front of the room. The teacher in question had a very odd appearance mainly her hair which was styled like cat ears. "As I'm sure you are aware of this but Youkai academy is a school exclusively for monsters."

It took Tsukune a total of five seconds to register what he just heard MONSTERS how did I not put that together when I heard this places name.

"As you know humans are currently the reigning force on the earth and so we have to learn to blend into human society and so you to help you with that let it be established that unless there are extenuating circumstances you are not to reveal your monster forms"

"Yeah yeah, but why don't we just eat the worthless bugs," said the student sitting next to Tskune with a malicious look in his eye freaking Tsukune out even more "in fact, I've been smelling something very human-like in the room ever since I stepped in"

"Oh that is simply not possible Mr. Komiya; you see Youkai academy is surrounded by a magical barrier protecting itfrom any harmful forces."Answered the cat-eared teacher.

Che that didn't stop me from getting through came a voice from out of nowhere but Tskune simply ignored it.

"And so it's impossible for a human to get past the barrier. Well, get past it and see the next day" she finished smiling as if what she just said was nothing to worry about.

Just as Tsukune was about to reach his breaking point he heard a familiarly cute voice "sorry I'm late I'm not familiar with the school's layout yet and got lost on the way here" it was Moka she had just arrived in the room apologizing profusely to Ms. Nekonome.

"It's ok Miss Akashia just go sit over there" the teacher said pointing over in Tsukune's direction. She walked over ignoring the comments she was getting from the boys in the room complimenting her appearance.

And then, she saw "TSUKUNE" she cried happily seeing her new friend, followed by a tackling hug knocking Tsukune out of his seat earning him a surge of malicious aura from the fellow male populace.

"What the heck? Moka" Tskune said as he was caught off guard by the glomp "hey good to see you again too but could you please get off?"

"Oh sorry," the happy vampire apologized "how about we talk after class?" and with that the two friends took their seats.

Meanwhile, a certain boy with a delinquent air to him was grinning lecherously at a certain pinkette "Moka Akashia" and with that Saizo let out a small chuckle.

"It's so great that were in the same class Tsukune" Moka said happily.

"Yeah, it's always better when someone you know is in the same class as you" said Tsukune as they walked through the hallway Moka clinging to his arm the entire time earning glares from their fellow students which only Tsukune seemed to notice. They decided to go to the roof and Tsukune chose to ask "Hey Moka you said you were a vampire but, and I'm not trying to stereotype, but just don't seem all that much like a vampire. I mean I'm convinced considering the sip you took when we met, but other than that I never would have pegged you as one."

"That's because of this rosary, it was made in order to seal my full abilities." the girl answered with a giggle pointing to a beautiful silver cross with a brilliantly cut blood red stone at the intersection "if I didn't have this my full powers would run free and I'd assume my true vampire form and then I'd really be a force to fear"

Accepting the explanation they each got a drink from the vending machine on the roof, tomato juice for Moka and coffee for they sat down to drink Tsukune decided to ask about the object he found in the woods "Sorry I've never seen that before." the young vampire apologized. "though it sort of looks like a train pass."

"That's what I thought too," said Tsukune "Guess I'll just turn it into the lost and found and hope the owner finds it. So Moka what junior high did you go to? You must have been the most popular girl there." "Thanks, that's sweet of you" she said but then her expression turned sad. "But it wasn't as nice as you make it seem. I went to a human school and was made fun of when I told them I was a vampire so I really hate humans."

Aw man just perfect When all of a sudden he was shoved to the wall not good.

"My task is to kill Tskune Aono and deliver Moka Akashia to my master" the monster declared.

"Oh no, Tsukune!" Moka called as her new friend was pinned to the wall by a bat-like monster.A vampire, no it's something else the young pinkette wondered trying to figure out what she was looking at but got over it and tried to save him but was beaten to the punch by Tsukune himself only he was a little different. His hair was slicked back porcupine style with a single red streak running through it and had a VERY smug smile on his face "…Tsukune?" Moka asked warily.

He then spoke to the creature with a voice that wasn't his own "Ore, sanjō. oi bat jerk you're going to pay because I am, from start to finish, at the climax!" And with that, he managed to pull one of the steel poles in the railing, used it as a makeshift sword and gave the monster a real beating. Then he decided it was time to finish it. "Hissatsu, ore no hissatsu waza (final, my final attack) PART 1!" and he swung the pole down. However, unfortunately the attack missed and left a huge crater in the roof as a result.

"Time for a tactical retreat" said the bat-based creature and he flew off.

"Oi teme get back here and figh- uhg" and he froze up. "What the?"

'GET OUT OF MY,' "BODY!" Tsukune shouted as sand seemed to explode off him.

"Tsukune!" Moka cried as she ran up to him for support "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Moka" he assured her. And then they saw something stranger than the bat monster.

The sand that exploded off of Tsukune began to take form "Oi kid how did a human like you manage to shake off my control?" said the voice that replaced Tsukune's for the fight, coming from what appeared to be an oni with fire-like tribal markings and a peach shaped belt but the strangest thing about the thing they were looking at was that the upper and lower half of its body where the other was supposed to be and was very sandy in appearance.

However Moka was focusing on what it said rather than its appearance "Human?" she said in utter disbelief.

Then out of nowhere a female voice echoed "Not just a human, a savior, and a singularity point." And out of nowhere a swirling multicolor appeared and a brown-haired girl in a white top and a black dress and fishnet stockings came through "My name's Hana, and your coming with me," the girl now known as Hana said pointing to Tsukune.

"Who me?" asked Tskune

"A SINGULARITY POINT OF ALL THE ROTTEN LUCK!"The oni thing yelled in despair!

Then Hana came up to Tsukune took him out of Moka support and dragged him back through the portal with her "NO TSUKUNE!" Moka cried in despair as her new friend was dragged away!



"MOKA!"And with that they disappeared through the portal. "No," she said as she started to cry.

"Waa- uhg," Tsukune grunted as he was thrown into a seat. "What's going on, where am I."

"You are in the dining car of the train of time, Den Liner Gouka" said a gruff, stern and mysterious voice coming from a man in a black suit and a white shirt holding a cane with a gold painted grip" you may call me Owner."

"A time train?" Tsukune questioned. He then observed the room and before he could take it all in he spotted the same demon from earlier and let out a startled yelp "What are you doing here?" He then got a good look at the thing and noticed something different about it.

"I'm connected to you, so wherever you go I can follow" said the monster pointing smugly and then he saw it too "Holy cow I'm whole. Forget you kid I'm out of here."

As he was about make a break for the door when Hana stepped in between the two and delivered a very powerful punch to the monster's gut causing him to double over in pain "I wouldn't if I were you imagin filth. One step off this train and you're lost to the sands of time"

"Hanakuso onna (noisy woman)." it scoffed. It then got back and took the seat it had before the stunt.

He was then offered some coffee by the dining cars waitress Naomi, graciously accepting it he really needed something to calm his nerves "So why'd you kidnap me?" asked Tsukune accusingly.

"I've chosen you as a candidate for the title of Kamen Rider Den-o a defender of time" Hana answered.

"Ok just one more question. What the heck is he?" Tsukune asked pointing to the monster that followed him on board.

"He is an imagin" said Owner evenly as he carefully ate a plate of fried rice with a small flag on a toothpick in it and was carefully avoiding it. "creatures from a destroyed future that have become parasitic, needing its host's imagination, memories, and to fulfill a wish from its contract holder." As he said that, the flag fell and he made an overly dramatic surprised face and then returned to his explanation, "All of these conditions must be met in order for the imagin to go to the past to destroy it, thus destroying the future."

"Oh that reminds me I was so distracted by that bat jerk I forgot," the monster said crossing his arms like a genie "Tsukune tell me your wish; I will grant you one wish. But you must give me something in return."

"No, I don't think I'll be making any wishes today," said Tsukune. "I will, however, give you a name." After a brief moment of thought a name came to mind. "How about Momotaros cause you kind of remind me of the story of Momotarō."

"That's a stupid name," the newly dubbed Momotaros complained.

"I like it," Hana said in response.

"Who asked you hanakuso onna?" earning him a skull-cracking punch to the head.

All that came out of momotaros's unmoving mouth were some inaudible curses then Tsukune asked "So what am I supposed to do as Den-o?"

"Destroy imagin and protect the time stream," answered Hana."And you've already met your first victim."

"The bat imagin," Tskune finished recalling the thing that attacked him and Moka and put two and two together.

"Exactly, from what we can tell the contract holders wish seems to involve you and that girl you were with."

Upon hearing that Tskune remembered the events before he was dragged onboard. Remembering how Momotaros revealed he was human to Moka great she must despise me now she hates humans.

And then Momotaros shot up like a rocket. "Tsukune I'm sensing the bat jerk again."

"Ok get in Momotaros," Tskune said pointing to his head.

"Eh, seriously?" Momotaros said eagerly.

"That thing easily overpowered me, but when you possessed me I actually stood a chance" Tsukune explained.

"Awesome, I knew there was something about you I liked kid." Momotaros said to Tsukune.

Just before he was about to take control, Hana placed a white belt with a black strip and an odd buckle with four different colored buttons and a crystal with a lopsided T design on it around Tsukune's waist "if you're going to do that you're going to need this, the Den-o belt." She said "when you find the imagin press the red button and swipe the pass in front of the crystal in the buckle and say the activation code: 'henshin.' Got it?"

"Got it." Tsukune answered.No one threatens my friends and gets away with it Tsukune thought, still unsure if Moka still considered him a friend but he was still going to protect her.

"Alright enough of this,ikuze, ikuze, ikuze." As he said that the scenery changed to the forest on the Academy grounds showing that they left the Sands of Time. They exited the train and they started the hunt for the evil time destroyer and its contract holder.