The night was cast over the sky in a harsh scale of sparkling silver and burning greens and yellows stretched over the sky, erupting in deep royal purples here and there. It wasn't odd weather for Colorado the off drawn quarters of the Mansion, located in complete solitude in the heart of a mountain cliff, the building was vast, made of furnished wood and marble slabs to form its cube-like shape, its beauty decorating the mountain side, that itself harvested a fine collection of trees and wild life to see from the balcony she stood upon.

From the mansion was a large and rounded stretch of concrete that bent around the mountain side, hugging the risen earth roughly, it was the only road leading towards civilisation, the only escape from the enforced, highly guarded home. Natasha watched the night blossom slowly as she leant against the stone slabs, gazing over the blue lake that stretched across the lining of the earth's natural curve.

The woman was supposed to be celebrating, thanks to The Avengers the world had been saved again and Tony would jump on any excuse to throw a party. She knew no one except Clint and Tony who she saw on arrival, but she didn't want to spend the night bickering over new plans for Stark Tower or new missions that were urgent to the Hawk.

Natasha took a swig of her champagne, dropping the glass over the stone ledge with dissatisfaction settling in her throat. She then watched from the corner of her eyes as the clock highlighted midnight of New Year's Day, the hushed congrats rolled through the still air for just a few seconds, signalling the end of an era but the beginning of a new.

Natasha twisted around against the stone ledge, her back facing the silent lake and wilderness, the mansion and the live party going on inside now in her line of sight. She rested her lower arms against the cool slabs as she watched the crowd inside the mansion bicker and small talk for a little while longer. She caught herself in the reflection of the glass window, seeing herself in the slim fitting black dress Stark had insisted on buying for her for the party; it was a fine choice she would have to admit.

The black dress hugged her hips and waist, showing off her tanned arms and olive skin, making her auburn hair burn against the night sky as her eyes heavily done and her lips lined with soft peach. She crossed her legs, the thigh slash revealing her toned and fit legs. The cold air brushed across the lengths of her calves right down to her black stilettos. She smiled slightly, feeling womanly for a moment. Natasha sloped away from the stone slab, getting closer to the doors when she was suddenly greeted by the familiar cold and chilling presence of a forgotten oneā€¦

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